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July 18, 2014


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Idiosyncratic Eye

I love hosepipe rain, apparently the proper word is 'petrichor'. He is looking a very grown up young man! :)

Lynne Mckeown

Where does the time go to. It doesn't seem five minutes since you were awaiting his arrival and now he's off to school in September. Enjoy thr summer holidays with your lovely family xx

Jenny Mendick

Lucy today I made a pilgrimage from Australia to visit the shop under your studio!!! Amazingly for me the lovely Tracy was there and offered to show me your wonderful studio! It was like a ta dah moment for me!!! Thank you for all your wonderful inspiration.

Angel Jem

The last week I only had the Princess before the summer holidays before she started school we went to the Safari park. I still have the leopard toy we bought... one for her and one for me.... happy days, gone too quickly!

Debbie Longville

Oh, such emotions! I remember the feelings so well and now my youngest has just finished Uni! I felt so bereft when she started school that I started going to adult education classes (I still wanted to be a stay at home mum, so I could meet them from school). I tried to take comfort in the fact that THEY were always so excited about the changes, but selfishly I just wanted everything to stay the same :(

I SO love your blog!!!!


Your son's eyes are gorgeous.
Thank you so much for the Pdf file.


Lucy, your children are beautiful just like you!

Lynne Gill

Dear Lucy, what a momentous time - Little B almost ready for school. It was while you were pregnant with him that I began to read your blog, and the range of emotions you experienced then made me identify with you so much, despite the age difference! I remember the day you decided that yup, you were pleased to be pregnant, and from then on made a poijnt of being positive; then the Baby blues after birth - again, so similar to my (and thousands of other womens') experience. And then a few sweet years of growing this little tot into a toddler and then into a pre-schooler. And look at him - and you! - now! Good luck to booth of you for the future (and of course the rest of the family.) You are both standing on the threshold of a dream!

Lisa S

You are so righ about Little B's eye's, very pretty, all the little flecks of green and blue and even brown. Did you notice the refelction of the field and tree in his eye. I love looking at pictures that really capture the eyes. They are the window to the soul.

Tracy Abraham

Lovely post as always and you brought a tear to my eye! :) We have three 'punkin' seedlings, thought we might have been too late planting but we are ever hopeful! Enjoy your summer xx


It can be an emotional time, the end of term. Last year my youngest daughter finished nursery and that was the end of my pre-school era. This year my first born is at the end of year 6 and ready to start secondary school. I'm stocking up on tissues for the Leavers Assembly on Wednesday - yes we still have three days of term to go! Enjoy your summer hols, Lucy.

Ruth E. Rupp

Dear Lucy, A beautiful post - - and brought tears to my eyes remembering my own family when they were little. I so very much enjoy reading about your wonderful family and all the days you make so special with them. Thank you so much for the darling bird pattern. Plan to make several to add to my Christmas gifts this year. And one more thing - - some time back you listed how we could donate to your work for all the time and effort you put into making tutorials, etc. Would you please tell me again how we can pay you for all the wonderful patterns? I would very much like to contribute to this. In the meantime, thank you so much. Sending xxxxxxooooo your way! Ruthie, in Minnesota


Hi Lucy. I'm an avid (and addicted) follower of your blog - it's fabulous and always leaves me smiling. I first came here to look at your crochet flower and leaves pattern - it was just what I needed for my project. However, I'd like to ask about another flower of yours - do you know the name of that lovely rose? I inherited one that looks exactly like it and would like to know more but my investigations so far have thrown up zilch - until I saw your photo! I'm convinced it's the same one so any info you have would be appreciated - even the type would be helpful if you know it. Shame I can't post a piccie - you'd laugh - mine taken last summer looks practically identical to yours!
In the meantime I wish you happy summer days ahead with your lovely family - I hope the sun shines for you all.
Denise xx


I've realised that when I started reading your blog Little Man and Little Lady were quite young themselves and you didn't had little B! I remember you telling us you were having another baby, him being born, going to nursery... And now I can't believe either that he's so grown up! In a weird way, through your craftiness we've sort of seen him grow up too!

He'll do brilliantly in school and although I know you'll miss him it might give you that bit of extra time you seem to be in need of :-) x

Irene Porter

So nice to see Little B's eye. I understand your not putting pictures of your children on your blog, but I often wonder what they look like. You're lucky you'll have your blogs to remind you of the past. It will be better than any diary in the future. I didn't even keep a diary so only have a few photos and sketchy memory to remember 40 years ago. Enjoy your summer holiday.

Carol D

Can't wait to make my first Bower Bird! I have made a couple of birds (usinga different pattern) but have patiently waited for this one and for all the "accompaniments" that go along with it..
I made a Spring Wreath, following your pattern/inspiration - but it's way past time to make a new one...Seems I always have way too many projects going at any one time. And my youngest daughter texted this morning asking if I thought I could make a cute French beret for my one and only granddaughter! (Have six grandsons!) - she wants black and white...no problem...
Have become a Mandala-holic and can't seem to stop making them...they are such happy, cheery things to make and look at! If I keep it up, we'll end up with all new wall art!
Still concerned about your health, Lucy...it's been a while...have you seen a doctor? - just to make sure all is well. We can't have anything happen to our Lucy....you feel like a good friend, though we've never met and likely never will (my loss!)

You post about Little B's ice cream made me smile....don't the little ones always make ice cream look so much better! Watching them eat and enjoy it is, it seems, more enjoyable than eating it myself! (and no guilty feelings!)

Be better, friend...you are well-loved ac
ross the "blogosphere"....


Such a sweet post! I am a new follower. Your photos are always so lovely... especially your garden photos!


You've reminded me I will also be at the end of those beautiful preschool days at the end of the year. My youngest will be off to big school next year and it totally breaks my heart, but at the same time he's so excited. A mother's life is indeed bittersweet. Hugs Lucy xxx

Seaweed & Raine

It sounds like things a super busy at your place. I'd never really thought about eye colour before. I thought my eyes were always grey - but then as an adult I looked in the mirror one day to discover the middles around the pupil was "muddy" in colour. After reading your post, I went looking. This site explains it reasonably well.http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/eye-color.htm

Angela-Southern USA

They grow up too fast! We're at a major transition stage this year too, not the first like with L.B. but bitter sweet all the same. It's nice to know my family isn't the only one with the changing eyes. lol Mine changed from blue to green when I was a teenager and deepen as I get older, no one believes it, till they see the photos, my brothers did the same. I keep checking my youngest to see if hers has started. lol I love a summer rain, even as a child I'd beg(or sneak)to go out. Have a great summer holiday!xxxx


school hols don't start 'til next week for us thankfully, not so enjoyable with a grumpy teenager so enjoy the pleasure of having littlies & all those lovely things you can do with them (when not gearing up for Yarndale)- the simplest pleasures are always the best. The rose you've photographed is beautiful - a real stunner!

Holly Nelson

The shortbread looks yummy!


A lovely post Lucy its hard when they go into the next phase at school. My little one will be going into Juniors whilst the other Son will be heading into his second year at University. I am lucky to be able to relive it all again. xx

ann clements

I use to love the summer holidays when my 2 (now adult)children broke up, it was lovely not having to get up so early in the mornings, and as I live nr the beach we quite often use to pack up a picnic and the dog and all go to the beach for the day, and a lovely time was had by all, the dog use to try and dig her way to china and the children use to love making sandcastles and trotting back and forth to the sea with buckets of water for the sandcastle moats and decorating said sandcastles with shells happy days


I really love your photos! It looks so beautiful where you live! And I love your chrochet-ideas! They give me inspiration for own creations! Thank you! Its a nice connection between England and Germany! Many greetings :-)

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