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June 06, 2014


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Julia Crossland

Ahhhh sounds like a lovely week - nothing like recharging the batteries and letting life plod along for a bit. I hope you're keeping well, loving all these mandalas, they're so cheery aren't they!

Julia xxx


That little boy with the big red heart is just begging to be turned into fabric or embroidery. It is utterly lovely.

Mitsa   Xida

A very nice week passed Lucy! I like to send you a knit and I mandala but a hand injury has forbidden me some traffic! Another time perhaps!


What a wonderful week - so needed in the rush of our busy lives. I love the little figures that Little B gave you - I so remember getting very similiar ones myself many years ago. Precious.


Looks like a fabulous week! I worked the whole weekene so i am busy catching up with all the beautiful crochet picures everywhere... the blanlet which was auctioned off got 290 € though which is a brilliqnt result... still i am looking forward to spent some quite days at home just like you days.

Take care

Jo Navin

Aren't children wonderful at this age? As for juggling, I think that as long as your children are healthy and happy (they certainly seem to be!) the other balls don't reeeally matter too much :-) it's so great that you're recording their childhood in this way. The mandalas look fab ;-) and I've seen your school yarnbomb of the bike over on Facebook, it looks amazing! Good luck with the rest. I'm happily arranging balls of stylecraft dk to make my first ever blanket, inspired by you of course! Lots of love, Jo Navin xxxx


What a lovely week......and oh my.....so many mandalas! Your postman must love you! I bet it's a huge joy though having them all in your sight. I'd keep playing with them! ha ha!

Have a super week Lucy and I hope the sun stays shining for you!

Vanessa xxxxx

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

Sounds like a lovely and much needed restful week. You're such a busy bee lately and I can't wait to see what else you've been up to. My garden I think is having it's fallow year this year, it's really getting away from me and I don't seem to have the time to get out there. Well done you for making a great start!

S x


How lovely! It's looks like you've had the most perfectly idyllic week :)

Those mandalas are looking so beautiful - I keep thinking I should try & make one too...

Emma Palmer

Hi Lucy, I love your blog and was hoping you wouldn't mind me asking you question. I am new to writing a blog and am having trouble with my pictures. I have been cropping them in iPhoto and then loading them up, they come up all different widths. Do you know what I'm doing wrong? Just if you get a minute and I know this is a push as I can see what a busy bee you are! Thanks, Emma.

Cindy G.

I just went through the mandala images over on Pinterest, and I am reminded and amazed by how different a particular patten can look when done up with different colors of yarns. What a feast for the eyes and I wish I could see the final display in person! I'm packing mine up this weekend and popping it into the mail... hopefully 3 weeks is enough time for it to arrive :)

Alison Barrow

My two children have flown the nest some years ago to explore the world.They have both returned for a short stay ...so wonderful for me.Drop scones were always a Saturday morning treat,served with sugar and yellow squeezey lemon.Our house was always uptipped with games and felt tip pens and play dough ...and I loved my jim jams ,still do.My daughter is now an amazing artist and my son has a creative writing degree and works at his craft everyday.Our memories together are of our warm friendly and loving home and they still love to return for catch up cuddles,cups of tea and some homemade cake.More power to your elbow Lucy you are doing a great job :)


what a lovely life you have xx lots of love Joy xx

Melody A.

I think you have the same issue that most women in the world have, with a lot on their plates and how to make time to enjoy it! So how wonderful that you were able to! Even professional jugglers drop a ball once in a while! Happy weekend to you and yours!!

Cherie Chudyk

Thank you for sharing your week with us, reminds me of when mine we're little, 'happy days'. I'm experimenting with a strawberry plant for the first time, it has such a gorgeous red flower, I don't mind if I get any fruit because the flower is so lovely. Have fun choosing plants!

Lizy Tish

What a wonderful week of fun-ness and delicious-ness. The mandalas are gorgeous! Those lemon buns with the cute lemon candies on top look just yummy too.


Lovely week had by all it appears! I love those little lemon and orange sugary slices for decorating cakes- Karen :O)xxx


Hi Lucy, reading this instalment brings back such happy memories, enjoy every minute of it cos before you know they'll have grown up & have lives(& kids) of their own...but then you get to do it all over again with grandchildren!!!I'm searching pinterest everyday for my mandala, cant wait to see it xxxx


Perfect holiday and break from school for everyone. I share your "yeuch" about swimming pools and as the mother of an only child, I spent many hours in the early morning sessions trying not to think about what else was in the water!!


A perfect week of 'just pootling' Lucy - sounds pretty good to me, and true therapy for
the soul ♥
Have a good weekend,

Jacky Russell

Lovely summery pictures! I have been watching all the mandalas as they appear on the pinterest boards. Mine is in the first batch - they must look fabulous en masse!


I can't wait to see what goes into all of those pots! We, too, have snails everywhere. We've completely given up on growing veggies in our small little garden area because really, we're just growing them for the snails. Oh, and how awesome are all those mandalas!? I can't wait to see to final display this summer. (From across the big pond, of course.)


Hi Lucy! Welcome back in blogland! I'm happy to read your family life again! And I'm happy to see my mandala, number 213, in your screen too !!!
Have a good time with your flowers!

Jane Whalley

What an absolutely perfect half term Lucy in every respect. It just goes to show you don't have to spend a fortune on activities, when good old fashioned dens, colouring and make believe come into play. Although my boys are now 20 and nearly 15, I can vividly remember spending cosy Saturday afternoons baking with them, just like I used to with my mum and hers before that. Long may it continue Lucy

Lesley Buckle

Hi Lucy
I love your blog, you are so talented in every way, an inspiration to us all. I am new to crocheting but already addicted to it. I have made 2 continuous granny square blankets and a granny square pram blanket, which I crocheted the squares together, please can I ask how you get the squares flat, should I have used a larger hook?
Thank you
Lesley, Stowmarket Suffolk

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