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August 15, 2014


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good work !!!! need one :P


I was scrolling around on Pinterest when I saw this! I'm actually the girl who created the pattern. I'm practically dancing around my living room in joy right now that your little one wanted to make it, made it, and loves it so much! Do you mind if I link to this blog post on my deviantArt post of the pattern? I'm so excited! This is one of the best things to come from me posting stuff on the internet.


What an awesome activity with the little ones! I will definitely try with my own little ladies (in my case the snail would be a winner I think!)Have an incredibly colorfull day! :)


Wow - what clever little people you have! My 3 are Minecraft mad too although their creativity's limited to their worlds and the amazing structures they create. I've so enjoyed hearing about your hectic & fun filled summer. Thank you!

Taylor G

What fun! Crafting with the little ones! I hope one day my little one will feel the need to do some crafting. They are sweet toys as well! Minecrafters everywhere will enjoy their cuteness.


Very beautiful blog with interesting creations!!!Nice to meet you!!!I hope to see you on my blog too!!!Kisses!!


How sweet and creative is that!! Well done to your littles :) They both did amazingly well....and to you too for having the patience to sit with your 4 year old and guide his stitches :)


I have two Minecraft devotees as well. At the Pixel Papercraft website there are hundreds of templates for Minecraft characters and blocks that can be printed out and made with a little cutting and sticking. We have spent many hours working on these, great for rainy days and 'boooorrreeed' days!


It's hilarious what kids want to make!!

gabriella adano

Hello...so lovely toys for your children!!it's so speciale create something with them...working all together!!love from Italia

Nancy Marchefka

Hi Lucy can you post the colors of the chunky style craft yarn you use for your Coastal blanket my son lives near ocean would love to make it for him before the summer ends thanks so much Nancy

Bari Jo

Oh my goodness! Your kiddos did a wonderful job stitching their projects!!! This is fabulous! And way to go mom - letting them pick what they wanted to create - keeps them excited about and focussed on the project if they are working on something they picked! :o) What a blessing of time together!


Hi Lucy,I love this he looks soooo cuddly.By the way if you see this comment ( you get soooo many lol )I have finished my chunky bag.Hugs xxx


Haha, i have two minecraft addicts in my house.
I have crocheted a ghost, creeper, and also enderman.
They are completely lost to the game.


Oh, wow! Your kiddies are putting my creative impulses to shame - I am super impressed!

Anna-Marie Field

Oh so cute!!!!! I think making her own toy will probably be a thing she'll never forget!!!! I love seeing their little hands creating something they like!!!! Have a fab week!!!
AMarie xxx


Wow! These look amazing! I remember when Minecraft first came out, me and one of my brothers would spend hours playing on it!

When the Endermen first came onto the game they really freaked me out - but yours looks so cute and harmless! Well done on that!

I hope you get your creeper done soon,
Emily x


You did exactly the right thing when you said "Yes!"
My little crafting buddy, who made the funniest toys and hats is now away at college and I miss our crafting times so much.


I LOVE reading your posts!!!


3 little minecrafters here too. Planning to show this to them tomorrow and see if inspiration strikes:)

Angela-Southern USA

Congrats to all three of you! A job well done. Starting them off really young is a good idea,(although it can be an ordeal for mum) I've find once they get a little older they're not too interested. They always seem IF they want to craft something it's when you have the least time or energy to do it.lol


Thought your little ones might like to see my little one's minecraft project. http://youtu.be/r5jq622G19g

The Enderman is amazing; I will have to make her one now!


Oh my, what clever little peeps!! My 10 year old daughter is also a massive Minecraft fan and when I showed her what you had been up to, she immediately wanted to have a go at making one too! So it's off to the shops we go!!! x


Well done your 2 young people- and to you for letting them do what they wanted to do.. Let them fly.


Wow, she made a fantastic job of it, I'm not surprised she loves it. Her stitches are amazingly neat. Little B's is brilliant too. What creative children you have! I did laugh about your having to buy black felt though. Of course they would choose colours that you don't have, it's the way of life. Have a good Sunday Lucy. CJ xx

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