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June 17, 2014


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Lizy Tish

I just love that mosaic! I love geraniums -- they are pretty, as well as pretty hearty (when I forget to water sometimes) and they last forever which is nice too.

Emma Smith-Horne

Try calendula in your pots, gorgeous oranges with zingy green stems. Easily planted from seed and will pop up again in subsequent years too. And yes paint the wall off white to reflect the light, show off the bright flowers and make your yard feel like the Mediterranean xx

Nana GoGo

If you pinch out the new flowers that are forming in the middle of your geranium plants, you will get a much longer flowering period. It sounds a little drastic but it also makes the plants bushier and less straggly. Nothing worse than gangly geraniums! You can also get yourself a few bamboo canes and make a tripod. Trailing geraniums look lovely trained up and around the canes. They also love to be potted on. They hate being potbound. Good Luck with yours.:-)


In answer to Lynn above. Regarding your flippant comment - I do not own a computer, I use one at work and am allowed to use it for personal use during my breaks. I work a 12 hour shift on 7 nights a week to house, clothe and feed my family which is why I'm typing this at 9.45pm on a Sunday.

I donate a percentage of my earnings to 5 charities, we shop at charity/thrift shops and are well aware that we are so fortunate to be able to do that when so many have so little.

And yes Lynn I do gaze upon this computer (although not owned by me) and I spare many thoughts for the children in the world who live in poverty.

urban teacher

This is a non-stop site for inspiration. I share your love for color and it seems we both love the pink, red, blue, green combination....as well as...well I love most color! Can't wait to see what shows up in my FB newsfeed from you. Thanks!


Oh Wow Lucy! I have just read the comment from Emma, my mouth literally dropped open when I read it!!!!
How incredible that she should write such a comment about this lovely post, it never ceases to amaze me how unbelievable some people are! Lol.......
She must mean all of us in the blogging world as that is what blogging is all about, writing about things we love and we are lucky enough to have the time to do. Yes we appreciate there are people in this world that cannot afford to buy extras, however, she is sat typing on a computer to leave such a comment, mmmmmm she has the time and the money to be able to afford to do this.
It begs the question, next time she gazes upon her computer she will spare a thought for "the children in the world etc...." or maybe she will sell it to donate the cash to charity!

Alison Michelle Machin

Wonderful display of geraniums and I love the way you have displayed Felicity's marvellous mosaic! xx


As well as herbs, I like the zingy oranges and yellows of nasturtiums and calendulas which I grow from seed every year. Against my blue wall and with some blue borage in pots they positively sing. You can often find them in markets and garden centres at this time of year. Scented geraniums are lovely too. Such a pretty post, Lucy, and the colours of the mosaic go so well with your flowers x


Well, you've had lots of advice! Personally, I'd try and make more use of the wall.... a clematis or rose growing up some trellis, from a large pot; pots, baskets fixed to the wall with herbs in for easy picking - raise the geraniums on some breeze blocks, or a plank of wood laid across some bricks at either end for support, and then plant lavender in pots, rosemary, all those oily herbs. Rose scented pelargoniums. Things that when you brush past them, to get at the herbs, you get the scent. Lots of lovely things you can grow, veggies in pots too of course. Whatever you do... just enjoy.

Pamela Tomkins

Hi Lucy, I love reading your posts, they are always interesting and a riot of colour and uplifting! What about Busy Lizzies!!!!!! They are non stop flowers all summer and fill a pot quickly. All your favourite colours too!


Lavender and hydrangea's ae also beautiful!


fuchsias and geraniums for me every time - easy, colourful and tough, and disliked by slugs! also bought some gazanias for a contrast orange/yellow.

Angela-Southern USA

Saw this crocheted sail boat and thought of you.


How about some tiny evergreens in your larger pots along with flowers? Then you would have something left for the winter—and to begin with next summer. Perennials like Heucheras (coral bells) have colorful foliage and will survive the winter as well. Their flowers are not splashy, but you can add some colorful annuals. Do you have Angelonia in the UK?


Lucy, I hope you don't dwell on Emma's comment.
And to Emma - there are many inequalities in the world, but I think you can tell from Lucy's blog that she is a very kind and caring person. To pick on one individual for the plight of the whole of humanity is both ridiculous and unkind. Try reading Stephen Fry's words on kindness - then putting them into practice.


How beautiful, I also love geraniums, such giving little beauties.

Mitsa   Xida

Hey Lucy! Very beautiful geraniums you! I've got a Red-White and orange! You can put in tubs cloves and hibiscus that withstands many years, you can plant noon that exists in many colors and can stand in the heat but is seasonal only for the summer!Oll is beautiful!

Silly Little Sheep

My mother has a soft spot for geraniums, bt to me they always smelled funny (and I think the smell combined with their hairy surface is what repells the snails), but eventually, I think I will have a geranium or two just to smell and remind me of my Mum :)
I dont have a particular favourite when it comes to summer plants, but I am a complete sucker for spring bulb plants like daffodills and crocuses and hyacinths :)


Believe it or not, I think my favorite for having and being able to keep without their dying is.... GERANIUMS! But not only because of their lovely hearty ways, but also for their earthy smell. I don't know any other flower that smells the way they do. I also like hydrangea (those small flowers in the shape of a ball) that come in many colors, but never so lovely in my hands. Haven't enjoyed success with them yet. (Also have you ever seen the passionflower? Looks like something out of Dr. Seuss. They grow wild where I live. :-) )


Simply beautiful x mentioning this Lucy in the hope that others will read it. Im visiting Yarndale this year as I saw the lovely photos of last year's and being relatively new to knitting and crochet (cross stitcher for over 40 years but fancied something extra) I thought this show would be ideal - however we have probably around a 2 and half hour drive so will be staying over - easier said than done. It seems everywhere is booked solid. Only accommodation we could find is 10 miles away! Just thought I would mention it in case others are thinking of going but haven't yet booked their accommodation. See you there xx

Jan Morrison

I too adore geraniums! They are the most bold, cheerful and straight-forward of plants. And hardy! The mosaic is gorgeous - I'm going over there.


My favourites are cornflowers and poppy's. Love the colour of the cornflower. So very pretty ...

My Simpel Life

i love geraniums and lobelias and fuchsias.
your geraniums looking wonderful!!!!
wish you happy days,

Heather L.

Your back space is so lovely and I love how content you are with it. It suddenly dawned on me that I have gardens around the entire perimeter of my house and patio as well as a kitchen garden. Did I think that would be no work? I think I thought I'd just be able to do a tiny bit and then let it go for the summer. oh well. What I'm working on is contentment with lovely but imperfect flower beds. Definitely agree with you about geraniums!!! I have a coral one in my dining room right now and it adds such a lovely color! Your mosaic is just beautiful!!!!

Seaweed & Raine

Geraniums are awesome. The colour, and the attitude of the plant rocks. I also love snap dragons and californian poppies (It took me 3 goes to get them to successfully grow from seed this time!). And wee little jonquilles, 'cos they also smell wonderful.

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