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May 21, 2014


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Mrs. Smythe

Enjoyed the simple pleasures tour. Brightened my morning. Also loved the color of the colander you rinsed the cherries in. And you're right - acid green against a deep blue sky is one of my all time favorite color combos!

Suzana Behmer

Lovely pictures! Lovely mandalas!!!

Katie Probert

I am VERY excited about hearing more on mandala heaven - they look incredible! Katie. X


bonjour je m'appelle Maryse, je suis française. j'habite une région au bord de l'atlantique à ROCHEFORT SUR MER.
J'ai découvert votre site par hasard et je suis enchantée de toutes vos photos, de tous vos travaux, je trouve tout extraordinaire, et je me retrouve dans votre façon de voir la vie, des petits bonheurs simple !! c'est une bouffée d'air formidable de traverser votre blog
Je fais moi meme quelques travaux d'aiguilles, ou peintures mais je regrette de n'avoir jamais assez de temps pour en faire plus !
Bonne continuation, et merci de m'avoir fait rêver


What a visually enjoyable, scrumptious time you are having. All that and presents too! Lucky Lucy x

One Earlybird

Loving the mandalas.

Taciana Simmons

Love every single one of them... Especially the mandalas and the salad. My mom loves mandalas and she loves to paint them. She lives in Brazil and she now lives with my sister after my dad passed away. I told her about your blog and she loves it... I told her to watch for the mandala's pictures and she is very excited about it. Can't wait to see them all. :)
Ps: I just finished my Japanese flower blanket and will be posting it in my blog this coming weekend.

Veggie Mummy

Hi Lucy, gorgeous photos as usual; that salad looks delicious. Just wanted to say another quick thank you for your tutorials. I've just finished my 'Manly Blanket' and now want to learn how to ripple - do you think I can get a ripple finished by my daughter's birthday at the end of November?! Love the flip flops by the way! x


Delicous photos! :) your studio look sooo great! Just showed the pic to my boyfriend and told himi want my office to look lile this...

Take care


Bright, cheerful days :) The mandalas are so beautifully colorful!

Faye L Black

I have been reading your post for a couple of months now. I love your pictures. The colors are delicious and your crocheting is wonderful. I am truly a fan Your blog is always one of the first that I read and am never disappointed


Wow, the mandalas are amazing! I'm with you on the lattes - I've been enjoying mine iced in a mason jar.


These are absolutely lovely happies. The mandalas are all beautiful and although they are all different it would be impossible to pick a favourite.


Hello Lucy, a friend introduced me to your blog a couple of months ago and I absolutely adore it! You inspired me to dig out the crochet hook and make myself a blanket. The colors you use make me so happy and I look forward to every post!

~Liz in Michigan


Hi, Lucy! I'm Nadya. I read a lot of creative blogs lately and I stopped by to say You that yours is the one I enjoy most! The language you use is so vivid and rich! I am from Latvia, so English is not my mother tongue. I actually learned from your posts some nice new words :) Have a nice day, Nadya.

Angela-Southern USA

Lovely snippets of May. A favorite here, everything is so green and lush.I pegged my first load of laundry out today as well (had to wait till the pollen had past, allergy suffers here).Which I mustn't forget to bring in, now that I think about it.lol That picture of all the mandalas is gorgeous! It would make lovely cards (love the sandals/flip-flops too).Happy May days!


Do you always use the same brand and fiber content yarn when you make these blankets? Is the yarn wool or wool blends? Washable?
And what is a."Mandala?

Lucie Drlet

It!s so lovely. J'aime beaucoup votre blog. Votre printemps est bien plus avancé que le notre. J'ai adoré votre photo de l'escargo. Merci d,embellir ma journée.

Roseleen Cooper

I am loving all your crotchet hints as a beginner and your mandalas are inspirational

emma from toadstool tales

I'm about to send off my mandala ... PVA glue applied and waiting for it to dry. Its my own pattern and I'm slightly worried that it might be too 'holey' hmmmm hoping it hangs ok! Loving the spring colours and sunshine - its currently torrential here! Emma x

Ada Bea

What a happy week you've had, I'm loving those colourful mandalas! Glad you like the cushion, it's looks perfect there! :) xxx

Winwick Mum

Cherries! Already? Wow, I'm so jealous! xx


Marvelous Mayness, So much bounty, I have aparagus, cherries and strawbugs in the frige to at the mo and so much colour to be found in the garden, wow the mandala look amazing, really should start mine
Clare xx


lovely pics and comments ... and I love that little boy of yours soooooooooo much ... taking a snail for a ride on his truck ... love, love, love him .... did the lovely bean burgers from your recipe with salad for our tea ... very yummy!! Now crocheting my ripple baby blanket - great life eh :-) xx lots of love Joy xx


It's so easy to be happy in May, when the sun shines... Love Ada's cushion, it's fabulous! x

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