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March 13, 2014


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Nice job teaching! I do it myself, maths in 6th grade. Always learn something from my students.
I can see your pasion.

Marie Salamanca

Hi lucy, your workshop sounds amazing!! I am in NZ so a bit far to travel but if i was in the UK i totally would sign up. I love the little birdies....please please can we have the tutorial or pattern? is it on your blog anywhere as i cant find it or if it is for sale please do let me know. thank you so much xoxox


this is really amazing this would make lots of sales on our store, Trembu.com is an online selling site that allows seller to manage and operate their own store


Great guns!by sheer chance I found you, and I'm delighted to see your beautiful work. I love, love, your birds. Will try to reproduce one with your blessing.

Juliet Smith

Would be interested jn booking onto one of your workshops, please can you send details. Also is there a pattern for the bower bird. I just completed an esster wreath minusthe bower bird and won my Wi spring craft competition

Lizy Tish

Congratulations on another successful workshop! I wish I could come across the pond to one. :) I have taught knitting classes for several years and still get nervous beforehand, especially when teaching a pattern for the first time. I think the flutters are good since they keep me on my toes!

Claudia Martins Dietrich

Dear Lucy: Thanks so much for sharing your bright colors with us. They certainly make my days more cheerful and brighter.

Sandra F

How fabulous! I am about to start teaching workshops at our local Primary School. I'm nervous about teaching, but excited to share this fantastic hobby with little people in my community.

Sue Moxon

Good morning, may I please have your future program for day courses?

It looks so much fun and I would love to crochet with like minded people .

Best regards

Sue Moxon
York, North Yorkshire


oh I have just discovered your blog - awesoem! I love these ltitle bower brids, and the way you displayed them on the ladder looks great. Congratulations on running workshops, it is so nice to share things we love to do with others.


Congratulations, Lucy! I'm glad you are enjoying your newest adventure into teaching…I'm sure it comes naturally to you. I am slowly getting up the nerve to start my own teaching. Maybe one of these days...

Heike Herrling

I wish I was near by to drop in for one of your classes - they sound like such fun!


I'm really looking forward to the May workshop!

Silly Little Sheep

It sounds like you founded a successful little thing to live on... Hood luck! I know how rewarding teaching can be when you teach something you love! Good luck with all the other workshops!


What a delightful sight, 9 Bower Birds in a row!! Can't wait to make my own :) Glad you had a lovely day xx

Seaweed & Raine

What a fun sounding morning. I'd love to location warp and find myself in one of your classes!


Have you ever thought of proposing a Craftsy class? I bet a class from you would be one of their best-sellers.

Lynn Dee Butler

If I ever win the lottery, I am going to come to one of your work shops! I really would spend my winnings to do this. AND I would bring bring the other ladies who have commented that live to far away too! Wouldn't that be fun? You would need teach non stop classes for all of that would come! It would be an Attic 24 Lucy Convention! I can't think of anything else that I would rather do! I am going to buy a lottery ticket ToDay!


Teaching a project is fun isn't it? I love seeing my projects made in fabrics that other people have chosen- always thrilling to see different colours and patterns and how they come together to make a project sing.


I wish so much that I lived closer :( Fancy doing any touring workshops?

Catherine Pritchard

I can't wait for the workshop I'm booked on. It all looks great fun.


So adorable! And so fun to read about you blossoming and sharing your gift with others.



I detect the musings of one born to teach :)

Jenny, Sydney

All the birds look gorgeous! I wished I lived in the same country as you so I could attend a workshop, it would be so much fun.


I have just re-discovered crochet after a lapse of many years and I love your blog, it is so inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing what you do.Your photography is great and I love the glimpse of English country side I get plus your vibrant color choices in your projects. Do you have a pattern for the bower birds? They are so cute and I want to make some.

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