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March 26, 2014


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When I was a kid my parents used to travel all over Scandinavia with us camping. Brilliant time! Your kids will think of their caravan adventures fondly when they are older - I am sure of that!

Take care,


Ana Clara Sousa

Lovely <3


Oh my, I may need another caravan print (and maybe a mug) to keep my blue caravan print company. I keep trying to get my husband enthused about renovating a caravan but he'll have none of it. I'll just have to live vicariously through your camping adventures! Looking forward to hearing about your first Connievan outing.


Great, colourful post. May you enjoy your caravan this summer!

I would like to know if this post is sponsored or not. I often have difficulty telling clearly if this is the case.

Thank you


I've just googled caravans for sale after reading this post!! My mum has narrow lay which we spend much of the summer in, and it has a similar sort of feel, I love that my children will grow up with that cosiness!


We are now back to a caravan for the time being at least, after having had 3 campers. It's an Eriba (you know the mini pop top roof type ones)22 years old young and I love it even more because of that as it's a bit retro inside. I have prettified it up a little over the winter and love your Caravan Dreams page. Looking forward to the spring/summer.As others have said consider buying an awning maybe s/hand there's always loads about then your 12 year old could have his own space.

Michelle Fullerton

lovely post as always. We had a van when I was a kid & we would often go on trips with aunts & uncles & cousins with their van, when the kids got to that too big stage we were allowed to put a little pop up tent for us outside the van so we were still involved but had our own space, would this be something you could work with your son?

Winwick Mum

Nothing beats the air in the morning when you're living outdoors, does it? My elderly (thirty+ years) Pfaff sewing machine was restored to proper working order at the end of last year, and I'm sure that your Bernina will be back in use soon as well. Old, solid sewing machines were so well-made that not much stops them - and then Connievan can have her curtains! xx


My parents had a darling one years ago….a yummy white and robin egg blue. It had red gingham curtains.( A very different look from the campers of the day. 1970s)
Wish I still had it. I can only hope it has made a home with one who restores them and appreciates a good treasure when they see it.
The mug is adorable!! And RED!! squee!


I had many happy childhood holidays away in a caravan and dreamed of one day having my own. Unfortunately D's dicky back has put pay to that dream so instead I can look at your lovely pictures and dream of what might have been.

Angela-Southern USA

I've dreamed of a "connievan" for ma-ny years, we've camped a lot in tents, but I still dream of a camper, as we call them here in the Southern US. I too have a caravan Pinterest board. I adore the tear drop ones, have you seen those? So cute! Caroline's work in genius! It was her work that inspired my notecard (I sent in with the bunting.)What a clever idea of the mugs! I look forward to seeing some sewing post in the future, when your Bernina is "feeling" better. ;)

Kim W

you have done it again! So joyful and colorful! A dose of Spring so desperately needed since my part of the world seems to be firmly entrenched in winter. Don't worry to much about little man not wanting to come with, more like as not he will want to bring his friends along and then your precious Connievan will seem even smaller!

Debbie P.

As always, a wonderful and colour filled post. I never get enough of caravans. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to have one. Thanks for the link to Caroline's etsy shop. I plan on purchasing a mug or two. Hope you are having warm, spring weather.


Oh Lucy..you have a caravan dream board and I have a dream to own a caravan. It would be such a pleasure to pack some clothes and drive until reaching the spot, which ever it is, and stay there..
Thank you again for the inspiration.
It is ,as always, very uplifting to read your thoughts..


Looking forward to reading about your Connievan adventures this year! ;-)

Elaine Ridley

Lovely post Lucy and thanks for the ideas to brighten up my caravan! Ours is in Cornwall and we love it!

Lunch Lady Jan

Those fabrics make my heart sing! I'm definitely a brights gal...hope your machine gets some TLC :-)

Sarah Lovell

lovely blog! I always wanted a campervan, but I may be starting to be converted to the idea of a caravan.


My childhood family had caravan holidays until we were all well into our teens. When we grew to big for the caravan the young people moved into a tent whilst parents continued to sleep in the van. Exciting for you that you are taking Connievan on the road again this year!

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

My goodness, is it really 2 years since you started those curtains?! I remember it like it was yesterday and funnily enough I was wondering just recently how they had turned out. Beautifully it looks from what I see in the picture above. The book looks wonderful and I can completely understand your love and excitement about caravans. I taunt myself with gazing at similar pictures sometimes but a caravan would not be practical for us at all. (Car not remotely suitable for towing for one thing!)

Enjoy your wonderful family time together in her though, such memories last a long time :)

S x


That book is amazing, a joy to flip through, wishing you a wonderful year of fun with Connievan, looking forward to seeing all the sprucing up.
Clare xx


Aw beautiful Lucy you have made my day. And you even made my farmer boy get a bit emotional. That is the most wonderful and generous review ever. I am so thrilled you love my book. Thank you, thank you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Veggie Mummy

Hi Lucy,

I found the Fox's Lane blog via attic24 and love it. The book looks amazing - I'm tempted to buy a copy, even though we don't have a caravan! Wishing you many happy Connievan moments this year. x


Hello Lucy
We are off and away in our caravan for a couple of days next week to the New Forest , very excited for our first trip out this year ! Will almost definitely have to be lots of caravan pics to follow. Think I may just have to look out a copy of that gorgeous book,
Kate x

Mitsa   Xida

Good morning Lycy!We have a caravan for 4 years! As you have to bay a plot, and have compainds on it a small house (one room). Spend there are weekends!It"s very nice!

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