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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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June 10, 2014


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Jo Navin

I think it's amazing that you're inspiring children with colour and yarn, your own children must be so proud of you! My friend has two mottoes that he lives by "Bite off more than you can chew, and then chew like buggery" and "You have a name that you're given and a name that you earn". I think that you are doing brilliantly in both areas as well as turning into wonderwoman! Good luck and see you on the other side! :-) Love Jo xxxx


I am applying for Primary School teaching posts at the moment, the most time consuming thing in the world so I know what you are up against. I'm glad you enjoyed working with the children in school. Keep it together Lucy my dear! Jo xx


You're a star Lucy, I find it so inspirational how much you are doing, and doing well. Such a great example to your children too. And your meals still sound fantastic - healthy and delicious. Well done you! I think I may have missed a couple of posts, so I'm going to have a read and see where the guinea pigs are, if their hutch is full of mandalas. I'm hoping it's not bad news. CJ xx


Your risotto looks delicous! I love making risotto because you can vary the taste so easily!

What a great idea to involve the schools into the Yarndale preperations!! I am a teacher (even though I am not working as one at the moment) and crocheted with my 5th graders for a school christmas celebration! Great fun to both sides!

Take care


Dear Lucy, take care, and don't forget that you already taught and inspired so many of us. I just started teaching,and it's both the hardest and the best job I ever had. Love from Bosnia.

Mitsa   Xida

it is really nice to teach children something they love very much and as you are not schoolteacher.The same I did at my daughter's school when he was 5 years old, and showed them how to paint paintings in Summer stones . Memories that stay forever!

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

Juggling act indeed! Goodness your life has become so completely full and busy these days Lucy, I don't now how you fit it all in and I guess, some days, neither do you! Anyway, I'm all booked in for Yarndale with my sister this year, so excited to be coming and all this prep looks amazing already. So thank you in advance for all the effort you're putting in. And don't worry about the blog, we ain't going nowhere! ;)

S x

susie hewer

Oh Lucy, what a wonderful idea to involve the local schools! The children will absolutely love it and I'm sure you'll inspire them to keep crafting as they grow. Excellent work and keep up the juggling xxx


Just go with the flow Lucy.
I am now back to working 33 hrs a week with 5 kids. (youngest is 7 and i have worked very part time for years before recently stepping up a bit more as they get a bit more independant) Something has to give and with me its the house work. I just try to keep up with the basics and laundry is a priority with 7 in the house, but i cant remember the last time i cleaned windows or hoovered under beds! And hey, nobody even notices. It can be stressful at times juggling lots of balls but concentrate on what is important to you and let the other things go. We all love joining you in this space here and I am sure that probably feels like an obligation to you but it's not. If you never posted again, your archives are so rich and generous with tutorials for which i will always be grateful and regularly dip into. It's your life. Live it. And dont worry about us!
Claire xx


This school term is always the busiest I think, especially with 3 children good luck with juggling it all!

Chrissie Crafts

And you also find the time to write a terrific blog post!?! Do you sleep? ;-) I love the projects you are doing for the schools, they are so creative and fun, and well done for throwing yourself into such an incredible project with gusto! Fajitas are one of our weekly speedy meals, tasty and healthy, Bon appetit! Chrissie x


we're right behind you all the way. and once it's over, go ahead and take another 4 weeks to recover! we'll still be here.

Jacky Russell

When you first started a blog, did you ever think it would grow to this? :)
It must seem overwhelming at times. Enjoy this summery weather when you can!


The mandalas look so wonderful on your floor! How pretty it must be to have that much color around!


You go Girl!! Look forward to hearing and seeing more when you have the time. In four weeks time, I hope you have a few days to show us more of your wonderful local scenery also. Love your pics and thoughts.


Lucy, tu as un très bel univers. Me too, I a little bit envious about the crochet class and the bird.


Time is your best asset when you are young. I see you are not wasting any of it! Well done Lucy. You're only young once. Me, well, I'm (delightfully) exhausted just reading about all your up to. Don't forget to look after yourself.

Amy at love made my home

I hope that you can manage to juggle everything and that the school transition for your little one goes well. xx


Dearest Lucy,
You may not credit yourself as being a teacher, but you truely are! Not only a teacher but an inspiration on many levels! I, too, am excited about your birdie pattern! I had wanted to put one on a wreath I was making my Mother for mother's Day. I tried making one on my own just looking at the pictures of yours, and while I may not have gotten the pattern exactly as you have it, my birdie turned out very cute... but too big for the wreath I made, so he is happily perched in my living room currently. Maybe I'll blog about him tonight! Thank you for all that you do, even if you don't realize you are doing it!


Totally understand that the Attic will take a back seat. You are amazing, packing do much in Nd giving do much of yourself. The four weeks will go in a flash Bd you will enjoy it too. So what if the house suffers for a while. I do admire you Lucy. From afar, you seem to be managing just fine on all fronts. I too have had little time but managed a very quick stash busting and recycling make when you do eventfully get a moment! http://eclectichomelife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/crocheted-scrap-busting-and-recycling.html?m=1

Angela-Southern USA

I'm cheering for ya! You can do it, remember to breathe! ;)Best of luck with everything. Busy and fast times, enjoy when you can. Love seeing all the mandalas, I'm wondering and looking forward to seeing how you will display them at yarndale...

Jerilynn Lijewski

I have been soooo envious of the lucky ladies that get to visit your studio and create the birds! I want to just fly over the ocean from Northern Wisconsin to England right now! But, upon reading there may be a pattern, I smiled a smile. So excited, but I will be patient. You have a lot on your plate! Jerilynn. Jerisew.blogspot.com. P.s. I just finished a crochet afghan! I wrote about it in my blog a couple of days ago.

Melody A.

Hello Lucy, I cannot wait to be able to make one of the birdies!!! I have watched your blog and read every post since you first came up with the design so I can make this pattern !!! I think you underestimate what a wonderful teacher you are, look at all of us out here in blog land that you are teaching and then your classes at your shop !! So How wonderful for all of these children to have such a creative teacher!! Happy Summer and Enjoy it all


Hi Lucy, I can understand your stress. I've missed a meeting about a residential visit today....eeek...there's so much to remember and I was at work....feel bad but no doubt I can find out the important bits. School activities seem to mushroom at this time of year.
I think it's great that you are introducing yarnbombing to the local children. I'm sure they love it.
Good luck with all your juggling over the next few weeks.
Posting my mandala tomorrow.
Jacquie xxx

Winwick Mum

I love that the Yarndale yarnbombing is becoming a community project, and whilst it might feel as if you don't have time to breathe at the moment, it's not long until the schools break up and the pace of life will slow down just for a little bit. As long as you remember to look up at the sky, sit down with a coffee and some crochet and enjoy the passing of the world from time to time, everything will work out just fine xx

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