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May 16, 2014


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For his birthday dinner, my son (who is turning 25, unbelievable!), wished the Attic 24 Bean Burgers... We all love this recipe and I have made it many times. It was delicious, as always. Thanks, Lucy!


This is one of our favorite family recipes - we call them Attic24 burgers. Are they still part of your repertoire, I wonder? We make them again and again, with roasted potatoes on cooler days, with a potato salad, or like you on a bun, in the summer. Thanks!

Jillian Baudry

Genius, I have now made these several times and they turn out great each time! They don't fall apart when I try to fry them, unlike my other attempts at burgers and they're just delicious! Thanks so much for the recipe!

Joanne garratt

Lucy, great recipe. I tried it and loved the burgers, having them at least once a week. Thanks.


the tip on child labour is very helpful and the burgers where scrumptious


ahhhhh just today i was looking for a veg burger... in particular a quinoa burger...something like i'd had in ottawa last year.... but this recipe sounds perfect, and the burgers look fantastic. can't wait to try this out.

Lizy Tish

Will definitely try! They look yummy. My husband would cringe, so I will make them for me, for my lunches!


I made these this afternoon, absolutely delicious.
Thank you!

peggy white

Yum! I'll have to give this a try. I adore lentil burgers so I'm sure this will be just as delish!


Thanks Lucy, these look delicious!
Any other of your recipes you'd like to share would be gratefully received, I'd love have a more vegetarian diet for health and financial reasons and recipes like this are good inspiration
Sian x


I just logged onto your blog to get instructions to finish the edge of my first crochet granny square blanket and found this scrummy recipe so tonight for dinner will be your burgers with crunchy side salad and homemade coleslaw. Thank you so much for a great blog - now it's back to the crochet.


Dear Lucy, I love stepping by here for the magical atmosphere.I was searching for other hand made blogs but what have I done after following your blog? I've bought a slowcooker ( which is not popular at all here in Poland) and I'm happy as a crazy.Tasty, very tasty, juicy and so aromatic dishes.The stress reduced as well.Now I read about the bean burgers.Borlotti??? Never heard before.But I'm determinated a lot. 10 minutes later I already know that the borlotti beans are kind of sweet ones( maybe kids will accept it)and have other names.Haricots beans and "zurawionowa" in Polish language.Ok, I start searching for those kinds of beans.Yuppi, tesco has haricots! Love tesco.I can cook as Lucy recommend.Thanks!


I will indeed try it as I put on a boden shirt dress from last summer and it would not go round the top of my arms..EEEEK! Thanks, off to get beans. Jo x


Thank you for the recipe Lucy, these burgers look great - I shall try ! xx

Winwick Mum

My husband turned veggie about 18 months ago which necessitated a re-think in my menu-planning. Now, I use meat-free products for favourite meals like shepherd's pie and can recommend Sam Stern's "Eat Vegetarian" cookbook for quick, easy and tasty recipes that work well every time xx


Looks yummy - must try that recipe. Thank you for sharing it. Best wishes, Pj x


Oh thank you for this recipe, it looks delicious! I almost entirely cut out meat about a year ago, and I'm extremely happy that I did. Also thank you to commenter Louisa about the tip on Jack Monroe's recipes! Have a lovely Sunday :-) xxxx



sheila 77

Great recipe, I must try this, thanks.


We are also trying to eat more vegetarian. I will definitely try it out next week. Thanks a lot


I love, love, love veggie burgers! Decided to make your burgers this eve but, as per usual, I didn't read the instructions (2 hours to harden) and so the family had a quick plan B dinner and tomorrow we'll have the burgers for dinner!! They smell yummy. X


Thanks Lucy. Made these this evening for my 11yr old and she gave them a huge thumbs up. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

Anne Baselt

What would I do without you? You are the greatest and you have a special place in my heart.


Looks delicious, I will be trying that, thank you.


dag = day

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