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March 24, 2014


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Carol D

Last time I read a post from you, you were not feeling well. I have been worried about you and watching for a post - hoping that you would say you were feeling better.

Please be well. You are in my prayers, Lucy. We miss you and so look forward to 'visiting' with you via your blogs.


Funny how I'm feeling homesick for Yorkshire, even though I only lived there for 5 years and moved away 29 years ago! But I still remember the traditional Yorkshire puddings at the Cow & Calf. Now I live in West Wales and am more likely to sing Mae Hen Gwlad fy Nhadau than On Ilkley Moor etc, I have fond memories!

mrs h

hi lucy, we relocated from your yorkshire town 10 years back. Now in southern spain I love to see pictures of our former home. I have spent many happy hours in the churchyard pictured. Happy days. Thankyou for reminding me.

Lizy Tish

Such pretty pictures! I love the daffodils - can't wait for ours to come out!

Claire Wickham

Cow n Calf is one of my most special places in the whole world! When I am visiting my Aunt who lives a 15 min drive away, I will often say just popping out.. Drive up onto the moor.. park and have a few minutes to myself... its like being on top of the world to me...


So pleased you found Swinsty Reservoir, it's a favourite of ours as I can push youngest daughter round in her pushchair and eldest can ride her bike and then we can find a picnic table to grab a bite to eat. The ice cream van at the top carpark is always a welcome site!


Thank you Lucy, I thoroughly enjoyed the video, but of course I'll be humming it all day now. A lovely glimpse to your glorious Yorkshire homeland.

Anne at Shintangle Studio

Oh my, that video is a hoot. My dad (English by birth) used to sing us (my sister and me, Canadian by birth) that song when we were young. I've just played the clip for him, and he insisted that we play it again for my mum. A Yorkshire moment in Vancouver. Thanks for the laugh!


D'argh!!! You have me singing it now too!

...What's more, since it's a silly song, I have a sudden urge to translate it into franglais - liek we did with "Combien et le chien dans la vitrine".


Get yer 'at on missus!

Gloria Philley

Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful places. And, you are so blessed to have this to enjoy and Family time to enjoy all together.

I found the song and listened to several vesions. Wish I could go see these places for myself.

Those boats on the canal, are they house boats? I have always been in awe of the pictures I see of canals there lined with those pretty boats all closed in and painted so brightly. :)


Singing Happy Birthday three times is meant to get rid of an ear worm, a doctor said so - so it must be true!!!!

Petra -Galphay Ripon

As a Dutch living in North Yorkshire, i have tried to sing a long with this song many times.
Never had any clue what the words were and what they meant...
Thank you for the links with the info. Just realized I have made a complete arse of myself...lol


Went to a wedding reception at that pub. It was along time ago about thirty years and along way from here in West Wales!

Cockney Blonde

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and your day out with us. It certainly looked very Spring like even, if as you say, it was chilly. Glad little B is on the mend.
Just tackling a crochet bag pattern of yours for the first time. Will let you know how I get on but for now my 'bottom' is looking good, x

Debbie cowles

I live near Preston and would love to see the large rocks you pictured. Where is that? Or what are they called? The ones with little B running beside them.


Aw you had a lovely day out - lovely blue skies and lovely scenery. Hope Little B is on the mend :-) love Joy xx


I'll be checking the links on the anthem, being totally unacquainted with it. Your pics are beautiful, all that lovely blue sky. Today, we are anticipating a snowstorm tomorrow! March is hanging on with its teeth.


Don't mind this earworm, as it's totally new to this US midwesterner! Thanks for sharing your joy, Lucy.


Thank you for taking us on that brisk and lovely stroll. And for introducing me to a really funny and charming song!


Oh how I long to live in your corner of the country. I live way down south in Portsmouth but have visited Yorkshire a few times and came to Yarndale last year and I keep trying to persuade hubby we need to move,one day eh one day x

Kim W

Such great pictures. Your posts always encourage me to get out into nature. I purchase my very first issue of Simply Crochet magazine because you were feature in it. Thank you for the inspiration!

Waheeda Mahomed

Hi Lucy,
I may be a first-time commenter, but I am by no means a first-time reader. I've been popping in for quite some time and yours has become my favourite blog and you have become my favourite online personality :-)
Your blog inspires me, your contagious love for nature inspires me, your crochet inspires me...
Just thought I'd share that with you as I'm feeling particularly share-ful today :-)
Well done on the awesomeness!

Love Waheeda
(from Durban, on the east coast of South Africa)


Lovely to see pics of Ilkley Moor, grew up in Ilkley, playing on the moor, down by the river and through the woods. How lucky we were back in the 50's n 60's to go off and play for hours. I have lovely memories of those days. (I also went to the Girls High in Skipton). I now live on the edge of the flat fens, I don't miss the hills, now I revel in the vaste expanses of sky and the ability to see long distances. So much beauty around in our countryside. We should all go and see as much of it as we can.thank you for bringing back good memories and for inspiring me to crochet (not very well) again!


Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures and your clear tutorials.
Have a happy week.

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