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March 03, 2014


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Anna Maria Q.

So glad you are feeling better! Thank you for these beautiful photos of your garden! Spring is a beautiful season and I like it! Love all your work !

Lizy Tish

Glad you are feeling better! Oh those crocuses!!! Can't wait to see them around here - once the snow melts - once the temperature gets above freezing... Yes, so happy March is here - that much closer...


Glad to hear you are feeling much much better. Salad looks lush! Karen xx


At home, the crocus are growing as well and the sun shines.
Your post and your créeations are very nice.


YES! I really love march too! Bye winter, hello SPRING!! Hello SUN! Have a nice day :) .


Oh Lucy! I was thinking about you yesterday as I treated myself to a bag of Hama Beads and a round support thingy! I was wondering if you'd seen Hopscotch Lane's BlogSpot? she has done some lovely things using Hama Beads and cross stitch charts from Cath Kidston's Stitch book! they are really great and would make lovely brooches or whatever! Check it out!!

Libby Parker

So nice to read about and view your photos of spring flowers. What a lovely crocus patch! We are still knee deep in snow here in the U.S. Midwest as Winter is loathe to give up it's grip. May your health go from strength to strength!

Malama Xida

March came in here the rain until today!But i do not mind at all, because the spring came!!!


Sounds grim Lucy, I've been suffering alongside you. Hacking away! Glad you're on the mend, beautiful pictures xxxx

Carolita Crochet

Aloha from Hawaii, Lucy! Today is the first day I have seen your blog, having followed a link from my digital subscription to Simply Crochet. I just want to say that I think you are A-DOR-ABLE! Your photos and words make me smile, and I feel so inspired by your crochet journey. I, too, am a color girl, and appreciate your unabashed use of beautiful bright colors. I am hooked (pun intended) on your blog! Mahalo & a hui hou (thanks & see you soon!)

Silly Little Sheep

I absolutely love your photos and your life and your style. I am also glad that you are feeling better :) March is wonderful, apart from a bit of gardening, there are croccuses and other plants out here that really warm the soul. Not to mention the weather is finally nice enough for long weekend walks :)

Ellie B.

You post so many beautiful projects with such lovely color combinations. On the days that you might ache, know that you are appreciated in so many places and ways.

Cassandra Tennant

It amazes me how different March looks in different places...you have flowers popping up there and where I am we just got over a foot of snow.


DEAR March, come in!
How glad I am!
I looked for you before. ...
-- Emily Dickinson


Glad you're on the mend Lucy. Just booked onto your Bower Bird Workshop and I'm really looking forward to it! xxx


Glad you are feeling better.
Here in Michigan U.S.A. we still have a least 2 feet on snow on the ground and today it's 16 F.
It may be March but it's still winter here. Love all the color in your posts!!


ssssssssssooooooooo glad you are feeling better Lucy and had a nice March day .... take things easy and get back to full strength soon. Lovely colours as always in your beautiful photos xx lots of love Joy xx

Heather Estudinan

Oh my, I'm so sorry you had such a terrible virus. So glad you are feeling better. I wish we had crocuses in March here in the US!! That would be lovely. Take care, Heather


You are just wonderful.
Quite a lot of greetings from Bavaria


Glad you're feeling better Lucy! Today I had some time for myself and decided to finally have a go at your lemon drizzle cake... just had some: yummie!! Thank you for sharing, love, Barbara


Hi Lucy,so sorry you have been so unwell and glad to hear you are on the mend.We are still having rain,rain and more rain here in Cornwall.LOVE your blog.Hugs


It's good to have you back in the land of the living.

Sweet Posy Dreams

Oh my, the crocus are lovely! Makes me long for spring. Still lots of snow outside my windows.


I'm glad you're feeling much better!


Oh Gosh, I bet you're glad to be rid of that horrid bug! How nice for it to be such a lovely day, too - just what you needed. I had to let you know that I was smiling from ear to ear this morning as I received my first ever Stylecraft Attic24 colour pack through the post and OMG!!! What a riot of colour! Utter, utter, joy and what a fabulous idea to put them all into a pack. It is going to take me AGES to figure out some sort of colour order, but I can't wait to start on my first ever ripple blanket. Hee! Thank you so much for all your inspiration x

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