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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 01, 2014


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Bridget Loraine

Ooooh how exciting, a new stitch! Get well soon Lucy xxx


Beautiful colors. Sorry to hear that you got sick also - I was battling an infection all last weekend and am now really appreciating my health again!


Get better soon Luce. Your pattern looks lovely. x

kathleen Solomi

Poor Lucy , I know how you feel . Get well soon .I have 2 blankets on the go , dare I start another? of course ,it's all in the name of progress.

I have been trying to email your Artisan Bread to a friend , I'm a duffer , I cannot do it . I shall have to write it but I wanted him to see the amazing pictures.
Once again GET WELL SOON

Clare at CatsEatDogs

Feel better soon. I have just found your lovely blog and I love the first photo of this post. The colours you use are gorgeous and am looking forward to following you.
I am originally from Lincoln, UK and now live in the States, so I enjoy some English countryside! Clare x


Hi Lucy - Thank you so much for the link! Hoping you and Little Lady feel better soon.... x

Dorothy Griffiths

Hello Lovely Lucy sorry to hear you are poorly, you are worn out so please take care of yourself and keep warm and toasty. Hope your little lady is feeling better soon. Keep having lots of warm frothy drinks and plenty of toasty food as well. Above all relax and take a well earned rest. Sending you lots of hugs and loves Lucy - love the colours of your yarns by the way, they are fab, just like you!
Lots of love as always



Hope you are feeling a bit better Lucy. Love the Raindrops stitch, perfectly named. Such a beautiful colourful post. Get well soon.
Carol xx


Get well soon. I love your raindrops pattern and have my Stylecraft DK ready and waiting for a raindrops blanket.

Emily Rogals

You are an amazing woman and I admire you soooo!


Lucy, just ran across your blog, so very interesting, I am so proud of you young mothers that opt to stay home with the little ones, sorry she is not feeling up to par, hope she is better soon.
Would love to see pic of your house and your area for that matter, I have always wanted to spend some time in the UK and Ireland. Cannot wait to see your new tutorial and I don`t crochet at all.

Silly Little Sheep

Get well soon!! So much going on in your life, just rest and have a cup of tea (or two, or three) and let the rest of the family take care of everything

Jessie's Needle

What a lovely pattern you have designed. You have such a good eye for colour.
S xx

Karen Williams

Hope you all feel better soonest. Take your time getting back to normal, these viruses are ve ve tricksy! Had mine for nearly three weeks in January...
We'll all be here for you when you are better!
Karen xoxoxo

Anne Dearle

Hope you are feeling better soon. I too have come down with a virus this weekend. Not good when it is your 60th birthday celebrations. Just love your blog. This stitch is adorable. Lovely to see different colour ways and weight differences. My yarn has just arrived from Derimores, so perhaps this will be the stitch I use instead of the granny stripe. Keep up the good work.


May you and your family have a nice sunday! I'm sending you some sun from France where it has decided to come back, at last, after so many days of wind and rain... Regard. Evelyne


Get better soon!

I remember making these little hearts when i was a kid! so much fun! i also had a large pad where i could free forms on. first stunts of creativity i reckon...

the stich looks so lovely! i still have tons of wip projects but i will certainly give the stich a try soonish!

Take care, Anne



Such a color feast for my color starved, winter weary eyes!

Oh, do feel better soon! It sounds as though you've got the nasty influenza. Boo! Take care!

Mary Nolan

beautiful post...hope you are feeling well soon...hugz!


wishing you and yours rest recovery and renewed energy soon
thank you for all your work and creativity


Lucy I'm a knitter rather than a crocheter but I love the look of that stitch! I'll be looking at your tutorial with great interest, I do like the dense look of the fabric.


Get well soon. Lots of liquids, love and lazyness to help your body fight the nasty bug x 💐💊

niki murray

Hope you feel better soon, we love hama beads and have been doing some of our own here too...I have recently discovered your blog, started back at the start and followed all the way through...your crochet tutorials are fab and have finally put straight in my head how to 'do it' :) I've also started my own blog www.coffeecakesandcrochet.blogspot.com ,so thank you fir the inspiration xxxx


Time for you to just rest and have someone make you a hot cup of tea. The tutorial can wait until you and yours are all rested and feeling better. First things first. Feel better.


I was going to suggest that you might have the virus as well - whenever one of my little people feel cold it is always a sign they are coming down with something. I do hope you're feeling better soon. Raindrops is a lovely name for the stitch pattern, and I can see it would be perfect for a blanket.

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