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June 23, 2014


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I was just sittning here, loving your wall when I read your question about painting it! DON'T! PLEASE! I would give everything to have a wall like that in my garden! I would even consider bildning one and make it look old!!!


Gorgeous flowers Lucy. I love the wall how it is, but if you think it needs some love rendering, or pointing up, then painting, isn't that hard, especially as you're a very visual person and work with building shapes in your art work (sounds mad I know but I took to plastering really well when I first started because of the same thing, it's very similar to icing a cake.) it'd be more a challenge for you to find the time by the sounds of it. Lovely garden either way though.xxx

Rudi O

I really enjoy the current, 'antique' look and seeing the pots of bright flowers against them.


Your yard looks charming with your stone walls and all your plants. I think a whitewash would give your wall a clean, fresh look without taking away from the natural look. what about a few pots with climbers either hanging from the top or in pots below that could grow up the wall. Perfect spot to crochet with a cool drink on these warm summer days.

Emily Clark

Oh, I simply adore your little backyard...so cozy and quaint. I love the wall just as it is,but I also think a fresh coat of paint would look so fresh and cheery...white would reflect the sunlight and make it feel brighter, but blue would be as so calming.

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I love the wall as is! Very rustic and authentic. Love your blog although I'm not a crocheter but a quilter and a knitter.


Hi Lucy
Try starting the pumpkins off a little earlier next year (end of April) and keep them protected inside e.g. on a well-lit windowsill, until there is no risk of frost.
If you plant them too late they might not have time to actually grow a pumpkin before the end of the season. Good luck with it anyway.


I prefer natural but whitewash would give you the little bit of newness you are looking for and the plantings will look lovely against it. I also liked the comment some of the other people made with making something trompe l'oeil since you are sooo creative.

Karen Lizzie

I think you should paint the wall pink, your geraniums would love it!

Melody A.

I love the look of your little outside garden area and I think it fits the age of the structures it is near. The only part failing is the mortar and cement coating. It should probably be addressed as the water is getting behind it which is what caused it to fall off in places but this will take a long time to truly fail. I think the garden plants will be a welcome addition!

Megan Drennan

Now you have done it Lucy! just as I was getting over no longer being a teacher of Little B's age group you remind me of all the pleasure of this time of year at school.Have just come indoors after an afternoon of happy pottering in my own little concrete patch in Llandudno -now looking much nicer and with the addition of crocheted garland on washing line-and made the decision before coming in that my next task would be putting up net on unsightly wall and plant some climbing nasturtium seeds and/or runner beans(Jack and the Beanstalk seeds of course!) both very quick growers and more practise for your assistant gardener. Also cheap solution. Good Luck.


I think you could actually use some cement to repair the wall and recover it. It's not that hard to do!


Nooo! Just leave that wall. When we get old we develop wrinkles and everything sags a bit, It's called experience and wisdom. Same thing with walls. As long as it's safe and not going to fall down adorn it with pots of geraniums and celebrate it's character. I follow your blog from Italy. You wouldn't want to see Venice freshly painted would you?


I love your pretty little yard area, and the pots are looking great. I also have a little back yard between the backs of the terraced houses which doesn't get much sun. http://thehousewiththebluedoor5.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/june-evenings.html So I planted a couple of honeysuckles in pots to grow around the door, and a fig tree, as well as herbs and annuals in pots. Our wall's quite uneven, but we painted it a warm blue, and it makes everything look cheerful, even on the darkest of days. Brightly-coloured plants look great against it. Maybe you could paint yours blue, or even a very pale blue? Happy gardening! x


We have walls like yours and keep saying we should paint them. Haven't got around to it yet.


I think if that were my wall, I'd leave it just the way it is--it looks very venerable, with much patina. Your whole outdoor space is looking absolutely wonderful. :)

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Oh, I love the wall just as it is, but the suggestion about taking it down to the brick is a thought also.

Carol D

That crumbling concrete looks as if it is hiding a nice brick wall...? just the raw brick would be lovely - and then you could paint that a white or soft blue if you will.
But ridding that wall of that molding concrete I think would be a big step of improvement. Just sayin'


Ohhh I love the wall as it is, maybe paint the flower pots or the chairs for the pops of color you want - the old crumbly wall is something people here (Florida) would hire someone to faux paint to get some old world charm!

Pat Russ

What a lovely wall. It is so natural. I vote for don't paint it, but I liked the comment which said to paint it and crochet a trellis onto it. You have a great blog and love seeing the pics of your countryside and travels and even though I don't crochet I love to see your colorful projects. Thanks for brightening my day here in Kentucky, U.S.A.


I would mirror mosaic onto that wall - that would be fun! (and it's so easy too!)


Yes! I would totally paint it a pale blue! I was actually thinking of that before I read your question. LOL
I also love the idea of the planter box being built when you do repair the wall. ❤️

Lee Hatcher

Whatever color you decide to paint, do leave the brick parts showing through. I love that look. I would go with a soft blue, not too bright

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