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June 10, 2014


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WOW! You certainly are juggling. Enjoy every minute of it and don't forget to sit down in between and take a moment to re-charge. xoxo


Oops, meant "my sister's." Lol!


Oh, so exciting, Lucy! The bikes look fabulous! :D

My mandala and my sisters, along with another small "treat" for you, are on their way from the US ;D We can't wait to see them on Pinterest!

All the mandalas look amazing! I wish you all the best as you juggle all the business in your life— you are an amazing woman!


Busy Busy good luck with it all
Clare x


HI Lucy I work full-time in a challenging inner city primary school as a deputy head and class-teacher- and boy is it tough! BUT incredibly rewarding, the long long days, the weekend work, missing family time, the catching up on home, cooking, sleep Zzzzzz, housey stuff and the TV... (what is that?) I love my job, I love my crafts and I love what I do and I just know you will love it too. Even when it gets tough, because the children in school, their smiles, progress and the difference we make as educators makes it all worthwhile. Enjoy. XX Karen:O)xxx


Hi Lucy Happy memories of my day in your studio doing the rag rug workshop - would love to come and do one of yours one day soon. Life sounds very busy - never worry about the mess and dust though, it only comes back again so might as well let it find its own level! Enjoy everything you are doing - its far more important :) xxx

Jane Whalley

Phew Lucy, don't forget to breathe. The key is not to think too far advance and just let things happen which they will. The work you're doing in the schools is fantastic and one thing is for sure, it will all certainly be worth it in the end. Make sure you take just a few minutes time out everyday to reflect and I'm sure you,ll come through the other side smiling - I have a favourite saying, which my dear mum used to say and that is "this too will pass" and is applied to both good and not so good situations. Enjoy this time Lucy xxxxx


Hi Lucy, I helped in a school many moons ago and remember making bees from yellow and black yarn made into a pompon and netting wings and I vaguely remember frogspawn from bubble wrap. Exhausting but fun. Miriam Xx

Michele Boucher-Hines

You have developed a real following on many levels. You are truly a teacher - adult workshops, in the schools with young children, and online tutorials. You have combined your talents in a way that serves so many. Personally, I am so excited that you will be able to share the Bower Bird pattern soon - it's been over a year, but obviously worth the wait!.


I don't know how full time workers manage it all. It lets the pressure off somewhat when part time. Even so full time mums have plenty to do for sure. Easier for all though when children are of school age.


Dear Lucy, you are an example to follow. Luck. A hug from southern Spain.


Go Girl! You will be awesome -you are already awesome...the children will love making things.X Have a good few weeks and make sure you take some time off for quiet moments to recover!


My goodness I do not know how you do it, I'm worn out reading it! but I think it's wonderful that you are going into schools to teach about yarn and what can be made. I hope the children can carry on at home with their new interest. Stop to breath occasionally though x


Sounds like you are so busy at the moment but I bet the children are loving working with you, I'm an educator so I'm very familiar with school life :)

I know a really easy dragonfly make for you - I can't find it on my blog but there is a photo here :


Take a pipe cleaner, thread on beady eyes to the middle, then kind of fold it in half, making a loop for the head and twisting the two halves to form the body. I hope that makes sense, if not you should figure it out from the picture. The wings were just printed on acetate and threaded through the body but you could make them out of something else if they schools don't have any old acetates lying around from the days of overhead projectors!


I'm around for childcare stuff if you get desperate x

 Saskia Bird

Good luck, you can do it!


All sounds so wonderful as always Lucy x

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