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August 20, 2014


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Gabriela Reeved

I want to purchase the coastal blanket kit for my mother. Im in US and a newbie to Attic 24. I need feedback on where to go to place order. Your help would be appeciated.

Tracy Bailey

Hi Lucy

I love your work, I've made a Granny Stripe blanket (delicious colours) i was sad to finish it. I am currently making the Harmony, i wasn't going to do this one because it didn't look as bright but then i read your blog and changed my mind. I am just about to order the coast pack, I want to make it approximately 30 cm wider so will i need 2 packs?
Thanks Tracy


i am almost done with my coast ripple yarn blanket. i love the yarn and the colors. I can no longer use most of the yarn that i find in the states too hard on my hands. i love this yarn and it only takes 7 days to get her. awesome. keep up the good work.


Lucy, ever since I laid eyes on this blanket last year I have been dreaming about making it! I have finally received all my lovely Stylecraft colors and have begun. I absolutely LOVE this pattern/project. Very easy. Very relaxing. Thank you, thank you!!

Kendra Sleppy

This blanket is lovely! I will be using birthday money to order the kit ASAP. As it reminds you of your beautiful coast, it takes me back to our family vacations to Cape Cod and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. (Also, I used your Granny Stripe pattern to make my 11-year-old daughter a blanket for her bed, in colors that she chose. It turned out wonderfully and she loves it.)


Would love to do a coast ripple blanket. As we are going to NewEngland this year thought I would like to do those type of colours as not struck on the dark green and mustardy yello. Scared to pick though what do you suggest?


Dear Lucy,
I found your blog beginning of June and was enchanted. I ordered the cosy CAL pack, received it last week, started and ... the first 30 colours (60 rows) are finished!
Now I think about ordering the coast pack for my next project.
So many lovely things to crochet... don't know what to start first.
Greetings from Lübeck / North of Germany

Diana Curan

Absolutely love your blanket so very clever to mix those beautiul colours together they are my favourite also, I was wondering if I could ask advise from you, I would dearly love to crochet a ripple blanket but being disabled my hands cannot a lot of stitches, I manage granny squares ok but not to much larger could you please advise me if it is at all possible to make ripple pattern in like granny squares and join them together, I so love your blanket and would really like to be able to do a ripple pattern, I am sorry to worry you with this request but if you have any thoughts at all I would very much appropriate them. Thanking you kindly, Diana Curan

Elsie Pop

So fantastic Lucy, what a great way to use holiday memories as a colour palette. My house is full to bursting with blankets already, but I need to do this with some of my own holiday colours!


I love you and your blankets! Thank you so much for sharing - especially your colour work! I have been wanting to make a ripple blanket for ages, and never dared to start. You gave me courage!


It's taken 4 attempts but finally got my first row done with the right number of stitches and onto the second colour, so excited about this blanket.


Hi Lucy,
this blanket is so beautiful, thank you for the inspiration and sharing it with us, love the colours like ocean waves. I really have to start to work on a blanket soon.
Have a lovely day,
I've just started my little blog http://poppycreates.com/

Rainbow Junkie

I am wanting to make another blanket with random stripes but am full of self doubt when doing this. Your explanation of how you choose the colours sounds similar to what I did with my sea and sand blanket and so gives me confidence. It is interesting to see the similarity and the differences in our choice of colours. (11 the same). I am also copying your idea with winding yarn round pegs though not having wooden pegs I bought some craft ‘lolly’ sticks.

Thank you for your ideas.


Thank you for sharing this. I love the blanket and the photos taken in my favourite county of Dorset.


Hi Lucy,
I just finished the Cottage Ripple and was sad when I came to the Grape. Now I need to do the border. I must loosen up while crocheting as I needed extra to finish. Most was just one row but did do a few with two. So have set it aside and chose colours for the Coast Ripple. (I have extra skeins) :) I really enjoy your blog! It keeps me smiling and is definitely one that is happy.
I tried your subscription for your blog but it isn't working. I sent you some coffee and sweets change. I donated to your site through Paypal. I don't know where to put my photo of my blanket.


love it, i'm inspired xx


Hi Lucy,

I admired you from a distance at Alexandra Palace last week! Delighted to have bought the yarn and your pattern. Patsy http://wildsherkin.wordpress.com/2014/10/19/twisted-threads/


Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos. I just started blogging. Ive been crocheting on and off and now on for a few years.
I really love how you tied in the ocean and your place of inspiration. You inspired me. I have beem so afraid ro start something new and different. I want to make my own pattwrns but im afraid of failing. But i started recently and although its not the most amazing thing I have made its mine.
I adore this blanket and would love to make it.
thank you again.

sheila @ MykentuckyLiving

Your blankets are beautiful. I love your pictures too.

May Green

What a wonderful blanket..
Planing to make myself one of these after the Pixie Scoodie project is done!
Happy weekend to you Lucy..
Much Love ♥

May Green


oh dear what are you doing to me?? I'm right in the middle of a multi-coloured blanket and now I want to abandon it and start with this one. Glorious colours and makes me a bit homesick to Dorset.


I would like to order the wool etc for this ripple blanket,but I am in perth Australia how do I go about it, hoping you post it overseas I love the look of it Margaret


Luv reading blog. I am nog crocheting but luv words and luv thd way you are sharing your journey. Saying that I want to crochet an easy 8 ply baby blanket for next family baby. Not got far but your site blog may inspire. Loving it. Pam.


I've just begun my blanket and got the pattern right away thanks to your excellent instructions. The colours are gorgeous and I know I will so enjoy working on it.
I'm in Canada and received my order in five days
including a weekend! Amazing service! I'll be looking forward to more of your packs and detailed tutorials.
Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge you are helping hookies around the world!


Recent follower and loving your stuff! Just had to say I agree with how great this yarn is. I'm in the USA, but recently had a pack shipped to me. It's way better quality, especially for the cost, than anything I've found around here! I have a wool allergy, so acrylics are a must, and this is fabulous. I may have to start ordering all of my yarn from across the Atlantic! And I'll definitely be a regular blog reader!

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