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May 14, 2014


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Natalie Bosch

Would be great to see a "Mandela map" to see where all the mandalas come from. Probably too many frome one area to try and visually lay them out as a map but would.be aging to see how far and wide they came from.


Sending the first mandala I've ever made. Couldn't resist tucking in a few extra goodies for the Little People, a snippet of one of my crochet projects, and a little tour of our town for you and yours to enjoy. God bless! Robin


Hi. I can't see my mandala on the Pinterest board. I hope it arrived safely. It looks like this: http://elizabethlaker.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/crochet-mandala-for-yarndale-2014.html?m=1
Thank you

Eleanor Thomson

Beautiful! I've added this free pattern to Ravelry too in case it's useful to anyone: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/grace-mandala (and I hope to post mine to you tomorrow).

Sue Hillard

Lucy I just can't wait to see them all together the colours are stunning. The whole thing should just glow. Mine should be on its way soon its good to watch it grow and fromm all over the world.

Alison hitchcock brown

Jane Crowfoot has a fabulous floral Mandela pattern on her website. There is a charge but it's well worth it

Mariela Melian

Dear Friends ....I invite you, to see my page: www.facebook.com/Chirigumis?ref=hl
Thanks !!!!!!
Hugs!!!!!!!! Mariela from Argentine

Carolyn Jackson

I think I have a dose of mandaitis, ! have made 3 in as many days, will start another tonight, they are lovely, put mine in the post to you Lucy, on Friday, hope it travels safely from NZ,thay all look so lovely and colourful. Many thanks, Carolyn NZ.


My mandala is winging its way to you, Lucy! I posted it this morning. Now I'm going to make a whole family of mandala for my own house! Tee hee hee!

Jenny Lee

Lucy, have you seen this? I'm sure you'll love it if you haven't come across it before.

Elisa Maria

These are absolutely stunning. I am making them for all of my yoga teachers as a thank you for keeping me on my path <3 Love your blog Lucy!

Ana Inés

absolutely beautiful! I´ll try to make some :)


Oh wow that looks so great! I really love love love it! All those beautiful colors! I can't stop looking haha! I imagine you can't stop looking and organizing and toucging them again and again and again. Wow! :-)


Overwhelming already! I can't crochet for a while, sore arm :( but enjoy reading all about it at your place.

Jane Thompson

Hi Lucy, what a great challenge, the possibilities for colour and pattern with these seem to be endless. When I made my first mandala I also questioned what they could be used for, apart from looking lovely and being very pleasing to make, and this is what I do with mine http://www.janierob.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/what-can-you-do-with-mandala.html
Have a great weekend. Jane x


WOW! These are quite pretty. I'm wondering, though, if there is any chance of the Bower Bird pattern being posted soon. Thanks, Lucy! Have a great day.


Dear Lucy - These are beautiful. My Mom and I made 50 bunting triangles for Yarndale last year - just don't know if you ever got them as they came from Northridge, CA USA. Looked at all the gorgeous pictures you took of the event but did not recognize any of ours. Hopefully you did. Look forward to making some of these Mandalas.


Beautiful mandalas! I have made one and just need to stiffen it before posting. Looking forward to seeing photos of the display as sadly Yarndale isn't in my neck of the woods. Best wishes, Pj x


Yay! I noticed my mandala on your Pinterest board, I'm so glad it arrived safely! :)
Love the mandala's and Wink is an awesome crocheter!


Lovely mandalas and another truly successful global project Lucy. Great stuff! Karen x

Angela-Southern USA

Just posted my mandala (which was inspired by Wink's spoke pattern so, it looks like a wheel, in the theme of things), the look on the postal workers face was priceless when asked what was in it, and I replied ever so seriously..."a bicycle wheel." She looked at it (an 8x10 envelope) and said: "In that?!" Which I replied: "Obviously not a full sized one." She was still confused, my daughter and I had a good laugh in the car. So I thought I'd share the laugh with you all.:D


Hi Lucy :)
Pleased with this year's mandala journey. I think they can be put to use much more than granny triangles could be... but triangles were *adorable* anyway.
Glad to see you have a facebook page. sadly "follow" button is not active...I can only "like"


Smashing- the display will be awesomely gorgeous.

Angela-Southern USA

Melissa & Anne: Love the stories! I think I'll add to the confused postal workers, when they ask the contents I'll say "bicycle wheel!" ;D (For mine is based on Wink's spoke mandala.)


These mandalas are such eye-candys! So great to look at!

Hm... I just had a look at my (bare) office walls... Perhaps I should make some manadalas to add some colour?! Oh no - more projects! Why doesn't have the day 10 more hours? This would be so helpful. :P

Thanks for sharing the colourful pictures! I wish I could come to Yarndale and take a look at the display! As I mentioned in an earlier comment: I reckon they would look awesome dangling from a tree.

Take care

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