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June 16, 2014


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Beautiful photos as always Lucy. Roses are lovely, but a little disease prone sometimes. Choose your variety carefully - one that flowers for the whole season is best. I used to have a stunning pink one, but it only bloomed for two weeks! Ferns might be nice in your ground level pots if it's a little shady - they don't tend to be eaten by snails, and they'll last for years.


How can Little B be ready for school?? I remember when he was born.....that was only a year or two ago surely!!!!


nothing better than a beautiful, hot summer day. Especially if you don't have to spend it in the office but by the lake. ;)

Greetings from Austria!


Lovely post, I love the light evenings at this time of year too. I just found out that zonal geraniums (the kind with the darker rings on their leaves) are OK in sun or shade so maybe you could have some at ground level too. I expect the ones that get more sun will have more flowers but it's worth a try, especially if they are a bargain!


Such lovely pictures! Hope you can balance your time and enjoy spending the summer with little ones!


I have a question Lucy ? Do you need A.C. over there in summer, just curious. Here in NJ USA it gets to 90 plus with humidity so we need window ACs , just wondering if you do as well..Izzy

Jacky Russell

The blanket is looking great! :). My mandala was one of the early ones and is on Board 1 - fancy so many coming in - amazing!

Angela-Southern USA

It's all so lovely. What a beautiful shade of pink on your rose. They do tend to need lots of sunshine and good rich soil, plenty of watering when freshly planted. Good luck with your gardening. I've just notice Japanese beetles on mine this morning and will have to see to that straight away. Way too hot here to be working on blankets but yours is lovely as always. I've been doing a spot of tapestry crochet at the moment,harlequin potholders. Happy summer!


Love the idea of the above ladies bullet journal. thanks for the tip. Lucy, you a re balancing life well, still manageing to blog too! We had a lovely early summer few days away in norway and spotted a picture U though you would like too, colours very Lucy like! Keep well and looking forward to seeeing the bkies you have done with the children x http://eclectichomelife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/norway-and-lazy-days.html


No matter how busy you are, take time to enjoy the summer. It'll be gone before you know it so you'll want something to look back on once the days start to get shorter and colder.

Rachael Iddon

Hi Lucy, I recently found a really useful system to keep track of my life and I love it so far. It's called a bullet journal. I watched this link http://www.iamtypecast.com/2014/06/inside-my-bullet-journal-part-1.html
and also looked at the main website www.bulletjournal.com
What I love the most was the excuse to buy a new notebook and pen. You can even use washi tape to customise it. Just thought you might like the idea. It's really helped me stay more focussed. Send some sunshine to Teesside - we've got the east coast cloud and it's cold.

Mitsa   Xida

It"s very beautiful oll this!!!


Weather here a bit up and down- roses are simple. just cut them back in early Spring ( Feb/March is fine) don't worry about where you cut them, but down to an outward facing bud is good. The crucial thing is FOOD.Get a box of rose feed and do what it says on the instructions ,also, get into the habit of chopping up banana skins and putting them round the plant, feeding this year will give you more flowers next year. If you can put a nice bit of manure around the plant, that's good too!


A lovely post Lucy. I adore geraniums and have lots in pots. In truth, they are the only things I can't kill, so, I have lots! They are nice though as they add a burst of colour and can take dry or wet weather well. Wowzers, how many mandalas?! Geez, your poor postie!

Glad the weather is nice up there for you, it's a bit grotty down south this past week. I hope for sun too!

Take care

Vanessa xxx


Oooh, get some hostas in some pots for the shade. They're gorgeous, big leavy plants and get some understated flowers too. Very easy to keep. They die down in the winter just like ferns do.


Great post and photos, we are having a holiday in uk (now live in NZ) and just spent the last 2 weeks at Bolton Abbey caravan site. We adore the Dales, such a beautiful part of Yorks, you are so lucky to live there. Have now moved on with an extra kilo around my waist from delish pork pies and curd tarts, yum, it was worth it! Great to see the preps for the Tour too, loved the jersey buntings!


Great photos! Looking forward to see your christmas projects in the magazine! Do we really have to wait til december to see what it will be or do you get to give us some more spoilers?

Tale care and heaps of sunny greetings from Germany

Holly Nelson

Lovely pictures of an idyllic lifestyle <3


I've been finding various items on the internet of furniture using pallets. Might be an idea for a recyled bench. I've also seen them stood on end, filled with earth and planted up (especially good with herbs?) very space saving.
Oh and I was thrilled to see my knitted mandala on Pinterest board. Thank you.


I recommend checking out 'antique roses'...these are roses that have stood the test of time and grow on their own rootstock. Since you have a small backyard, like I do, consider a (practically) thornless rose like Marie Pavie. However...roses do like sun...at least 6 hours. I've heard there are some that can get by with 4, but mine get leggy and bloom much less with 6. (And by 'sun'...a good description I've heard is a sunny patch where you would get a tan if you were there.) If you have a shadier area, a large pot (like a plastic half-whiskey barrel planter) is a great mini garden for, say, a few brightly colored coleus (2-3) and a pretty begonia. Have fun with the plants!


J'aime beaucoup votre petit extérieur. C'est enrobant et réconfortant. Les plantes ont l'air très heureuses, en particulier vos géraniums.
Profitez de l'été bien chère Lucy

Claire Knight

I was in Holmfirth last week, as my husband has a client there and we were delivering stuff, as you do, on my way to Leeds where my lovely daughter is just finishing her Fashion degree at the Art College – and I thought of you, because the views look like your views. Was I close?

Winwick Mum

If you can stand the smell of them in the house over the winter, take lots of cuttings from your geraniums ready for next year and then you'll have a head start! Glad you're finding quiet moments in amongst the madness xx


I love the picture of your yard Lucy - a bit of peaceful sunshine can be such a tonic. x


The yard is looking lovely enjoy the sunshine
Clare x

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