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August 03, 2014


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Laurel Pries

Hi Lucy, I cannot tell you the joy and good feelings you bring out each time I read your blog... i just love it. My son is almost 50 yrs old and the modeling clay in the hat sure brought back memories! Keep up the good work, lady, we love you on this side of the pond, too!!

Katherine, NZ

The modelling clay in hat did make me giggle!


Modelling clay - I love it! Great idea. I've noticed that the blackberries also seem to be out and ripe much earlier than usual, maybe it's the warm July we had. xx

Faith McLellan

I have so enjoyed your recent posts--not to mention all the earlier ones! But these have been very special. Many thanks.


Hi Lucy,

Your flowers are a delight to see. I have geraniums on my deck, I didnt know that I could snip a few stems and use them as cut flowers. I will do that.
I didnt know you have butterfly bush and crocosmia too. Please could you do a post of your garden, both pots and on the ground. I have a tiny tiny strip of space next to my garage, so I can learn from your garden what will bring color to that space.
Thanks for all the inspiration.


And so do we Lucy! Thanks for sharing... xxx

Teresa at knitbakecultivate

Its good to get out and do something special. Seeing these pics brings back lovely memories of family holidays when we were growing up. The heather looks gorgeous, and the lunch is making my mouth water. yum!

Cindy Bee

I love where you live too! And I love coming along on your little outings. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy Bee

Anna-Marie Field

A lovely day before work starts again and you're soooo right, it is a beautiful. beautiful place you live in!!!! Have a happy week filled with fun and color!!!!
AMarie xxx


I love Appletreewick! Thanks so much for this post. We live in Holland, but in the past, when my health was better, we came to Yorkshire almost every Summer vacation. A bit part of my heart is in Yorkshire.
To me, it's the most beautiful county in England. Your post took my being homesick away :-)
Love to you and your family!


I've never been to England, but your pix make me want to go and see it in person. Lovely heather shots and views--and I know my DH would just love that Inn...thanks for sharing, hugs, Julierose


It's glorious, absolutely glorious. Beautiful England, seen at her best. The food sounds pretty good too. I'm never without a box of homemade cookies when we go out. CJ xx

Jacqui Galloway

Barden Moor, is so beautiful at this time of year x

Lunamon Design

What a lovely scenery. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Wish you a peferfect day.


It's nice to get settled back at home again.

Emily Kelly

Hello Lucy! I am a fellow crocheter (and I felt) and I just started up a hobby business making crochet hats, felted vessels, and a variety of little decor items. I had my 3rd vendor fair this weekend. I pointed a great many people to your blog for inspiration and great easy to follow patterns. Several of my business cards are handed out with a little handwritten "Attic 24" note in the margin. Thanks so much for your beautiful blog and wonderful COLORFUL crochet patterns. PS: I have a little B too that is just a week or so older than your little B.



.... oops in act please thank Little B a lot (a lot and a lot as my Little Tomboy used to say) as we are jetting off on hols soon and now I will pack some plasticine, which I hadn't thought of before :)


Little B is very wise. I never would have thought of bringing out the clay, but I know my 3 would love it. We are normally pens and paper, I refuse to let them play on DSs or similar in restaurants. Except a certain fast food joint. But that doesn't really count LOL

Gloria Philley

Lovely place to enjoy. Thank you for sharing. I live in Texas and if you stopped and got out and took a stroll, you would first need to spray everyone with insect repellent and then you still would be eaten up by mosquitoes and worse chiggers. We have some beautiful places for sure, but lots of insects that love to bite. And, the weather is 100+ degrees, hot and dry. Most places now are all dead looking for lack of water and heat stress. So, I really love looking at your place in this world. :)


Looks like a wonderful place on earth!

wish we had pubs like that in Germany... The foods sounds delicious!

take care


I dream of England!!!
Thank you for all the pics you showed.

Angela-Southern USA

So glad the stings have stopped tugging. A lovely Sunday outing. Signs of an early autumn here as well, I noticed a few leaves already changing. It's been a lazy,lounging day here for us, a bit of hooky for me, reading and screen time for the others. I remember plenty of times I'd been happy to have some modeling clay to work it's magic on my two! ;D


Beautiful. So beautiful.
The Heather is lovely.


Lovely always to indulge your love for coast and countryside. Sounds like a perfect Sunday and I'm still laughing at the discovery of the modelling clay!

Fiona Marchant

As for the pink modelling clay under the hat....I laughed so much..you have such a way with words Lucy xx

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