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July 07, 2014


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Sharon Braxton

I couldn't wait for the Tour this year. I wanted so much to see the Yorkshire I've seen in your posts. And it didn't fail to amaze. Love the fact that you were able to see it pass through your town live. AMAZING.



Just bought you kit for bag and pillow cover can't wait to get the blanket kit just waiting love all your patterns Lucy I am making the neat ripple pattern for my grandson with bright colors love it. Thanks again enjoy your day Nancy


Oh Lucy, with much excitement am looking forward to the color list to start the Coastal ripple waves, tried it with some blue shades in a small lapghan, and I love your pattern. Thank you for all the wonderful color choices you put together!
Love from very hot and dry Northern California! (108*) today!!


I admit I did study the crowd on the screen to see if I saw you. How lovely for the little peeps to be a part of this experience. You just take one thing at the time, don't wear yourself out. I had to face the sad fact that I'd not be able to get a mandala ready and send it to you before your stated deadline but I hope to come back stronger next year if there's a new collective project then. Love the yarn letters. Little Lady sure has inherited her Mum's sense of creative style ♥ Bea xxx

Taylor G

How exciting to see the cyclists!!! The one time my husband is excited about what I read about on the blogs I read :).

What a fun word you created!!! Those colors are fun too.

Danna Brennfoerder

Also, I forgot to mention that I enjoy reading your blog just as much!


Danna Brennfoerder

I love seeing your photos. England looks as charming as I expect it is. I hope to visit someday.


Love the letters and the busy yet relaxing way you spend your weekend :) I am very much looking forward to the ripple reveal and the talk of the lovely weather and green lushness up with you has prompted me to book two days away in Skipton to enjoy some of it, the castle and nearby steam train are already pencilled in :) Hope the mandala mountain is soon dealt with

Ada Bea

Hello My Dear, looks like your very busy, lots of fun, lots of hard work in there too! I practise mindfulness, it's an important part of managing my MS. I didn't find it easy to start with as I've alway been busy, doing lots of things putting everyone else's needs before my own. I know I need my headspace now, crochet is a great way to relax too! :) x


As I watched the tour I wondered if you and your family were there! Stunning countryside.


wow!!! what a lovely blog... i love the pictures.. i love victorian houses...


Yes, I'm thinking I need to try some letter bunting too, especially if it involves chunky wool! It looks fabulous :-)


How exciting to have seen the Tour de France, the children will no doubt keep that memory for always. I love, love, love the yarny letters, they're wonderful. I'm sure the sign will be fantastic, I shall look forward to seeing both that and the seaside ripple. CJ xx

Yvonne Sirugue

The Tour De France ´ll come through my town the last day before arrival in Paris.i might not go it´s better to watch it on Television.y.s

Elisa Melan

Lucy, I have spent 5 hours for the two Tour days glued to my TV enjoying the race and the beauty of the part of world where you live! It was incredible to view the enthusiastic crowds along the entire routes - what a feeling it must have been to be a part of it! For now, until I can one day visit your beautiful part of England, I will keep the recording on my TV and "visit" Yorkshire from my living room. Events like this make me realize that the countries of our world can come together.


Nice scenery fails to make boring bikes fun or interesting. I wasn't drawn in to it as there are many more entertaining things to do or even doing nothing at all.

Winwick Mum

I've loved all the pictures of Le Tour from various blogs - views that you might not have seen otherwise and an insight into the excitement in the Yorkshire towns. It's been brilliant! If you have to work at weekends, I think it's only right that you should be able to choose what you want to work at - not possible for everybody but wouldn't it be lovely if it was! I call sitting with my face upturned to the sunshine "feeling the sky". I have to remind myself to stop and do it from time to time, but always feel better when I do xx


Love your letters, but love, love, love Little Lady's idea about the wool underline! She's definitely inherited your incredibly creative mind! :)


Lovely photos thanks for sharing - I am giddy at the thought of coming to Yarndale this year x


I got up and went to Harewood House for 6.30 am! Madness I thought but there was such a buzz in the crowd, the police were great high fiving the crowd and just being good fun. Then the royal helicopter arrived, then the caravan of promoters chucking stuff at the crowd and finally the cyclists. Thank fully they were taking their time so it was a slow ride past us all. After that we headed to a big screen to enjoy the rest of the race. A fantastic day, and fantastic advert for Yorkshire.
Anyway....(still buzzing)...love the letters. I'm doing a picnic blanket using your chunky pack (will need more than one pack) and it is really nice and produces a nice thick blanket, perfect for my step-daughter and kids to lol about on.


I just love your blogs I find them so relaxing and I switch off from life for a while and dream....


The crochet letters are very lovely!
I saw your town on tv and I loved the t-shirt with the sheep on the church!

Anna-Marie Field

A perfect happy colorful and delicious weekend!!!! Can't wait for the seaside blanket tah dah!!!! What a beautiful little place you live in!!! Have a fab fun filled happy week!!!

Teresa at knitbakecultivate

We were watching the tour de france (yorkshire) on TV from cold sydney at the weekend. I must say yorkshire was looking very beautiful basking under the sun. Love your rainbow crochet letters and your little one's addition complete with heart. very cute.

Patchwork Fairy

Yes I practice Mindfulness and it's a really lovely way to get some peace and stillness in a busy life or to enhance a quiet one! It's hearing and noting the little things so easily overlooked in a busy daily rush. I think you do it quite naturally anyway with your observations about colour and nature and your environment. I love to sit in the garden and have a 'mindfulness moment' but also it's good when you're surrounded by activity and stress and what to be calm yourself! Keep Calm and Crochet!

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