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April 26, 2014


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sandra dorey

Hi Lucy,
I've been making a couple of mandalas and found a small independent UK supplier of coated metal hoops in many sizes (up to 50cm) you might be interested to know about: https://glitterwitch.co.uk/product-category/rings/page/2/

Patel kavita

Good send more patterns


I love these! I have a load of dreamcatcher hoops (sizes from 6" to 15") and want to try making some to fit these. No space for hula hoop size! :)
I'd love to see patterns for smaller hoops.. if you ever get the time. Ive tried with four ply but can never figure out which stitch to do on the next rows to make it fit... My brain hurts...


So gorgeous. Can the cotton be purchased in USA. What is brand. Very soft. Happiness = crocheting

Pacita Arca Ortega

What a beautiful creation.I made not only one but 7 of this,gifts to my sisters and close friends.honestly I made alterations ln some rounds cause I want it more bigger cause I didn't exactly use the prescribed yarn and crochet hook.A finer thread from Cannon available locally was used so they were not mandalas but doilies.Thanks so much for your pattern.I plan to crochet more of your design.


Lovely! I've made one of these for a friend. I've put pva glue on the back to stiffen it but not sure how to hang it without it losing shape - any tips?


Hermosos los mandalas!!!!


Algo tejo de crochet e hice esas pajaritas hermosas, parecidas version mias, me encantaria aprender mejor crochet y tejer como tu. Que lastima que estamos tan lejos, sino seria tu alumna. Beautiful. Soy argentina y no se ingles, i´am sorry. Bendiciones y te felicito por las hermosas cosas que haces. Genia!!!!


Absolutely stunning mandalas! What were the colours you used to make the first one? I'd love to give it a try! Might this become a crochet-along pack like the ripple blanket perhaps? Utterly beautiful in any case! :) - Beth


I know it's meant to be a star but it does look so very much like a snowflake to me... I'm seriously tempted to make one in Christmassy colours

Madelein Bester

Stunning, as usual :)


Clever you! They are fantastic.


Stunning....simply stunning! I like your way of reading the pattern...otherwise it sounds too complex for me!


Look so nice and I love following your performance... Have a great weekend..

Susan Harris-Rohde

Lucy, they are magnificient!!!! Now I have to make one (or more). At least start with 1 for my daughter's room...


Wow.....these look amazing.....I've not been to visit your blog in ages......I've recently come back on blogger......flowing you via Facebook.....hope you're having a fun day.....melimel x


OOOOOOOOH SO lovely I have a feeling now Thanks Lucy x


Lucy you are so talented at colour choice and mixing the right colours together to produce happy bright cheerfulness. I am not nearly as good. Tried stash busting for a shawl and my trim colours are not nearly as grand as your colour choices. Must try harder. These are beautiful Lucy, thanks for sharing http://eclectichomelife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/sunday-shawl-making.html

Susan Eaton

They are exquisite. I love the colors and detail as usual.


I love this dream catcher! you are so talented. also love the pictures of your walk the countryside is so tranquil!

Rachel L

I'm dying to make one of these and have just ordered masses of yarn to do it but...one question. How might I attempt to fix them to the wall? I'm fantasising about making lots and hanging them all the way up the stairs but don't know how to make this vision a reality! Thanks!


Has anyone translated this into UK terms and are willing to share?!


Whenever I see your work, I am always amazed at the colors and the perfection of your work! I love all the amazing colors you use! They make me feel happy when I look at them. :D Thanks for your sharing and caring. :D

pasutri pria perkasa

i like poshting


just outstanding beautiful!! Bjmonitas

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