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April 13, 2014


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Lovely, your trip to the sea! I do love the seaside too, luckily I live just a few miles from the dutch coast. But, even more beautiful these days are the fields full with tulips in all glorious colours you can think of. So visit my blog this week and you can enjoy a snippet of that sunburst colours I think you will love it too! http://heidiovergaauw.blogspot.nl/2014/04/kleur-bloemen-lente.html


Sounds like a wonderful time! And when the melancholy tries to set in, start planning and thinking of your next trip! :)

You mentioned coconut lime loaf and I'm dying to know the recipe. Would you be able to share?


Love those photo's and pleased you enjoyed your break in Dorset. Your picture of the crochet birds just goes to prove how different and individual we all are.....sizes and colours vary so much....each persons interpretation of the same thing....I just love that!


Gosh Lucy, those tulips are so beautiful, the colours so yummy .... it's Autumn here in South Africa, still warm and sunny, but chilly in the early morning and evening ... we are lucky indeed!
Pat :)

Jo Ann

I loved the photos but must admit I am especially eager to get a full view of that new ripple afghan I saw in the background!


Brilliant pictures! The little wooden caravan is so adoreable!

If it makes you feel better: Offically I am even further south (= Germany) but the weather is really yucky today. Storm, rain and cold temperatures. I think I will walk straight to my crochet basket when I return home from work... Best way to spent such a wet day, don't you think?

Take care,



Unfortunately Lucy the little peeps grow up all too quickly. I look at my now adult children and think where did that little baby go that I bought home so carefully from the hospital especially as they all tower above me now which isn't difficult even my last number 3 son who will be 11 this year isn't far short of me now and he constantly reminds me he's nearly as big as me. Still they may grow up but they can't take away our memories or the photographic evidence :-)


Welcome home Lucy. So glad you had a happy break. I think we both have a jug addiction :0)
I love you atmospheric seaside pictures and stunning Tulips.
Jacquie x

Natasha Wells

My littlies are 15!! I used to wrap Avoca soap...it had gorgeous paper, copied from 1930s fabrics.


I love the sea, but then we are sailors in our household. Lucy have made some gorgeous Britain's favourite voted biscuits recenlty, think you and the small ones might enjoy making them over Easter, so very quick and easy to make and a HUGE HIT in our household. http://eclectichomelife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/a-british-biscuit.html

Fiona steel

Hi Lucy, perhaps it is Flamingoland merchandise?? Just a thought, caravans and flamingos being together! Lovely to have you back! Just booked yarndale tickets too, excited already!!!

Veggie Mummy

Very envious of your visit to the sea - we're stuck in the middle of GCSE revision, so a similar visit will have to wait awhile. I'm glad you had a lovely holiday and I adore the new button jug. x

Winwick Mum

Glad you had a lovely holiday - but how is it that you always have more washing to do when you come home than you took away with you?! Looking forward to more photos! xx

Val Coombe

Thanks for a lovely post and great pictures as always. What camera do you use:? I am looking for a new point and shoot camera and have to say the colours are always vibrant in your pictures.


Always a bit sad to leave a holiday behind isn't it, but you'll soon be back to loving being surrounded by your colourful things. I love the row of bower birds, I love seeing how each and everyone is slightly different, can't wait to make my own :oD xx


Welcome home, lovely pictures the jug is fab as are the tulips, the seascape ripple blanket is looking gorgeous, I'm assuming it's supposed to be the sea and really hope it is. Enjoy the rest of the Easter holidays
Clare x

Mitsa   Xida

Wellcome home Lucy!


Yes, the pink flamingos make total sense to those of us from the U.S. :) Very cute! Love the pictures of the countryside. I'm currently living in China where it is highly polluted and gray and dismal. I need some fresh air and bright skies like you have!


Beautiful pictures ☺

Debbie P.

Glad you had a wonderful time at the sea. I so miss the sea, the walking on the beach, collecting shells, all the wonders of the sea. Maybe someday I can live near it again. :) Could you tells us the colours you are using in your blanket? Would love to do a blanket with them. Love your little treasures you brought back. Especally like the bunting!
Have a wonderful week!

Lisa G.

I have a weakness for images of long marsh grasses. Glad you got refreshed!

Angela-Southern USA

Glad to hear you all had a lovely time away, and sharing the pictures with us. :) Wonderful holiday treasures, the pink flamingos (of the plastic two feet tall variety) were a tradition here in the Southern U.S.A. when I was a child, I recall seeing them in yards and of course campers would have them out front decorating there temporary lawns on holiday. Another wonderful batch of birds have "hatched" in the Studio I see. Congrats to all!

Lynda M Otvos

Gorgeous, those days by the sea. Three hundred miles makes a big difference in the temps; it's chilly again here too and I prefer the warm weather as you do. The sun on my face feels unlike any other thing.


What a beautiful post, Lucy. Nice to hear that your holidaywas good, and it's so lovely to se easter photos from your pretty home!


I do love coincidences! Here I am in London, heading off to visit a friend in Hebden Bridge tomorrow morning and wondering if I should take my reaaaallly thick winter coat, aka The Duvet, and you've answered my question. And I have a spookily similar picture of my ripple and coffee from earlier today. Except I am at the determined to finish today / forgetting this is my relaxing hobby that I love / mild swearing stage.

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