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April 20, 2014


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pasutri pria perkasa

i like poshting

Alaine S.Q.C.Coelho/Lan Succi

Paisagem realmente deliciosa.


It looks so pretty there! x

PlainStitch Deb

My parents live in this neck of the woods too and we also love to visit with our similar aged brood of 3 kiddies so I always especially love these Dorset posts - such a lovely part of the world - like stepping off the merry go round for a bit - sounds like you have the same experience x

Mitsa   Xida

always travel with you Lucy!!!


Fab post about Dorset, did you find the great park in Abbotsbury at the bottom of the hill that St Catherine's is on? I'm sure your children would love it, mine do :-)

Winwick Mum

Food always tastes better outside, and never more so than with fabulous views and blue skies. Lovely pictures! xx


Your photographs are lovely! We were in Dorset for the first time last summer, but didn't visit any of the places you mention here. Maybe we should consider going back this year, we're trying to decide where to go just now...


My absolute favourite bit of country.Wasn't the weather unbelievably fabulous? Perfect for seeing the views.


Daydreaming, lemon drizzle cake and sunshine........need one say anything more?
B xx


Hurray, the comments are working again! :-) I already tried several times to write you how much I loved this post but typepad wasn't happy with me...

The photos are lush (as usual!). I love exploring new places but returning to a well used holiday place holds dear in my heart too. My family goes to Danemark for a week every year since I was 10. Always the same town. By now the family got larger but the holidays are just as wonderful as 19 years ago!

Take care, Anne


Angela-Southern USA

It's all so beautiful, I love the carpet of pink petals, and the views from up high, how special to spot an albino deer, they're very rare here. Thanks Lucy as always for sharing it with us. :))


Lucy, one day I hope that you will live in Dorset again. It is obvious that it claims your heart. So glad the little ones love going to the same places. It becomes important family ritual. I think it's great. Thanks for sharing all the lovely pics.

Wendy in New Hampshire

Rural TN

So beautiful.


Thank you so much for sharing your spring holiday & your photos are lush... Spring is exploding on Vancouver Island BC Canada in rhododendrons, azelias, magnolias, and such. The colors are fabulous against all the new green foliage. Hugs, MO




All the family loveliness, splendid views, time together and a Kookaburra too! The world sure is a wondrous place. Here in Australia the Kookaburra song goes something like this. Kookaburra sitting in the old gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he... then there is the urban version...Kookaburra sitting on the electric wire, jumping up and down with his pants on fire! I wont go on because it only gets worse!!!

Anne Dearle

Thanks again Lucy for sharing your holiday with us. Allowing us to see parts of England that I have never seen, but I am taking notes so that when I come to England from Australia, I can visit these beautiful spots. As a tourist you normally only see the tourist spots, but we like to go off the beaten track. I smiled when you said there was a Kookaburra - a liitle part of Australia there. Our family also had a favourite camping spot we went to each Easter at Augusta in Western Australia. It is on the mouth of a river, but the ocean is only metres away. We went with several families and their children. More the merrier, and the kids had so much fun. Our children still tell me they were the best holidays ever. Love your photos and your written blog. I feel like I am a part of your life - enjoying the scenery. Thanks again.

Lynda Carroll

I love that you enjoyed seeing a kookaburra! Here in my part of Australia, we have had two kookaburras feeding from my father's hand for a few years now, and - in a colourful torrent - we have visits from crimson rosellas, rainbow lorikeets and king parrots. They are all beautiful birds - the rosellas are a bit shyer, the lorikeets are called the 'rowdies', and the king parrots are curious about what's the other side of the window.

All is lovely as always, Lucy, and thank you so much for sharing. It's like a mini holiday just reading on the laptop!


Sue Webber

The photos with all the cabbage trees, well you could be in New Zealand :D Great photos

Lynda M Otvos

Thank you, Lucy for sharing your family vacation with us. It has brightened my Easter afternoon and for that I am grateful. Illness forced us to stay Very close to home this weekend so enjoying the world thru the Interwebs is our way of celebrating. Your blog is on the tour and we are loving it-every bit.

Happy BunBun Day !~!


I love coming here and always find your colours and the beautiful things you make and do, and all your joy in life such a tonic, but I don't usually comment here because you get so many! But your Dorset posts bring back so many memories and evoke so much nostalgia. We live in France now, have done for the last 17 years, but we were in Dorset for a year or two before we left, in Charminster and Eggardon Hill was one of our favourite places; we've still got three beautiful Jacobs sheepskins which we bought at a farm on the hillside there, which came from their own sheep. When I was very little, nearly 50 years ago now we went to Charmouth every holidays, we had an old pale green stationary caravan there called 'Lucy's Lodge'! We younger children would often stay there with whichever family members were around, even when my parents had to come home; Lyme and Bridport and all those place were a dear part of my precious childhood memories, which I later shared with my husband on our return there.

Thanks so much for bringing this all back so joyfully and vividly.

Lee Hatcher

Thank you for such nice descriptions. What a lovely place.
Greetings from Oklahoma US


Dorset is so very beautiful, we always enjoy our holidays there too. The kind of place you have to return to. England, in all her glory.


Lovely photos - lovely memories in the making

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