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May 06, 2014


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Laurie Purcell

I love these. I've been working on coloring mandalas for months now. I was to get the patterns to these. I know for sure this is incentive for me to learn to make something other than scarves. I donate them to the kids in need. They'd love these.


In the US what would we use for PVA Glue? Thanks! Hope to get started soon!

Rosemary Dargan

Dear Lucy,

Greetings from Australia!

I enjoy reading your blog all the time. You really make my day. Thank you for the lovely photos too. I am having trouble with my first mandala. It looks like a bowl. Do you know what I am doing wrong?

I am hoping to do a set of mandalas for my lounge room wall of my new unit as I have a white wall and the mandalas would be a lovely feature.

Keep,doing what you do as I love reading you.
Kind regards

Dena Kinney

Hi, I am new to the mandala making scene, so I have a question. Does it matter what kind of yarn I use to make one? Thank you for your wonderful ideals and inspiration. Dena.


Hi Lucy I am just busy writing my post about mandala's and was wondering whether you still need more wheels as I can try and see if we can make a few more for you by using it as my monthly mandala. Sorry I missed last month and realise now that I am a little late for the whole affair. Will you object to getting a few late ones??? Please let me know asap. Thanks

Michele Boucher-Hines

You made the comment about when is it a doily and when is it a mandala? I really don't think there is a difference. I remember my mother teaching me to crochet and at the time, I wasn't interested since all I ever saw were pot holders and doilies. However, thank goodness for creative wizards like yourself who have designed some incredible things. I first saw some absolutely beautiful mandalas about 2 years ago, and have been resisting the temptation to create one or two. I am weakening, and will probably get one created soon while I wait for the Bower Bird pattern.


Yarndale mandalas have made me sooooo happy! My 'Mexican Sunset' mandala is on it's way to you right now! And I managed to blog a tutorial for it, a bit late I know but just in case anyone in Skipton is thinking of popping round to deliver theirs personally haha!


Disappointed that I just found this posting! I would have loved to join in on the fun! Sorry I missed it. Much Love from Texas!

Jill. Somerset

Hi Lucy. I have wanted to have a go at a Mandala for a while but have not got around to it until last week when I made two. I am now off to make a third in a hope of it reaching you to add to your Yarndale collection. I have been hooked on your blog since you first appeared in Simply crochet and can't wait for your lovely pictures and updates to appear on your page. They are a joy to see and read. Thankyou


I absolutely love mandalas! I have recently become obsessed with them, ever since you explained their purpose "mandalas have no real purpose other than to make you feel good." I have plans to make a few for my bedroom wall. But I am also excited about getting a mandala tattoo! I have never wanted a tattoo before, but I love the meaning behind a mandala and think a tiny little one would look go good - maybe on my foot? Not sure yet! I wish I couldve made a mandala in time for Yarn Dale! But I just wanted to say that your blog is a great inspiration for me!


I'm putting mine in the mail today, from Tucson Arizona! So excited to be a part of the fun!


I brought my mandala to the post office today. I have no idea how long it will take to arrive in Skipton, from the Netherlands. I loved making it and I hope you like it. 😆


Dear Lucy ,

My mandala is on the way from France.
It was a great pleasure to crochet it for your project.
Thank you for your so cheerful blog !

Julia Boddington

Hi Lucy, just spent a blissful couple of hrs. Usually hate patterns, but this was fun! Thanks for the pattern.x


It would be great if you cold make a list of all the countries that you get mandalas from.


I found a pattern for a Spoke Mandala, will give it and your pattern a go and see which one I like best to send :) http://winkieflash.nl/2013/04/15/free-pattern-spoke-mandala/

Laura Najma

Posted my mandala to you today from Morocco...I hope it will arrive in time...
Hugs, Laura


Dear lucy, is North Yorkshire in England? coz the post office here at my place ask where it was n the mandala is held here asking for d country name.


Hi lovely Lucy. I have been a little absent from my blog for a few weeks and even though I read this post of your and tried to leave a comment from my ipad a few weeks ago, it seems not to have posted. Firstly I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely mention to my blog, how very sweet of you and I am pleased that you enjoyed the post. As you might know I am now doing a monthly mandalong which I intend to run for twelve months, just to have a little fun. This month we are also indulging in one of Zooty Owl's gorgeous patterns. I do however think that if you are happy with the suggestion, that we can put these patterns forward for next months to see if we can rope up a few more 'wheels' for this year's festival. Will you be happy for me to mention it over at mine on the 1st of June? I for one will definitely be sending you one and I really hope that it is even more impressive than last year. Thanking you again and sending you much love xoxo


Hello Lucy, sorry to bother you, but as I live in Indonesia I prefer not to use the local postal office to send my parcel to you, just because they don't offer a reliable service. For this reason I'm going to send you my mandala using DHL, but the problem is that they don't accept a PO Box as address!
What should I do?
Thank you, Alessandra
my email address is : [email protected]

Sally Alice

Just seen found this and would really like to join in again this year! But it seems like a waste to send via post when I live so close (Carleton) and go to skipton so often.
Is there any other way I can get mine to you? Could I drop it off at the post office or something? Or maybe leave it with someone at Coopers or Wild Oats cafe?

silvia genovese

gracias!!! por compartir proyectos tan hermoso


Yay! I love it!
I made one for Yarndale last week, it's now on its way to you. Then I also made one for myself. :)
I blogged about it here... http://nicollie.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/mandalamania/

Cindy Arts

I would love to join, but would like to ask whether you can stoffen it for me because I cannot find the right glue.... That would be great!

Emma Roberts

Perhaps after yarndale 2014, the mandalas could be turned into the yarndale sheep for 2015???

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