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July 31, 2014


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Ingrid Kopka

Oh, how beautiful! Thanks for the lovely photos! :)


What a beautiful walk. I'm surprised you don't like hydrangeas! They are quite geranium like, and look gorgeous picked in a vase. I have to say, I'm like that with rhododendron. I try to like them but I just can't! I bet it was nice to get a walk in too on your hols (next post!). It's nice when all the children are old enough to cope with a bit of walking. It's quite liberating. My oldest two now moan though at walking as they are going through the teenage mope!

As always Lucy, such a pleasure to stop by and visit you here!

Take care

Vanessa xxxxxxx

Carole C

Fabulous photos of a wonderful place...I love those gardens and at the height of summer the Hydrangea walk is truly stunning.I've visited the Swannery...just as the cygnets were hatching ...but never been to the Children's farm...that would be worth a look just for those guinea pigs alone!
Following on from Rae's comment...our lovely ( now sadly departed) Old English Sheepdog used to accompany us on our Dorset holidays and enjoyed bumbling through the pathways of Abbotsbury Gardens .


Beautiful pictures. That hydrangea is amazing. We've just got 3 new hydrangeas for our garden.

Angela-Southern USA

The gardens there are always so beautiful, my hats off to all the workers that make it possible. I myself would have lingered in the hydrangea walk for I dearly love those massive blooms. Sounds like a good time was had by all. I look forward to the cliff tops.


We have just moved to this part of the country having moved back from Melbourne last year. Your photos make it look fantastic and we are looking forward to exploring every little corner. All I need to do now is to find some like-minded crafty people!


Reading this is a mini holiday in itself. So exotic.


Our trips to Dorset have never included Abbotsbury Gardens and just when I'm about to say probably because we hadn't considered any gardens as a dog friendly place and obviously that is for a very good reason ......I am surprised and delighted to read on their website that DOG's ARE ALLOWED IN ALL AREAS. We have gotten so used to the "No Dogs Allowed" routine over the years with our four legged friend that I can tell you Lucy it comes like a breath of fresh air and I shall put this one in my little notebook for future reference. Thanks for another lovely post xxx Ps For the non dog lovers I wouldn't even consider taking my dog on hols if he wasn't a good well behaved dog bless him (what a nightmare that would be)....


Those gardens are stunning, they really come into their own in summer. What wonderful weather you had for your visit as well, it makes it extra special. I live in hope that all of the insect and flower names that I tell the children will one day be remembered and appreciated! I love the guinea pig barn, I'm a big fan of piggies, I'd like my own guinea pig barn if the truth be told. I'm looking forward to your cliff top walk. It's lovely when little legs are suddenly big enough to walk for miles isn't it. CJ xx


Looks like you visited some lovely places. I love Dorset for holidays - so much to see and do and just so lovely to wander. Those guinea pigs are gorgeous! x


We were also last week at Abbotsbury gardens. Our pictures look very similar, I wish you could see them.
Claudia x


What a beautiful place!
Wow what a hairy guinea pig !

Goodmorning beautyful

oh my oh my, amazingly beautiful

Emma Palmer

Hi Lucy, beautiful post. I relived my first childhood holiday with you on this one. I was four when my family rented a holiday house in Dorset, and spent most of my time in the pretty cottage garden in my dress up nurses outfit, climbing trees. I have been living on the other side of the world in Australia for 33 yeats and still feel homesick at times. I love reading your blog keeping me in touch with every English. Ahhh just lovely. Thank you.

Katherine, NZ

It took me a while to come around to hydrangeas. It may have been because it was our 'school flower' and our school uniform was designed to resemble it. I kid you not! Pale blue shirt, green jumper and skirt, with brown shoes and stockings. Blue hydrangeas still make my tummy turn a little but there is a gorgeous deep pinky red one I like and the white ones are always fresh looking.


http://TheWeeklyJob.com/?id=38553, check it out guys


How funny to see the agapanthus in flower - we call them Christmas stars as they flower in dec here :)


Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous photos of the flowers, lift the spirit whether seen in person or on screen :)


the swannery at abbotsbury is my favourite place X

Barbara Seiver

The Agapanthus lily has become very popular here in Louisiana these last few years. I see it in people's yards and in landscaping around restaurants.

That was quite a park - what hydrangeas!


You take such beautiful photos.


Lucy, if you and the children love guinea pigs check out Cavy Corner on Facebook. They are a non-profit sanctuary that rescue guineas and always have lovely pics & stories. Hope you like it! PS - loving the instalments! Xx

Shelley (w.cork)

I'm pootling with you, you are so descriptive I almost feel I was there too. Love the little heart sign off!!


Oh I'm so happy when you share your Dorset holidays. It reminds me so much of when my children were little and we spent most weekends in Dorset, in our little caravan. :-)
We lived in Hampshire at the time, so an hour down the road and we were happy. Usually Lulworth area, or Weymouth for us, but all of Dorset is beautiful.
I'm back home in the Peak District now, which, of all the places in the world, I absolutely adore, but I miss the sea and rocks of Dorset! :-) Jude.x

nicola pinnock

We are going to Dorset on Saturday, looking forward to visiting Abbotsbury now.

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