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April 30, 2014


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Yup! They're known as "pee the beds" round these parts too! (Northern Ireland) Although i've never been brave enough to try them, their leaves are apparently edible as a salad leaf. I know my rabbit I had as a child loved them.

I've never picked them myself (in adulthood anyways), but my children when they were little regularly gifted them to me. LOL

There are such a lot of them around this year, and they are all starting to go to seed. My daughter and I made ourselves lightheaded last week when we were out with the dog from blowing the dandelion clocks to "find out the time"! Haha.


Eat enough dandelion leaves and you will wee like mad... just watch it work on guinea pigs...I love dandelions, but they seed like crazy if left and take over the garden!


Hi Lucy! I'm from Spain, I've been reading your lovely blog for a while. It was surprising to read that about dandelions because here in Spain we say the same!! So I bet there's some truth in it...As someone pointed out, this could be explained as they are diuretic. So popular culture misinterpreted this so that just picking them up make you wet your bed...

Val Coombe

Here in France the pisenlit is a very popular spring salad leaf... you can always see the French gathering the young leaves on the roadsides and even a very large fresh vegetable shop sells them!


Did you see Stylecraft on Create and Craft this morning? The kits for your cushion and blanket were on with the colours you chose.


Two common French names for the dandelion are "pissenlit" (wet the bed) and dent-de-lion (lion's tooth). One of the many Swiss german words is "Sunnerwirbel", meaning something like 'sun wheel', which I think is perfect for this pretty flower. So many different names. Doesn't this go to show that the dandelion is more than a weed?


We had an amusing name for dandelions growing up, bet you know.......but they do look sweet
Karen x


Living in the USA I have never heard the bed wetting story. I always thought the dandelion got a bad rap...they're so festive, cheery. Yellow is my favorite color so that's another reason to love them.

I have to ask: What is a "beck"? That's a term I'm not familiar with. And a "verge"? Is that like a pasture? (for grazing sheep or cows?


I've really been missing the Springtime in the Dales this week (as we head into Autumn down here in Australia.) So I popped into your blog to see if there were any photos to satisfy my homesickness. Thanks for the walk behind the castle and the dandelions. I haven't seen those for ages. Have a lovely week x

Katherine, NZ

Love your mandela - I think I'm going to have it include some raspberry with my next order. My boys often pick me a dandelion on their way home from school - but it's usually just the one with a Very short stem so has to sit in an egg cup.
Katherine x


I love the dandelion flowers, they are so colourful and bright. Our guinea pigs just LOVE the leaves and the flowers, they provide them with their daily afternoon snack!

Sigi G

Beautiful, beautiful Mat. Sure sets off the 'weeds/flowers'. Somehow your dandelions look fuller and more vibrant than the ones around here. As soon as ours are brought indoors they look wilted. My mom always enjoyed the big yellow fields of dandelion - she saw the beautiful color - we...we saw the weeds. This year - I too will enjoy the color - and especially enjoy that the snow is GONE!


Hi Lucy, love the Mandala, it makes a beautiful jug doily. We used to pick Dandelions and write on our arms with the sap, invisible at first than it goes brown and you can see your design....seems a bit yucky now but I thought it was great as a child.
Oh and yes, the world is suddenly GREEN....it's wonderful :0)
Jacquie x

Barbara Seiver

Wow, those dandelions are about 4 times larger than the little ones we have here (Louisiana, USA). In fact, I had never seen large ones before. Beautiful!


Only you could make dandelions look tip top! x

Angela-Southern USA

A lovely jug of "weeds" they are edible too and used in herbal medicines, wine even. Honey bees like them too, one of the first flower food for them in early spring. I remember the bed wetting tale, I think it was so we wouldn't spread the seeds. lol A lovely mandala, I use them the same way, I keep one on the kitchen table year round and change it to match the season. I've made one of the star mandalas and working on another one in thread.Happy hooking! ;)


Dent-de-lion/pissenlit - whatever they're called -they're better outside Lucy, trust me! They were to be avoided at all costs when I was a child and I'm still the same now - not a chance I'm prepared to take!!


I always say a weed is just a flower out of place, well that's my excuse about our garden, although we do now have a wild flower border, good to see mandalitis is still spreading through blog land, they are so addictive and pretty.
Clare xx


I love dandelions too! So vibrant and rebellious looking.
They do have a diuretic effect, taking about 5 hours to work, so if you drink dandelion tea late at night..!


Lucy, you might like this blog by the Sussex Wildlife Trust, devoted to the wonderful dandelion :) also explains a bit about the wetting the bed theory...


Cockney Blonde

What a lovely impromptu 'bouquet', x


A pet subject of mine!!! I always feel so sorry for the poor old dandelion because it gets such bad press. It's a lovely cheerful little yellow flower with so many layers of petals. When you see fields and verges full of them, the expanse of yellow is so sunny and it's such a shame that they only seem destined for a squirt of weedkiller. Three cheers for the humble dandelion I say! In a bunch they look lovely on your new mandala mat :)
B x


do you know you can make really nice jam of these flowers. I made it last week, it takes like honey.
in the early days they called it poor man honey.
this weed is a very healthy one, You can eat/use every part of it and it helps for a lot of diseases.


haha -- i picked dandelions last night, too! however, i dug up the entire plants and threw them into the yard recycling bag for pick-up by the garbage man today. we'll see what weeds grow in their place . . .

Marion L

Hah - we have a matching "bouquet" which my girls picked on the way home from school and nursery yesterday. Clearly I hadn't heard of the wetting the bed warning!

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