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June 17, 2014


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I love Livingstone Daisies the most! You could probably fit some strawberry plants in your pots too!


Lobelias are fantastic and come in a range of blues, they would look fab next to geraniums ;-)


Geraniums always say summer to me but by my front door this year is white marguerites and white lobelia, in two white pots.


My most favouritest! flower of all time is the peony HOWEVER!! it flowers for such a short time, blink and you'll miss it:) So maybe some cosmos which I also love. :)


Geraniums are a favourite of mine too. I love the colours, the easy growing. It's simple to take cuttings as well. I especially like that the snails don't like them. This year I've been growing pansies too. But I noticed that the tops were all being nipped off. By what though? The culprit was caught on camera, a little mouse. Naughty thing.


I love geraniums - they're so versatile. There are lots of other flowers you could pot up too. Lobelia is a good idea, snap dragon and dahlias are gorgeous. I have to admit to actually counting the number of stitches in some of the blankets I've made!


Paint the wall! Paint the wall! …………. or ask J very very nicely to paint the wall - then you'll really get the seaside vibe


Your mosaic is wonderful, and certainly brings cheerfulness in your kitchen.
Maybe gaura http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaura (pink or white) for their long stems with flowers until fall.

K Parkin

How about trying some scented geraniums such as orange fizz (these have pink flowers too) together with some delicious variagated lemon balm? Every time you brush past you get an uplifting smell.


Well said Christina above! There are so very jealous people in the world unfortunately. Now onto niceties :-)

I like primroses because they come in so many colours, but lobelia is also really good for dangling out of hanging baskets.

Fuchsias? If you get hardy ones they'll last and they have beautiful flowers!


I like yellow nasturzi!




To "Emma" who posted earlier. What are you doing wasting money on internet access when you could be sending the money to Oxfam or a UK food bank?
It's ludicrous having a pop at someone for spending their own hard earned cash on something like flowers. She's not trafficking old ladies or growing heroin. Butt out and instead of complaining about the plight of poor people do something about it.

Pat Yates

Pansies in deep purple and crimson.


What a lovely cheerful post and I love your mosaic.
I too love geraniums in pots but also fushias. How about some lobelia in a gorgeous blue to trail down round your geraniums? I've done that with my fushia this year.

Jackie x


love your geranium mosaic. Royal blue and pale blue lobelia are a must with the vibrant reds and pinks and they bush up and will fill the bottom of your pots xx lots of love Joy xx


Gazanias are long lasting, good value and slugs/snails leave them alone. However I can't remember if they only come in yellows and oranges - too much of a clash? x

Jo in Jersey

Gorgeous, Lucy. I too love the colour of hot pink geraniums, and I plant mine in big aqua and blue pots with some light blue trailing lobelia round the edges, which fill the gaps and give lovely contrast, just spilling down the sides. My roses are delicious at the moment too - wish I could send you a picture! Love, Jo x


I have some accidental flowers in the allotment that I love. Marguerites seem to come back every year, there are some massive 6ft spikes of purple flowers that are as yet unidentified and some achillea. The ones I really love (and the insects do too) are the veg that have gone to seed. At the moment we have a self seeded parsnip with yellow umbelifferous flowers and soon, no doubt my artichokes will flower with bright blue thistle like flowers. They are very impressive when they bloom. I suppose I should eat the artichokes really but they are such a faff, I think I'd rather enjoy the flowers.

Angela-Southern USA

Such fun, playing in the dirt! (I've been in it this morning, transplanted 40 tomato plants.) Geraniums are beautiful, I especially love the neon bright ones, and the ones with variegated leaves. Petunias is a must for my hanging baskets every year, and so many colors to choose from. A no fuss vine to grow and has the deepest color of blue and purple would be morning glories, easy to grow from seed too, they'll even re-seed themselves for next year. :) A beautiful mosaic! I've done a few, the last one was daisies on a basket lid. Happy gardening!


Hi Lucy,

Greeting from other side of the Atlantic. I love geraniums too. My favorite being pink with white streaks, called peppermint.

I love marigolds, fuschias, nasturtiums , zinnia and my absolute favorite alyssum as they perfume the whole place. I am not a fan of petunia, as they stop flowering if you dont pick the spent ones. I have started loving dahlias as you can store the tubers in a plastic bag in winter in a cool, dark place and plant them in pots in spring. My dahlias are 5 years old now. Lovely as cut flowers for a posy.

Have colorful summer,

Linda Ball

Lovely! Haven't dropped by in a long while, but was so thrilled to see you mentioned in a magazine recently and now you are really a hooking celeb!!! Love everything you write about and your creations are inspiring-made me put down the needles and pick up the hook!

Susan M

My favorite flowers are sweet peas!

Carol Partridge

Just been looking at this....cloudappreciationsociety.org
Maybe you should join, Lucy. Some unbelieveable formations.

Cherie Chudyk

I too love geraniums always plant a few in pots in my garden. Amazing some of them survived the winter outside this time. Also have fushia's in pots that survive the winters. Love lavender, wonderful scent when it blows around. Have fun with them, making a splash of colour. x

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