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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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July 13, 2014


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Though I love the coziness of my bed, those early mornings almost always ensure a productive day! Wishing I didn't live oceans away...would love to attend a workshop someday! Yours is the first blog I started following regularly and still look forward to each and every post. Have started my own blog just recently and have committed to becoming a frequent commenter on those I have always followed. Keep doing what you do, you inspire MANY!


Love your posts and pictures! Do you have a pattern for the round pillow?


My dog sometimes get me out of bed early for a sniff and a wee but we always go back to bed again lol. Lovely post Lucy and I so wish I was nearer for one of your Saturday workshop's ....google maps man say's I'm 185 miles away eeek a little too far for a day out. I shall look forward to your Bower Birdie post, don't they look gorgeous just sitting on that windowsill, I wonder what colour's mine will be??

Melody A.

Yes, when, when, when???? This will be fantastic!! I know thousands of us have been waiting for the pattern!!! I hope your health continues to improve and you feel like yourself again, sounds like you should still go to bed earlier like you did a few nights, so God Bless, Kiss your husband and children and be well!


I'm glad all of your visitors had a such a good time, although of course, how could they not. All of that beautiful yarn to play with. I'm very envious! Your early morning routine sounds wonderfully calm and relaxing, I think I need to adopt this approach a little more. CJ xx

Carolyn Jackson

It will be great to have the pattern, so pleased you have done so many workshops and enjoyed them, workshops are a great way to meet likeminded people. Pleased you are feeling a little better, I am sure you will all enjoy your family get together. I love your colourfull corner outside. Cheers Carolyn. nz


Awwww such lovely birdies and so perky too!! I was up in your town today actually. Husband's turn this time as he wanted to visit the guitar show. Me and L had some happy time at Café 76! xx


Have to say that both my children were larks and always got up by 5am. Absolutely not a prayer of them going back to bed, children are all different, but make the most of it Lucy, one day you will be moaning at him to get out of bed. My advice is enjoy your time with him.
Many thanks for your lovely posts, they brighten my day, and inspire me to get better at crochet!!


Oh I felt tired reading that! Inspired too, mind you. And very glad our days tend to start with a 7. I'm sure someone must have suggested this but could you be low in iron? Thyroid problems can mean super-tired too (your symptoms sounded really familiar) Hope you're feeling well soon and look forward to the Birdie pattern. x


Looking forward to tutorial, been raining on and off all day here but still had a bit of a potter in the garden
Clare x


Sounds lovely but busy , it's winter here and freezing , but nice to knit, crochet by the fire ,, can't wait for the birdies to be in the attic ..


I would never get up at 5 a.m. That's the middle of the night and not at all the time for grown ups or children to be out of their beds, in my own opinion. When/if my son woke up at that time, he was simply put back into bed until it was time to get up. Certainly not before 7. My son used to wake regularly at 3 at one stage, should I have taken that as the getting up signal? No, he was put back to bed. It really is unnecessary to get up so early unless you want to.


Does that mean that people paid for the workshop to make the bird yet everyone else now gets it for free? That doesn't seem very fair does it? I'm sure some of those who paid will think the same.

Cathy at The House with The Blue Door

Yay - I am so looking forward to the Bower Bird pattern, Lucy! Your patterns are amazing and you are very generous to share them. I've crocheted your stripy bag 6 times now, and if I lived nearer I'd love to come to your workshops. I also love your colourful little outside space - I have one too, and it's a lovely place to start the day.
Cathy x

brigitte peetermans

Wonderful birds! The visiting ladies had a good go at it.

How I like your small space outside the house.
You make such a cosy spot of it.
Flowers and colours and all.

It reminds me a bit of my own home:



OH such lovely and cute birds ! Thanks for sharing your days in the studio ! Have a nice evening !

Emmy in Eastern USA

Oh, all those yarny birdies look so lovely! I'm sure you were a wonderful teacher, and I hope you continue to get better and feel completely like yourself soon :)

I am so looking forward to the bower bird pattern!! You have an incredible talent for writing and photographing amazing tutorials, and I can't wait to try the pattern out and make a pair of lovebirds for some friends who are getting married this fall :D

Also immensely looking forward to the ripple reveal— I think I'll be totally bouncy with excitement when you write that post! =D


Thank you so much for the bower bird pattern to be available to us all, I would be very happily make a donation or pay for the pattern xx

Odette John

Very cute birdies...well done for a successful and happy day!


The birds look lovely!


Oh I can't wait! I tried to make one based of the pictures you showed when you were first making them. Mine didn't come out exactly like yours (I don't think), but he was a reasonable fascimille. There is a post on my blog if you are interested in seeing it. He adds a happy burst of color in my living room now! I'm so looking forward to making him a friend using your pattern. Thank you all your hard work, and the inspiration you give everyday hookers like myself!

Carolyn Clokey

Hi. I need your help. I have bought your cushion pack from Wool Warehouse. The help I need is how many stitches do I need to make. When I found the pattern for the Ripple cushion it said that you made I think 51 stitches for a 40 cm cushion. However the cushion which came with the pack is 45 cm. As l am a novice I do not feel confident enough to work it on my own. So any help would be great.

Claire Coffey

What a lovely studio day, it makes me long to join you, but the other end of the country is just too far to justify a day's crochet to the other half! Maybe I'll run a little get-together for all my friends who want to make the birdie, when the pattern is officially released! We can have a bower-bird party. Love your early morning routine, sounds like mine when we're on holiday and the rest of my family is slug-a-bed. sending you continued get-well thoughts xx


Lucky ladies :-) Am intrigued to know what you had to risk assess for a crochet workshop!

Gillian McM

HOW exciting, Lucy - and how generous of you. You are a star. I can't wait to make a flock of bower birds! Thank you for everything you do, for your generosity, your cheerfulness, your willingness to share your work and your life with us; in fact, for everything. I can't remember any more what life was like before I discovered Attic24. It was a lot less colourful, I know that!

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