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June 22, 2014


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sewa laptop

great content, it's a beautifull picture, good job :)

Mary Beth Coggins

Lucy I love your blog! don't paint that wall in the garden it is charming.

Mary Beth

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Winwick Mum

Sunday mornings are just made for pottering. Sunshine on a Sunday morning too is just bliss! xx


Ooh summer soups - yes definitely Gazpacho as has been already mentioned. I have another good one - carrot and orange soup.
I was unsure until I tried it - it's delicious! Think I might have to make a batch today!!
Love your blog, Lucy and your super photos.
Alison xx


I really enjoy reading your blog - my whole family is from Yorkshire (not me) so seeing all the stone houses and cobbles makes me think of them!

Soup - I like this one - roast tomatoes and roast garlic soup. One carrot, one onion, one celery stick, some tomatoes (say a baking tray full), some garlic, peeled - say about ten cloves. Chicken stock - say a large jugful (chicken oxo cubes).

Half tomatoes on baking tray. Stick garlic on top of them, or between them. Put a little oil over. Stick in oven at around 200 for about 20 or 30 mins. Chop celery, onion and carrot roughly. Saute in pan with either a bit of oil or butter for about ten minutes until soft. Add stock. Add toms and garlic. Whizz. You can also roast red pepper and put that in too, or add herbs. Might work cold too! I haven't tried that though.


Hi Lucy,
is the recipe for the fruity flapjacks on here somewhere? they look fab!

Vesna Dozet

Dear Lucy,
my name is Vesna Dozet, I’m live in Belgrade, Serbia. I made and send to You this Mandala Wheel
http://www.pinterest.co/pin/551409548099367660/ , not VB Group!
This is on my Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/vesna_dozet/14297096689/
I guess the confusion, because my name is written on the envelope only (I forgot to put a note that I was made for you).

I would be glad if you can to change it to Pinterest.

This is my blog http://vecilijascorner.blogspot.com/.

Come on Yarndale in September, and we hope to meet.

Thank you for all
Best Regards


Rachael Iddon

Made my second batch of cordial today. Yours has a lot less sugar than mine so maybe I should give it a go. Mine has 1250g of sugar to 1200ml of water!


Hi there

I'm a big soup fan, admittedly more in the winter months. I've blogged some of my favourite recipes, the all- time easiest one to make is pea and mint.

Most of the recipes I follow are adaptations of Covent Garden soup. They have a fabulous book "soup for every day" must be on Amazon.

Happy souping!


We love this gazpacho during Summer:


I follow the recipe except for the white wine vinegar- I use a pear-infused vinegar instead.

Natasha Wells

Ooo I bung my elderflowers in bugs and all! Then after 4 days soaking I strain it through a muslin to get the bits out! Much less hassle! This year I took the Guides out to harvest some....we ended up making 30 pints in total!


Hi - we are Gazpacho lovers - a soup eaten cold on hot days - yummy.

Best wishes


Just wondered...
Do the proselytizing posts annoy you?


Don't paint the stone!!!!! It looks great as is.


broccoli and stilton, leek and potato, sweet potato and carrot or carrot, cumin and coriander. Love them all with fresh bread and lashings of butter. Enjoy :-) xx lots of love Joy xx


We have had most of our meals outside this weekend, but my favourite time is breakfast. It sounds as if you had an idyllic Sunday.


I had soup for my lunch today and it's called "fridge clearance soup" ie everything languishing in the fridge because I could not be bothered to go shopping in the heat!
I only planted my tubs up yesterday as we had been away in the carrievan and it did seem silly to do it before we went away. Love your posts as always Lucy.
PS my daughter painted her outdoor walls a beautiful sky blue and it makes a super background for her flowere tubs.

Angela-Southern USA

Oh, as for soup; Vegetable (the more veggies the better) soup with pasta. Then potato with cheese and garlic soup is a big hit in our house.

Angela-Southern USA

I'm humming that song now. lol I wish elderflowers grew around here, I'd love to try that, it sounds so refreshing. Sounds and looks like a lovely Sunday indeed. Mine was more on the work side, Found beef on sale and canned 17 pints for future quick meals. The garden is producing tons of summer squash and zucchini so all the extra has went into the dehydrator(probably 20 lbs.). The oldest has just baked some zucchini bread, so my kitchen smells lovely. I can't imagine keeping up with all those mandalas! I've enjoyed seeing them in all their glory on Pinterest. The flowers look beautiful!Have a great week Lucy!x

Ann price

My mum sadly passed away last year at 91 and she made fresh tomato soup which is very refreshing and not too strong flavoured. Chop and cook a white onion and a carrot with a knob of butter to soften and add 1lb of whole tomatoes and litre of veg bouillon. Simmer till soft mash and strain add a quarter pint of milk and tsp flour -reheat.and enjoy


I love the woolly lollipop butterfly. I may copy that idea for a toddler group craft.


Sounds lovely, and you've inspired me with soup. I'm having courgette today. Onion, celery, garlic, courgette and stock, with bit of salt and lots of pepper

Julia Crossland

I love a nice lazy Sunday, nothing can beat it! Glad you had a nice weekend xxx

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy, Sounds like the perfect morning!!! You made me realize that we haven't done that in a very long time!!! Weekends have become a busy time for us and I now miss our old way of living!!! Weekends are usually fully booked and we now run around doing breakfasts and housekeeping!!
Have a great fun filled happy and fab week!!!

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