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July 11, 2014


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Edea Smith

TOO cute lil birdies!!

Love your blog - its a wonderful read :)


Hope your battery soon recharges itself. So many lovely things to brighten your days.
Carol xx


Same here with the loom bands, I keep finding them all over the house...Hope you're feeling better Lucy, it can all get rather frantic with less than two weeks to go until school is out - there's a distinct end of term feeling in this house!


I hope you continue to feel much better and successfully chase that lurgy away.
We have a houseful of loom band designs here too, they manage to cover the floor in most rooms!


Hope you get better soon ! Look after yourself ! I see all the family (almost !) is crafting ... nice ! very nice ! Have à nice day !


Hope you feel properly better soon :)
It's loom-band-central in our house too :) Such a fun, courful, ceative, brilliant toy, I love it!


Sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly. I hope you're well on the mend by now. (I'm sad to discover I've missed several posts, because FB refuses to show me all your updates. On the upside, that means I've got lots to read this evening!)

Take care, Lucy!

Sue Hall

Very much looking forward to Yarndale this year, we had such a lovely time last year. Do hope you are feeling completely well soon.

Elaine Ashfield

Glad to hear your feeling a little bit better lucy, hope you are fully recovered soon xxx

Jacky Russell

Ah the loom bands! They are so popular with my grandchildren too. Have a restful weekend!


A good weekend to you too! Take it easy.
I love reading the little snippets about your studio. They make me so happy. They evoke dreams like maybe one day I will have some kind of creative spot to myself too. And until that time I can enjoy yours from a distance.


That looks lovely - from the crochet, to the flowers, to the little ones crafting as well :)

Isabel Enomura

Get better soon, Lucy!
Your blog is a delight to read ! I find myself going over and over again to Attic 24 for lovely pictures and notes of not just your handicrafts but also tiny precious moments of your day, flowers, food, children, you always put it beautifully !
Get better soon!
Isabel, Portugal

Janet Tweedie

I am so happy that you are on the upswing of your illness. Take it slowly, and get lots of rest - that's always the best thing. I adore your cheery chunky banner for Yarndale. Would you be willing to share with us the beautiful colors in your basket in the picture above? Please? When you are feeling more like yourself, of course. No hurry. Please do take good care of yourself. Hoping you feel better soon!!


Oh Lucy I am so sorry that you've been feeling under the weather but glad that you're starting to feel that you're on the mend. Hope you can have a restful weekend and perhaps a few more early nights! Look after yourself.


Have a good weekend. Glad you're feeling better but remember not to overdo things.


It is great that you are feeling better! The loop band craze is funny, it reminds me how we all made friendship bracelets mid-nineties :-) at least here we did :-D

prickly patti

Your rss articles are a real joy and I look forward to them every day. The sight of all that green nature is mindblowing from here in the desert!
You were right about the mandalas being contagious - I'm up to about 18 (plus the ones I have given away...) and still can't stop.
Take care of yourself.

Dawn Sparks

It was nice to take a look at what you are up to, as I am indoors and it's cold with winter rain falling. I have not crocheted in years made me think I should give it another go.
New Zealand

Jeanette in Illinois, USA

Your blog is a "good bit" that makes me smile and warms my heart with every post!!! Thanks for starting my weekend off on such a wonderful, colorful, cheerful note!

I'm confident you'll feel well soon! So happy you found delight amongst the icky sickies, but then again, you always can!

Hugs and love,

Holley Downs

Was so sorry to hear that you have been under the weather but am glad you are getting back to your bright and cheery self! I just want you to know that I so loom forward to reading your posts and seeing your pictures of your countryside! It's almost as if I am there! Thanks for your inspiration and sharing your gifts with us all! From Georgia in the USA! Happy Weekend!


So glad you are feeling better, you have been so busy no wonder you were feeling under the weather. Take good care of yourself.


Oh, Lucy, we need to get you back to 100%. Please don't overdo it this week. Rest as much as you can and try to keep things simple. Maybe the family can pitch in with some of the chores and the rest can wait. Sometimes you just have to put yourself first! Take good care, love.

Angela-Southern USA

Good bits indeed! Glad you're feeling a bit better, hope your normal cheerful-bouncy self is back soon. Wonderful memories for L.B. stopping with mum for an ice cream. So sweet too, the boys and the boat, love that! The stripey background for the yarndale is spot on!I hope you'll be able to keep pace with all the yarny stuff for yarndale, good luck and happy weekend.


I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better Lucy-thank you for still blogging even when you're feeling rough! I hope you have a lovely restful weekend with your lovely family😊 xxx

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