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June 22, 2014


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I just saw this recipe for happiness soup on nigellas page. No idea if it's nice but it looks straightforward and i like the name! http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/happiness-soup-207

Jo Winwood

What a lovely post about a lovely day!


Cold cucumber soup with (or without) mint. Google for a recipe you like the sound of. I used to make it quite peppery, but I see that some recipes suggest cumin. It needs a little something, you see. I used to cook mine, but some recipes just say to whizz it up.


Thank you so much for your lovely post-I love reading about your day-you always brighten mine! Xx


Lovely post again.

We have eldeflower in our garden, but I have never made cordial. Must try your recipe next year (too late now).

Have a nice day!

Mitsa   Xida

It's all beautiful Lucy!


What about yoghurt soup? I know it sounds weird, but it's the to-go recipe in Turkey, both on hot and cold days. hot variation: chicken broth (ideally homemade and with tiny bits of vermicelli) in a pan, heat up not boil. On the side mix 250 gr yoghurt (greek), 1 egg, a bit of salt, mint and parsley, pepper, and a spoon of flower. mix with a cup of water, mix until all lumps disappear, then stir in the hot broth, bring to the boil, adjust to taste, and dig in.
Cold variety: either the cooled down version of the above, or just yoghurt mixed with water, ice-cubes, salt, boiled chick peas, fresh mint. easy peasy but very tasty. At least, for us it is :-)


I love making soup and make it at least 3 times a week, summer or winter. I think Gazpatcho is the best in high summer.
I'd love to make the cordial before the flowers are gone. Where can I get citric acid please?


More like a pudding than a soup, (although it was a starter), I had chilled peach soup with walnut and honey bread whilst on holiday last year, and have been dreaming about it ever since! Otherwise we like tomato and lentil soup, curried parsnip soup, and my personal favourite, celery soup with a dash of creme fraiche.


I collected elderberry flowers yesterday too but unfortunatly most flowers are gone already... too late but i will certainly look again next year...

Take care
Anne http:// crochetbetweentwoworlds.blogspot.de

Kathryn Vercillo

Loving the elderflowers and the mandalas!


please try just one fuchsia (for flowers not soup, although you can eat the berries and they are lovely)- I think you would love the intense colour and the shapes are so beguiling!

For soup - try lettuce soup -
1 onion, i potato, 1 head of lettuce
salt and pepper
simmer till tender and blitz. you can add milk or yogurt.

Susan Conklin

Please tell Little B that I agree, petunias are my best favorites too. My porch boxes here in the midwestern U.S. have red geraniums and purple and white petunias and some yellow trailing petunias. Happy flowers!

Debbie Phillips

Watermelon soup!


You might like to try a chilled fruit "soup" during the hot days of summer, and as a bonus it won't heat up the kitchen. Sort of like a smoothie in a bowl. :) You can find recipes online and it's a great way to use God's intricately created fruits that He provides for us.

Jen Hart

Hi Lucy, I haven't commented forever as I have been busy but your call to arms roused me!
I have been enjoying tomato soup. One tin of napolina chopped toms put in a saucepan with a good dash of balsamic vinegar, rock salt and ground black pepper and at least a tbsp of sugar (I have used granulated when not watching the calories and granulated otherwise). In the meantime, roast a supermarket or market tub of cherry toms-obviously the better the toms the better the flavour, but I have made it out of season and it has been fine. Roast a red pepper chopped with it. Add them together, simmer and blitz to your liking, deiish and healthy :-) xxx


Lovely flowers :) It is the middle of winter here in Australia and despite heavy frosts lately my potted pansys are still smiling at me everytime I walk out the back door, surprising how resilient they are. A nice contrast to the bare trees and grey sky.
Here you tried chilled pea soup? I also second the suggestions for zucchini soup and gazpacho (but not sure if your daughter would love this one, mine wouldn't).

Imelda Maguire

Love these glimpses into your days. And your photos. Thanks for sharing it all. Roasted tomato soup is very good.


It sounds magical. Do you sit outside in your PJ's? I never go outside in my PJs or dressing gown as we are so overlooked here, it's very built up, and I am too Southern and uptight about such things, but I wish I lived in the middle of nowhere so I could sit outside with a coffee in my PJs first thing in the morning without a care what the neighbours thought...

I loved your midsummer post yesterday. It didn't really happen for us for various reasons, and I'm wishing I'd made more of an effort now. I am also totally sharing your geranium love, they are fabulous flowers. I dream of a window box full of red ones. Have a great week lovely lady - it would be great if we could squeeze in one more quick coffee before the schools break up. xx

Angela C

I love green velvet soup - some chicken stock, potato, onion, anything green (spinach is my favourite but you can put in peas, parsley, broccoli, silver beet in any combination), cooked until all tender then blended. I add cream to serve and of course, season it to taste while cooking and / or afterwards. What a lovely way to spend Sunday morning!!!!! We're freezing over here in New Zealand so soup is on the menu often!!


Courgette and watercress is a lovely recipe!


Can't recommend a soup but love reading your blog. I know you have talked about this before but now I need the information. What kind of crochet hooks do you use? They look like something with a grip on them and I'm thinking I need to be using something like that. Thanks. Maymewyns@yahoo.com

Emma Pearce

Thank you for your little moment of happiness that closes my day. I too love an early morning cuppa in the garden listening to the world waking up. And I also suffer from an uninspiring garden that I am trying to brighten up with pos of flowers this year.
My suggestion for a light soup is courgette - very simple, chop courgettes, cook in vegetable stock with salt & pepper to taste, blitz, them return to heat, gently blending in semi skimmed milk until at required thickness. Yum yum.

Lynda Malen

Can't recommend a soup I'm afraid but try going to church on a Sunday for a change. It's refreshing to actually praise our Lord and so much more delightful than making soup......honest.

One Earlybird

Lovely Sunday activities. I have an easy Asian style soup, UNnoodle Chicken & Vegetable I just posted on my blog if you'd like to try it. It's light and yummy. http://oneearlybird.blogspot.com.au/2014/06/unnoodle-soup.html

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