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May 27, 2014


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Lee Ann

What lovely photos and scenery and a good, relaxing place to crochet! :)
Lee Ann

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That's so lovely ! In France we call them "Bouton d'or" (Gold buttons), but here in Normandy, we put them under the chin, and if there's a gold reflect we say that we love butter ;-D


I love this post so much! Here we are heading towards the end of autumn and into winter so it was a lovely distraction from the cold and wet to see all this beaufitul greens and flowers!


Have seen some wonderful buttercup meadows this Spring- they must like all the rain!


I have to say you have one of the most stunning blogs on the net. You have also inspired me to learn to crochet. I am going to classes right now. Lovely to see the ripple blanket again. I love it!


Just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful, inspiring and oh, so colourful ideas. I've always loved to crochet but always in a limited colour palette. Not now, oh no, I am reborn as a rainbow child and loving it. So far 2 raindrop cushions, 3 jolly bags, 2 birds and 40 rows into a granny stripe blanket. I am so hooky happy and so inspired.
Ps thanks for introducing us to stylecraft tarns, my new favourite


I really can't wait to see that Coastal Ripple! Some of my favorite colors are inspired by the sea!


HI Lucy, I have been following you for years from Australia, I totally love what you do for crochet. I have recently opened a Vintage style Craft Cafe in Melbourne Australia, and I tell people about you Blog and projects everyday. We would like to honor your amazing work and have a Yarndale type bunting event, I would love to know if you mind, and if we are able to use your amazing pattern? We would link our FB post to your page, we want to spread the love of crochet, and no one does that better than you Lucy. A litle bit of Lucy in Australai.


Ha ha - that looks like our garden at the minute. We've been away on holiday and the warm weather has helped all the daisies and buttercups to grow. I nearly want to leave it like that but I suppose it will have to be cut and returned to lawn.

Jools Morgan-Jones

Simple pleasures are always the best - buttercups are glorious little flowers, love them! xx

Alison Michelle Machin

Hi Lucy
Just popped over from 'Dorothy's Room' -what a beautiful blog you have. Your photos are gorgeous-what a lovely sunny time you describe and I love your crochet!
Alison xx (Farmhouse Traditions)


Trying so hard to catch up on all my email and blogs. Yes the field of yellow is wonderful and looks similar to our place when the yellow paper daisies are out. It makes you smile even if you aren't that happy. We are all so lucky to live in lovely places.

Lizy Tish

What a gorgeous day and so fun to sit and crochet watching the kids play. You must be in your glory!


Daisy chains! I haven't made an actual daisy chain in a while, but I've made dandelion chains. ^-^ This looks like a beautiful place to be.

Cindy Arts

Wow Lucy, these pictures are gorgeous ... Wish I were there to see it with my own eyes! Nature can be beautiful; glad you all enjoy it so much!

Peta-Ann Cowan

Hi, your life now brings back so many memories of mine about 20 years ago. How I could so go back to that time. We now are starting to do things with grandchildren, special times when we visit Europe for the summer. We will be there in two weeks yay! I can't figure out joining your feed thingy....I am not much good at the techno stuff, have you found Sophie Digard and her crochet. Maybe not your colour palette but I can so see you making these kind of things.......
Thank for my visit to England each week
Peta-Ann in Bolivia

M Suzanne Patterson

Dear Lucy, I've been reading your blog for years, and I love it! I have not learned to crochet BUT I love what you do and your enthusiasm is so joyful about everything. One of the things I love most are your pictures of the outside world! It is so green and lush and filled with color and beauty. I live in West Texas, I was born here so in my heart it is home. But I long for GREEN and WATER!! We've been in a drought for years! Not sand dunes but just brown and dry and water is rationed. So when I need to see beauty I take a walk with you and yours and pretend I can smell the green!! Thanks, Suzanne in the flat you can see forever land.


Lovely pictures. I'm wondering why you are using a 4.5 hook this time on your blanket.


Simple things are the things we remember aren't they - I have just found your blog after buying Simply Crochet this month - new to knitting and crochet (cross stitcher at heart!) but looking for another colourful craft - what a wonderful blog x

Catherine Pritchard

Your ripple blanket looks wonderful. I hope the weather soon improves so we can get out again here in Cardiff


I'm sure you will reach 1.000 posts. Thankyou for sharing!

Trillian Locke

How I love your post about the countryside around you. I am hoping to enjoy it come September. Yes, dear Lucy, I haven't had any replies to my messages to say I won't be making it to your 7th June workshop due to being held up here at home by a knee injury. Am waiting for surgery, just keyhole hopefully. Please let me know if you have my message. Meanwhile I will make a mandala for Yarndale and hope I get to see the display firsthand in Sept. Blessings, Trills.xx


Lucy I have been following your mandala projects and have made the larger on that you showed. You said yours was 50cm across and you were going to string it onto a childs hoola hoop. Could you show how you are going to do this. I have made one and it is 53cm and the smallest hoop I could find is 63cm. Any help would be great. Sharon

gabriella adano

Hello I m visiting for first time your blog...really beautiful...all you do with crochet all your photoes!!Sorry my bad english!!All my compliments!!


There is a long time I didn't see butter cups!!!
Where I live now there are different flowers.
Butter cups it is when I was young.
We called them "golden buttons "
Thank you for sharing.
Miss xx

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