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July 09, 2014


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Penny Park

Brilliant thing to do. I'm vey rarely ill but if I nod off in a chair I know I'm not well and just take myself off to bed. Listen to your body and look after yourself. You pack more into a day than the average person so you deserve some time off to keep yourself well. If ever you need any help with hooky things (especially for Yarndale) just put out a post and I'm sure lots of us will be able to offer help. I agree about clean bedding every day - that would be my first mega-Lottery-win-thing-to-do (and for someone else to launder and iron it of course), you can forget the flash car. Still loving my Bower Bird from April, it makes me smile and I remember that lovely day of the workshop, and crocheting again after a gap of 40 years.


Know the feeling! You take care now.X

Fiona Marchant

Sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. Lots of r and r prescribed.... take care of yourself xx ps...don't wish yarndale here too quickly...the anticipation is almost as good xx

Lisa Lancaster

Know how you feel Lucy. I have just been told I have shingles on my head/face/eye and have to be off work for 8 days-damn shame. I feel ok but it is painful itchy and uncomfortable not to say unsightly so mornings are for cleaning etc afternoons for crochet.
Hope you feel better soon -xx-


I have one of those toadstools because they are just so cute! But hadn't thought of using it for late night going-to-bed :o)
Get well soon x


I hope you are feeling better. Thereappear to be lots of similar bugs around. I suffered with something similar as has my daughter. Lots of rest certainly seems the best remedy..


Get well soon!! :)

Chel C

I do hope you feel better very soon. I can perfectly understand the feeling of slipping under some crisp, line dried sheets - it's my favourite smell too. I couldn't do this everyday though. Hopefully you will be back to your happy creative self soon. x

Claire Foot

Nearly the end of term...
I always find I am as much in need of a break from the stressy routine of school by the holidays as my kids are.
Keep being kind to yourself and lower your expectations of what you feel you must achieve for the moment.
I have been reading your blog for 2 years now and always find it uplifting and grounding.
Really hope you feel well soon.

Jo Navin

Hello Lucy, I do hope you're feeling better today! Thank you too for posting the wonderful photos of your beautiful Skipton and telling us the story of how it felt to have the bikes whizzing through. I loved looking down on the high street, it brings back happy memories :-) sending you lots of love and a huge get well hug, Jo xxxxx

Mitsa   Xida

I hope you feel better Lucy!


So sorry you are feeling poorly Lucy. Take care, do listen to what your body is telling you - seriously. Hope you soon feel better. Love from Annette

Thea Whalley

Sensible woman! Lots of rest and miso soup for you...

Kate Greenhalgh

Hope you're feeling much better. Love your blog, it's one of my favourites. Could you let us know where your Toadstool Night Light's from?
Many thanks and enjoy the rest of the summer.
Best wishes, Kate

Nicola's Beads

I love fresh sheets, I would have fresh sheets every night given the space in the washing machine! Your night light is brilliant, may have to get one of those myself! I hope you feel better soon - definitely listen to your body and rest. Nicola x

Carol D

Do hope you are feeling better, Lucy! Checking at your blog almost feels like I'm visiting with a friend....would love to stop by with an herbal tea and maybe a pot of homemade soup...

You are always so cheerful and have helped me cheer up just reading your blog and your daily adventures.

Let us know you are feeling better, please.....we love you and worry about you.


Please take care of yourself. Much love. xo.


I hope you feel better soon! I have been under the weather with some pesky little virus for almost 2 weeks. Just enough to feel tired...all the time! Your pillow case is so lovely, I think I would want to lay my head on that early too! Smiles...sue.

Anne at Shintangle Studio

I'm sorry you're not feeling your best, Lucy. I too am feeling distinctly off, but in my case it's the result of jet lag after two weeks in Newfoundland, 4-1/2 hours from my home time zone. I had to go back to bed at 10 am this morning! I hope you've bounced back by the time you read this. All best wishes for your return to health.

P.S. The Quiet Home, listed on your blog roll, has been taken down by its authors, so that link is out of date. I discovered this this morning.

Jools Morgan-Jones

Sorry to hear you're not well, Lucy - I hope you're back to your usual sparkling self very quickly. Early nights will help, sleep is a great healer xx

Tracy Nowlan

Sorry to hear you have been unwell Lucy, hope you are feeling better real soon x the body can only take soooooooo much and then gives you a little nudge that says " I'm in charge!!! You have done too much" xx you are appreciated very much I am sure of that x


Take care Cariad, try some echinacea, boosts your immune system. Hope you feel better soon.

ann clements

get well soon lucy its horrid not feeling well, and like you I love the smell of line dried bedding, if I win the lottery my dream is to hire someone to change my sheets everyday, decadent and frivoulous I know but heck I would be a lottery winner and could do as I wanted lol


Oh Lucy I hope you feel better soon - nothing worse than feeling poorly :o( xxx


Hope you are feeling much better Lucy. xxx

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