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March 01, 2014


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Very interesting and beautiful.


Ahhh, good old Spike Stitch. Its one of my favs! Good work.


I like the sample with the different shades of blue. I saw a blanket on Pinterest a while ago that used the spike stitch to creates waves by putting the spike in at different depths. Very neat.


I made a cushion!!! Thank you Lucy, love the raindrops stitch and have just written a blog post all about it and linked back to this page, hope you like it. I made a different back to it as I want to use my cushion outside in the garden. Pop over and see...http://eclectichomelife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/attic-24-inspired-crochet-cushion.html

Jo Navin

Oops sorry, my mistake! It's picklesandsmith.wordpress.com xx


As usual wonderful photographs and the post!! Get well soon , needs you badly in crochet world 😊😊😊😊sending warm hugs to you !!

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

The new stitch is looking fabulous and the colours, as always, are glorious! I bet the cushion will be fab, I can't wait to see!

S x


I love this pattern especially with the rainbow yarn!! Hope you're feeling better xx

Anne Marie

It's good to see you back out and about, it's awful getting something like that but yours doesn't seem to have lasted too long. Must be the fresh air up there in the Dales.

Lovely photos and colours as usual. Love your new project. I'm doing a new one, a ripple - JUMPER! just an experiment, very simple T shape, with straight stripe sleeves though.

Gloria Philley

Love you showing us the difference in yarn weights. I like looking at the yarn you use, it looks so soft. Is that your kind of what I call "basic" yarn? I have available here in the US several basic inexpensive yarns but most are kind of stiff and not soft feeling to the hand as you crochet. After you finish and wash your project they are very soft and nice but I love to have the soft feel while I am working. I have just purhcased a more expensive yarn for a few projects just for the feel. But, like you I enjoy very colorful projects so I have baskets and baskets full of colorful yarns made by Red Heart as it also comes in many many colors.

Sorry you have been ill. As far as you are from me, we have much the same nastyness coming thru here.

2 days ago we had 65degrees weather and yesterday we had heavy sleet and 10degree temps, still very cold but dry today. I am wanting the sunshine for sure.

Enjoy your pics of where you live, your projects and your home and stories. Thank you.
Gloria in Texas, USA


OOw! feel better! terrible to feel so miserable....and we in the 'ether-world' so miss hearing from you...

Hard for the little ones to understand why Mum is not quite up to snuff, too....they still expect you do be what you are...hard to make them understand...
Hope by now you are feeling so much better.

Kim Dodwell

Hope you're all feeling better today x



Take care and get better soon. Love the stitch and name. But, did you notice if you turn it upside down, it reminds me of little flower starts pushing their way up in the spring.

Love all the colors

Chris Hancock

Hope you're feeling a lot better soon and the little one.. and love the hooky stitch..
Chris x
PS Read your super article in Simply Crochet, it was superb! Well done you for getting recognised as a wonderful crafter.


Hope you will both feel a lot better very soon. A big hug from Val. x


Aw Lucy hope you're feeling better today, the sun is shining gloriously here! I've popped some of my Vintage Sheets on my blog should you still need cheering up! Be gone germs, be gone! :) x


Get well soon. Take your time.


Love the bright and cheerful colors. We are in another winter storm here, everything is cold and grey.


Your beautiful work, I congratulate you!

Susan Smith

May everyone at your house feel better soon.


Ooo it's horrible having that achy, cold one minute, hot the next, illness :o( Get better quickly x

Melody A.

Can't wait to try out this idea of yours, I hope you and Little Lady feel better soon, stay warm and drink lots of tea, my motto, the elixir of life!!


Hope you feel better soon.


Hope you and your little one are on the mend. Sounds like a nasty bug you've picked up there. Love the crochet though, that stitch really does look pretty. Also wanted to thank you for the Easy peasy muffin recipe which I tried for the first time this week. Absolutely yummy and the most successful one I have ever tried. I will put a link to it in my next post. Thanks again and get well soon. Hugs Jenny x


Hi, I'm a newbie yarn wrangler and I just wanted to tell you the joy your blog brings. I've made myself a yarn bag and started a blanket so far. The thing I love most about my bag is that for the first time in my entire life, I have a bag that's unique that is in a colour way that I love to pieces.

Hope you feel better soon. xxx

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