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May 24, 2014


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woola oops

Great project !

M Wakefield

Hi Lucy, I really want to make your pink bunting, and I bought a pack a couple of years ago, I have since been having treatment for breast cancer and therefore didnt get round to doing it, however, I do not have a pattern, as this was not included. Are you able to direct me to where I can find it, the Summer bunting. many thanks in advance

Kirsty Bennett

Hi Lucy,

I've just made your Moorland Blanket, and am definitely hooked. Working on accompanying cushions covers with the left overs. I'd like to make your Summer Bunting (Should be nice and quick!) with my own choice of colours, but can't work out where to get the pattern - I've been chasing Simply Crochet but can't work out how to find the pattern. I'm happy to pay for it, of course, but I'm just going round in circles. What's the best way to get hold of the pattern?
Thanks for all your lovely ideas,


Thank you for the nice pattern in Simply Crochet Magazine. During our holiday I crocheted a bunting for my sons bedroom. If you like, you can see a picture on my blog: http://creatiefbezig.blogspot.nl/2014/07/zeeuwse-kust.html


Oh how I love your work and wish we got Simply Crochet UK version here in Oklahoma! I love the bunting pattern... now you just need to sell your patterns in your shop for us folks across the pond (hint hint) :D

Tara Lever

Thank you for your email re; the bunting, I couldn't reply and can't find my comment now but sending thanks for the info. X

Tara Lever

Hi all, this bunting is gorgeous - I've just received my pack as a gift for a friend - I don't crochet myself so don't have the magazine and unsure if my friends gets the magazine...How do I get hold of instructions please or is issue 19 still available to buy anywhere?
Thank you.


Dear Lucy, I am a new Fan of you work. I am fascinated with the combination of colours and the nice products you make. I am new to crochet and I am at the moment experimenting techniques, stitches, materials, etc... I always doubt when choosing my yarn if acrylic is a good option. I try to go for natural based materials (cotton-wool), which are more expensive, there are less options in brands/colours/prices... I would much like to hear from your experience. Is this kind of acrylic-based yarn resistant and warm/soft enough? Are there issues with skin sensitivity? Don't get me wrong, I am not questionng your way of working, I just want to learn from your experience if possible.
Thank you very much for your time and thank you for making me dream a bit more whenever I see your beautiful work!


I have just bought myself a bell tent. Hmm, I wonder what would look amazing hanging from the entrance.......? :)


Hi Lucy,
Love the blue bunting and it got me thinking about summery bunting alternatives.
I would love a string of beautiful colourful beach huts to put in my garden so that I can look at them and dream of owning one by the seaside.
Any ideas for a pattern?

Saskia Lepper

Thank you very much to this pattern. I must have them and bought the original magazin. I´m ready now with my first summer bunting if you want have a look here http://kleinesfadenallerlei.blogspot.de/2014/06/pimp-your-garden.html
Your Ideas are fantastic.
Kind regards


Can't wait for you to post your tutorial for the Summer Bunting, will certainly brighten up the house for Winter here in Australia. Love all the fantastic colours. Kim.


Lovely bunting! Been a subscriber to Simply Crochet from the start so it was lovely to see you pop up as I have been following you separately for years!

Their pic is lovely of course, but my vote is with Bert, I like your homely, real and less clinical shots.

Happy hooking this weekend (now 6/6) and enjoy your trip to the plant man...can't wait to see what you buy!


Lisa Smith

Greetings from Oregon, USA!
I love your bunting! I am planning on ordering the pink pack ASAP! On my computer monitor the Magenta looks decidedly lavender in color, which is the one color that I can't quite reconcile myself to! Could you suggest a better substitution for Magenta that is more in keeping with the pink family? Should it be lighter or darker?

I was pleasantly surprised that, even with the exchange rate not in my favor, the currency conversion is not too terribly cost prohibitive.

Now I just have to wait for my issue 19 to arrive! Should get here around the same time as the yarn, I hope! (Just received issue 18, so I'm about 1 issue/month behind in you in the U.K. with my U.S. subscription.)

Warm Regards, Lisa in Oregon

Alva Clark

I have very recently started crocheting and mastered the Granny Square. However I was not sure if I could follow a crochet pattern. I followed your instructions from Simply Crochet for the blue bunting and am very pleased to say I have managed it. I recently changed my decor in our downstairs toilet to a seaside theme with boats and lighthouses. I plan to hang my bunting along the top of the window, it should look good. Thanks for your great instructions. I have previously purchased the yarn packs from the Wool Warehouse but so far they are lying in my stash I hope to get hooking soon to use the yarn to make a bag and more bunting. Love your work Lucy.


I agree with Estella- real photos are so much better than 'perfect' magazine images. I LOVE the style photos on this blog for that reason- beautiful but still real life. Please don't change them!


It is gorgeous Lucy! Of course the photo taken by professionls is lovely.. but I like to much your photos too! :) Congrats on being featured in the magazine! Have a nice and enjoyable weekend ahead!

Gillian McM

Dear Lucy, I'm unable to get hold of Simply Crochet here - will the beautiful bunting pattern eventually appear on your blog? If not, I'll just admire it from afar!

Janette Surtees

Oh how lovely those triangles are Lucy! loving your colour combinations. Ive just discovered a website called Design Seeds - it's all about colour combinations. Have a look - you won't be disappointed. Hope to come to Yarndale this year, all the way from sunny Taunton in Somerset. Janette

Andrina T

LOVE the bunting! OMG! *swoons with color happiness!*


Hi Lucy

Long time reader, first time commenter!

I got my Simply Crochet and the pattern - yay! This will be for my little boy. I wish they made it clearer in the mag that the packs of yarn could be purchased at Wool Warehouse though, I ended up buying the colours separately and buy similar, but not as nice buttons!


Hello Lucy,

I love this summer bunting especially with that pretty edges to it. May I ask you how do u do this? as i would love to have a go with my first ever bunting in my life!

keep it up and it is such a great inspire coming from you to the follower crocheters like us.

good luck


Just want to say it was so lovely to have look at your website and it had inspire me to do more of crocheting,... I am not brilliant but do my best at it.

your Summer bunting have given me an idea to do for my lovely Niece's bedroom.

Do you save those endings which you have cut off each project for the birds to make their own nests out of it? As I am sure I read it somewhere that someone had suggest this idea which I thought was brilliant!

thank you for your lovely inspires in those gorgeous projects you have made so far!..

Good luck in your current and future projects.


I loved the Bert photo best too.
Carol xx


I love the bunting you've come up with! I've been meaning to write to you about your festive Christmas bunting pattern. I used that pattern to create a bunting/banner for my twin girls nursery, putting their names on it. It turned out splendidly, and really is the focal point of the nursery. : ) Thanks to you I also got turned on to CarolineRoseArt, and now have one of her pieces hanging above the bunting. Thank you for your wonderful blog, patterns, and all the color and smiles you bring to your readers!

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