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May 14, 2014


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There is one winging its way to you from Sydney Australia as I type. My children were very intreged as to why I had sent one to someone I had never met. The answer; because she has given me so much.

susie hewer

Oh Lucy, they are all absolutely stunning! I can only imagine how wonderful a whole wall full of them will look. Brilliant!


Mine is ready, I have to apply the glue...then I'll develop it! It is red green and white like our italian flag!


They are really beautiful. I will certainly make one of these!! Love it. Thank you!!

Greetings Emily

Anne Dearle

I am trying the spoke mandala. My first attempt at a mandala, so be kind when you get it. Having fun trying something new.

Sue Webber

They look wonderful. I did wonder if I made lots I could join them together somehow as a big afghan. It would look spectacular.


Looking forward to starting on mine this weekend. It will find it's way to Skipton from Brisbane....just wish I could bring it in person!


How about some of the mandalas (such as http://crochethealingandraymond.wordpress.com/2010/10/29/ornamental-pot-holders/) from the lovingly missed Crochet with Raymond?


Oh Anne Skene, that is hilarious!! Love it :-D

Trillian Locke

Oh wow! And wow! Again. What glorious, absolutely, fabulously, wonder of wonders. I an so going to join in the mandala challenge. I have made a couple recently, but am really fired up by this post and soooo hoping I can get to Yarndale to take in all this wonder first hand. Did you get my message Lucy, about my cancelled trip. A knee injury has put me out of action until fixed so I won't be able to make the 7 th June workshop as planned but hey! Let's hope my Yarndale plans come about without any more hitches. I have booked. B&B in Skipton in positive anticipation. I'm off to dig out some great colours for a mandala or two or more. Love and blessings, Trills.xx


great idea to put them on Pinterest. they are all so beautiful


Can't wait to make one. I have Stylecraft DK Classique ordered but it hasn't come yet! *waiting impatientlt*

Anne Skene

Love all that you have shown us so far. Will be starting my first ever mandal this weekend under the guidance of my expert crocheteri daughter.
Melissa of New Zealand: I chuckled at your post. Last year I was knitting for an installation artist and went to the post office with a large box to send her. "What are the contents?" 'Seven snakes and a parrot' was my reply. Hastily adding 'all knitted' assistant had a sense of humour because she then asked"have the snakes been fed? Will the parrot be safe?"


They're glorious and I can't believe how quickly folk have done these already! I'm just a beginner and won't manage anything good enough for Yarndale, but these are so inspiring, I'm grateful you've gathered the patterns together so I know where to come when I can manage one. My mum and great auntie made dozens of fine cotton ones for pleasure so we grew up with them all over the house.


I also wanted to share that my husband loves the mandalas I've made. I was so shocked by this surprise. He made a wonderful suggestion that I make some and he'll put them in frames or shadow boxes and we can gift them for Christmas. I love his idea and will be starting on it very soon.


Oh, your pictures of the arriving mandalas are simply gorgeous! I have one ready for you! It's being sent from the U.S. tomorrow! I have to admit that I was one who wondered what the Mandalas were for before this project. I now love making them so much that my wall is decorated with two additional mandalas that I've made. I think saying they are meditative is beautifully accurate! Oh, and thanks for sharing the pinterest page!

Amanda Smith

Utterly wonderful….I feel good just looking at all this loveliness!!! Just hope I can get mine done and to you on time!

keep well

Amanda :-)


Am on row 8 so hope to finish tomorrow and will be posting from Norway. They are all so colour rich and together they already look amazing. Love it. As an aside have made a gift wrap crochet ribbon, come and see! http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/birdie-decoration.html

Susan Smith

How beautiful they all are. It is going to look absolutely amazing. Take care.


I can see mine in the photos! So pleased it arrived safely, looking forward to seeing the end result...

Dada Neon

Ohhh, hope my mandala will arrive you tomorrow, sent it away on monday... Wonderful project, so looking forward for Yarndale!


Truly beautiful, over at Unravel & Unwind our drop in crocheters are also in the process of making Mandalas. We will be posting them out in one package for you as there are several of us wanting to take part. Good luck and have fun, I am a little jealous that you get to see all these beautiful wheels first hand but I love that you are sharing them all with us here, on Facebook and Pintrest. Thank you, Faye from Unravel & Unwind


I've just made my first ever Mandala and will send it soon. It's just a pleasure to be able to crochet, it's not just about what you make, but actually enjoying the making. In fact I am off to my bed now with my hook and yarn to continue my first blanket.


Gorgeous! So much colour. Funny thing, I posted mine yesterday, and because it's coming from New Zealand I had to fill out a little customs form. So when it came to 'contents' ... well I just wrote 'crochet' because I thought if I wrote 'mandala' they might be more inclined to open it as they mightn't know what it is. So the lady at the counter says "Crochet? What is it, clothes?"

"um, no" sez I, "It's a crochet ... circle! Sort of like a doily but not." I could tell she thought I was bonkers :-D

So the by-line now is probably "MANDALAS: Confusing postal workers the world over!" ha ha

Angela-Southern USA

Oh my! A feast for the eyes! Mine is in the envelope waiting to be posted, it was inspired by wink's spoke mandala, with a twist of course. lol I too use them on the table even the island, like a giant coaster or hot pad. I've even turned one into a clock! :D I can't wait to see them all together! Mandala mania!

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