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April 13, 2014


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Lizy Tish

Pretty pictures and a lovely jug for your flowers. The colors in your new ripple are so nice!


In that beautiful photo, the Dorset countryside looks as though it has an afghan spread over it. What a great color scheme.

Silly Little Sheep

Aaah, gorgeous pictures, welcome homw and I am so envious of you having the see so close! I loo forward to more photos soon.


There is a beautiful place where you can see lots of flamingoes here Iive in the province of Cádiz between Chiclana and Puerto Real in the south of Spain . Beautiful salt marshes lovely people good food año sun .You could try ....have a nice day ....


Welcome back - the ripple afghan is looking lovely!


Looks like a wonderful vacation. I love everything about the shore. I can see why you miss it. I love your new afghan you are doing of sea colors. would you mind posting your color numbers please. I would love to make one. thanks


I have just discovered your blog and I am already fond of it.... so colourful, so inspiring....
I am French and live in the south of France in the vineyard near Bordeaux. But I spent some time in England (years actually) studying and working and I'm still very Britain-addict.... Visiting your blog and watching your photos makes me travel to your so-loved country....I'll be back, soon.....

Rachel E

Lucy, sorry to do this in the comments but I have been trying to reach you by email without success. Can you contact me please?

Maria Cardoso

Welcome back, I am new here and I have to confess that I missed you!

Debbie cowles

I was in the hardware/kitchen shop in Longridge (NE of Preston) and I thought of you when I saw a cute tea cosy that was made to look like a gypsy caravan complete with wheels. I know your caravan is not a gypsy, horse-drawn one, but if you saw this one, you could probably sew your own to resemble your caravan if you wanted to. So cute. I took a class on how to use chalk paint on furniture in Longridge and loved it. Look out all my mis-matched furniture. from a Lancashire mom


Welcome home, I always enjoy your blog and photo's, and the outdoor photo's in this post are particularly bright and beautiful. Looks like you have spent lots of time on holiday with your crochet blanket, I love the colours you have chosen. Hope you settle back into the home routine soon, it's always a wrench leaving the seaside.


Dear Lucy it i is such a joy to read your blog. Thank you. I am glad ur taking time to settle back into ur routine, We r off to Bilsdale horse trekking. Also very excited. Hugs xxx


J'adore tes photos, si colorées et pleines de poésie!J'aime le bord de mer quand le temps n'est pas trop beau, les couleurs sont si différentes et il y a moins de monde!
Merci pour cette jolie balade!
bonne journée!


Oh goodies! You're home! I thought about you and wondered how you would be enjoying your holiday. So happy to hear you had a lovely time. I live by the ocean and see it every day and I miss it when I'm away. Winter is beginning to settle in down here in Australia, shorter days and colder evenings. It has rained every day this month! Thank you for all your lovely photos and will be looking forward to more when you find the time (soon I hope). Don't stress the washing...it will be there when you are ready! (the only reason I know that is because mine is always there waiting too...alas there is no laundry fairy...or cleaning fairy....the list goes on).

Andrina T

Loving the flamingos! Yep, it's a kitschy U.S. thing, but obe that's good for a laugh, and I must say they look great with the caravan! I always live hearung about your trips to the seaside, and I'm dying to see how that ripple blanket turns out. Those few yellowish shades have me wondering where they will show up. Enjoy the Little People as long as you can...over the last two years mine went from a little lad to a young man as tall as me (he's only 12 for cripes sake!) and I'm srill wondering how it happened! xx

Anne Baselt

Your words always make me feel like I'm right beside you....they transport me right into all that color and happiness...Thank you.


Hi Lucy just curious about how the birdie tute is coming along.....???? Asked in the nicest, most respectful, kindest way...I have a three year old that would just love one (or five) although the process of trying to see if I could make one from your pictures has been very instructive (I can't) I am so looking forward to this one


Can't believe how fabulous the weather was in Dorset this past few days- so gorgeous driving the road from Bridport to Dorchester every day, the downside was that I was indoors teaching all day long!Had to tear myself away.


I've had my first attempt at Ripples today and I love them, wasn't happy at first but with practice I'm getting some peaks now :) Love the jug too Looking forward to seeing the seaside ripples .... (aka Snowbird from Rav)

Dorothy Grifffiths

As always Lucy your blog is a joy to read. I adore your photographs and hope I can visit again soon on one of your courses. I love your treasures, particularly the little caravan, would love one of those myself. Have a fabulous week Lucy, sending you lots of loves and hugs


Flamingo's and Airstream trailers have a relationship but I didn't really know the story until I googled it just now. Here's what I found: http://airstreamtravels.wordpress.com/2012/10/14/meet-florence-and-domingo/

My husband and I are dreaming of the day when we can buy an Airstream. . .and spend our time between the mountains (his choice) and the ocean (mine).


a very HOT summer!


All kinds of green of envy - I'd LOVE to have a holiday by the sea! So glad you could and that the peeps enjoyed it too. Many flamingos in SA! (Where we are trying to get rid of a very summer...)

Cockney Blonde

Welcome home and thanks for sharing some piccies. Love your new purchases, x

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