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July 09, 2014


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Dear Lucy, I have just had the same bug and it was rotten. My ears and balance were all over the place (I thought I was going deaf!) and the very tickly cough was a complete pain. It really wiped me out over the weekend and more than anything I just felt so drained and teary. I hope that you've been able to get plenty of rest and have some time to recover. Take care and much love xxxx


Feel better soon, nothing nicer than a freshly changed bed
Clare x

Jen Tyler

Just last night I was thinking about you, Lucy, and worrying about your health. You do so much,and we LOVE you for it but you must take good care of yourself first and foremost. I have 5 children who are already grown up, so I do remember those days of endless busy-ness! I homeschooled too, so at times it was completely mad at home. Once, I got tickbite fever ( I live in South Africa )and had to actually collapse before taking my health seriously. So please,take care! Get well soon! xxx

Anne Marie

You probably have caught The Lurgy! The retreating to bed is a good idea, to lie in peace and quiet.

Love your photos and also your previous photos. I watched The Tour all day on Sunday as I wanted to see Skipton! I didn't see you al, haha. I would have loved to have been there but thought sense was to stay at home, because of car parking etc.


Feel better. I have to say if I could pay someone to do it every day I'd have fresh line-dried bedlinen every night too. Sigh...it'll have to wait till the lottery win! ;-)


Oh dear, our virus must have crossed the Channel. I did not know that these kinds of viruses could also travel via e-mail. Sorry! A few days of absolute rest, followed by lots of relaxing hooky time is the only remedy. Get well soon!

Teresa at knitbakecultivate

Daily bed changing! Its enough to make me feel exhausted thinking about it. I do get the appeal of it, but the effort! Sending lots of get well wishes from the other side of the world.


Hope you're feeling better now Lucy!


Sorry to hear your not feeling too good Lucy, look after yourself & try to take a day off when you can, I know the next few weeks are going to be manic for you but listen to your body & go have a nice big frothy cappuccino & something yummy every now & then wont you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tanya Miller

Hope the early nights and more sleep are doing the trick and you feel perkier. Sometimes it is needed and your family although we're surprised would definitely understand especially with how busy you are.

Anna-Marie Field

You are amazing!!! Even though you're not feeling your chirpy self, you still manage a "typical colorful and happy post" Love the bits of parsley in your little posy!!! Get well soon dear friend!!!
AMarie xxx


I have heard of so many people suffering with a similar illness, it's obviously in the air. Hope you feel better soon.
I totally agree with about bedding. I'd love to have fresh linen every day on my bed. It's all the washing of it that puts me off!

Ada Bea

Hope you are feeling better soon, I know exhaustion well, it's not the best of friends, sleep and rest, it's all you can do xxx


I'm in the middle of changing my bed - it's stripped and waiting for the clean linen to go on. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to wash and dry what's come off as it's raining today and I really want to get the stuff outside to dry.

Sometimes you really just have to listen to your body and get a rest. Glad to hear your extra sleep has done some good.

Catherine Hopkins

I hope you feel better soon but listening to your body when tiredness hits must be the best medicine. Perhaps a long weekend in your van should also be on the prescription sheet


Get well soon Lucy! Sometimes you need to listen to your body and if you need an early night, do it! Your bedroom looks so pretty - I love your pillowcase and the little jar of flowers. Simple things can make us feel so happy. xx


Lucy,you Must Look After Yourself! Don't feel guilty about a really early night or two - I do this from time to time! I see it as putting some sleep into my "sleep bank". With such a lot on, you need to rest occasionally. Hope you feel perkier again soon! x


Aw, I hope you feel better soon! :-) My boyfriend always says he know when I am sick when I don't crochet. I reckon it must be a bit like that for you too!

Take care


Summer bugs can be as bad as the winter nasties. Look after yourself. X


Rest up dear friend. That's the trick, just listen to your body and you'll soon be feeling on top again.
Blessings Gail.


Listen to your body and rest :)
I hope you feel better soon Lucy :)


With regular, extra sleep you will become radiant again. Sending you love, good wishes. xoxoxoxo


Hope you are feeling better!


Get well soon, Lucy! I also love that scent of line dried sheets.

Jeanette in Illinois, USA

So sorry to hear you're feeling unwell, but given all you've been doing, it's most understandable! You for you too give yourself some much-needed rest too!

You must have read my mind about the toadstool night light, I was oogling over it, think i need one of my very own... ;)

Sending gentle, squishy get well hugs!!

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