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April 18, 2014


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Lovely, Lovely post Lucy and reading this on a chilly Easter Saturday eve tells me I must get myself to Lyme Regis very soon ....how on earth could we have missed it on our trips to Dorset? I too loved outings with just one parent but in my case it was my Dad we had that special bond...bless him.


Oh, Lyme Regis. How utterly lovely! We spent a holiday there years ago and I loved it just as much as you do. Thanks for sharing.


you're the best travel writer, i've just said so and linked to this on facebook. the grey, the green, the blue -- in the skies, your daughter's eyes, and the ripples.
the view out your childhood bedroom window makes me weep -- the woods view out mine is gone, all macmansions now.
and lyme regis, those pastels, and the seafood. oh boy.
thank you for a wonderful armchair journey.

Anne Bebbington

Your comment about the tank museum made me smile - we 'did' it when on holiday in Swanage about 6 years ago and not only is one visit more than enough, my feeling was once you've seen one tank you've seen them all - fortunately I'd squirrelled a paperback book into my bag so found a seat fairly early into the visit and left my husband to usher the kids round - certainly wouldn't bother to return that's for sure - however Lyme is a totally different story - we are lucky enough to live near enough to be able to go there for the afternoon if we choose and we often do


What a wonderful post. You have taken some stunning photos and I just loved reading about your day in Lyme. We had a lovely holiday there a few years back. Tank you for sharing.


lucy, super great post for sure. I want to live there now, but in all seriousness thanks for the pics as I too feel that I was on a short holiday. For me, it was a great way to start my day....thanks, Jane


Every trip you describe makes me want to pack up and visit that very place! You have such a way with words, I could almost feel and smell the salty wind. What a wonderful outing with your daughter. Thank you!!!


Next door to the Tank Museum is Monkey World where my daughter works. They rescue monkeys from all over the world and I am sure you girls would love it too - no need for tanks!


What a lovely post - I really want to go to Lyme before I leave the UK too :)

And I'm loving the way your seaside ripple is coming along. I'm so excited as I just finished mine!

Take a look if you like :) Debbie :)



Hi Lucy,LOVE your wonderful pics,they are always so clear,Beautiful and interesting you clever girl.Although my heart will always be here in Cornwall,I do think Dorset is one of the most Beautiful places in England too.By the way this morning my Rainbow pack of yarn from Wool Warehouse arrived,what fab service soooo quick.Hugs xx

Tina H

What stunning pictures, especially those of the wild looking ocean! That really was a lovely bit of arm chair travel for me, thank you x


Beautiful beautiful post. Makes me want to skip, laugh and cry all at the same time. Happy memories. X

Naomi S.

These pictures are beautiful! You have a talented daughter as well! I hope my future children catch the art bug! Wonderful family time...


What a lovely holiday and although I'd never had much of an inkling to visit this area I'm desperate now to do so.

Julie Elliott

A wonderful day in Lyme Regis, you describe it so beautifully. It's one of my most favourite places too & we're going there this summer - can't wait!


Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures of England with me (among others), a french woman so fond of your country... Have a happy Easter week-end! Evelyne

Cockney Blonde

Thank you so much for sharing your photos and day here in blogland. I'm with you, the girlie day would have been my option too. Lovely pebble painting and yes, her eyes are amazing, x

Veggie Mummy

I'm so envious of your Dorset trip. I took my girl there for a few days last Easter and just loved it; thank you for the 'return visit'. I adore the poetry of the eye/sea photos. Another great post. x


Sigh. Back there in September AND October...

Tracey at yarn and pencil

Such a beautiful post, one that will be treasured more and more as the years go by :-)
Tracey xx


I'm glad the sound of the sea didn't steal all of your words away as there are some lovely ones in this post - along with your beautiful daughter. Thank you for allowing us to join you at the seaside.


Very lovely post and beautiful pictures!
Your daughter has beautiful eyes!


What a wonderful time you had. I love Lyme Regis as well, although I fear I would be made to go to the tank museum, as I'm more outnumbered than you. I always enjoy your posts about the coast so very much, you capture it so beautifully. You evoke my trips there perfectly, and your words and pictures about Lyme are some of my favourites. I hope you have a good Easter Lucy. CJ xx

Marion McIntyre

Thanks for the opportunity to share your holiday in Dorset. I love this area but did not get that far on our trip to the UK a few years ago. Next time I am going to insist that we stay put for a while to enjoy the simple pleasures that the Dorset area offers.


Great! Thank you so much for sharing these moments. I've also got such a 'special' place by the sea, so your post made me think of it and go deep into my precious memories, too. Being by the seashore is truly one of the most amazing things ever.

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