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July 30, 2014


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Victoria Margerison

We have a caravan near west bay so visit alot. It is a shame they built the 'apartments' it has changed the look of the place. We will be down for 2 weeks in September.

You inspired me to crochet again- now I am hooked!!! Your ripple blanket must take the blame.
Have a fab day.



'Pootle' is one of my favourite words :D

Anna-Marie Field

Precious time indeed!!!!!!! I could spend hours in that little harbor!!!!! Love the one planted up as well!!!! Have a happy weekend!!!
AMarie xxx


Beautiful pics of Dorset! Here's another good use for an old boat! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/555702041494808427/

Wendy Bassett

Having been brought up in Yeovil, Somerset, I know West Bay really well. It's probably my dad's favourite place! I was delighted to come across your website last year & amazed when I saw the photos of West Bay. We don't do plans either, so I'm with you on the parents' reactions. My poor dad needs to know the night before what we're doing & we never know. Our 3 are grown up now & in their own homes, but we still don't make plans when we visit!


I don't pootle much, but I putter a lot. I think it's the indoor version of the pootle.


Great pootle about in Dorset. x


Your were in my most favourite place!! I love the little boats with the flowers in. Apparently they are boats that were damaged in the winter storms. However, a few weeks ago in the local newspaper there was a letter complaining about them, saying they were dangerous as they may have sharp bits and folk may bump into them!!! Health and Safety gone mad again!!!! So if in West Bay, please mind how you go!!!! X


Ah Lucy -what a wonderful post! I feel like I've been on holiday without even leaving my house😄 Thank you so much for taking time to share your precious memories with us-you are a very generous and lovely lady! Xx


What a lovely pootle. I did enjoy my trip along with you. What a simply marvellous way to spend a holiday. *wistful sigh*


Such a lovely post
Clare x


I know what you mean about the scent of the air, Lucy. I moved from my native South of France to the UK years ago, and I get the same feeling every time I go back there. :) Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us!

Shelley (w.cork)

Loved ur first instalment of ur hols. I love the word pootling and I love to Pootle ( not too sure if that's the correct term. The scenery looks fab


Oh I do a lot of pootling too. It sounds like you had a fab time away visiting your family. We do that when we visit Wales for a couple of weeks a year. It's also very nice when the time comes when the youngest child doesn't have to be watched 24/7 and you can have time to chat to other adults knowing that they are okay where they are for a short while. It was the nicest feeling when Baby Bear was old enough to get up and be downstairs on his own in the mornings without bounding on me at 5 each morning. It's such a luxury to sleep past 5!

I can't wait to see your ripple, I bet it's gorgeous. I just finished my second big ripple. It's HUGELY bright (no pastels surprise surprise!) and it has colourful pom poms on the ends that make my heart sing! I'm astounded at my pom pom love. Who knew!!!!!! ha ha!

I hope that you have settled back into daily life in Yorkshire and your longing for the sea air has calmed a bit. It's always such a come down isn't it when you arrive back after a lovely time away.

Take care my lovely xxxxx


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Xx lots of love Joy Xx

Angela-Southern USA

Ah Lucy! Pootling is the best kind of vacation! Especially if your near a beach, I could pootle the entire time there. It's such a beautiful place I can see why you miss it so. I caught my breath when I saw the flower boats, just genius on someone's part! I'm always amazed by plants growing in unexpected places. Near here is a tree about four feet tall growing on the top of an abandon building (flat roof) I wonder every time I see it how long it will survive and how tall can it get. The live lobsters, reminds me of a friend who bought some to cook and nearly kept them as pets! (seriously, she played with them for hours!) lol I love the stairs covered by that tree and the light, just stunning. Thanks for sharing Lucy, I always enjoy the trip to Dorset.

Juliane Salzmann

So beautyful pictures!
And thank you for teaching me an new english word ;-)


ooooohhh now I want to go on holiday again, to Dorset.....sigh........

ann clements

I do love a good pootle as well,your post is lovely lucy will be back tomorrow to read some more

La fargussienne

Feel like pootling along with you !


Pootling in Dorset is there a better way to spend a holiday trip? I don't think so ........(message to myself must take a trip to West bay ASAP)
A lovely post see you tomorrow x

Holley Downs

Thanks so much for sharing these pictures! I so enjoy seeing that part of our world which unfortunately I probably will never get to visit! I look forward to your posts! Thanks again for sharing with all of us!!!


Thank you for your lovely post!
I love the boat with the flowers very much!

Sue Hall

I feel like I have had a 5 minute virtual holiday! Thank you Lucy!

Hilary Brown

Lucy your post brought joy to my heart this morning. I shall look forward to all of your holiday posts

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