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March 26, 2014


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Love your blog! The mugs are a must!!


Lucy~ Reading your posts,as I sit here with my coffee, is such a delightful break in my day. How talented you are! I have two questions for you, in all the yarns you have worked with, which ones are your personal favorite? Next question, the boats on the canal,do people live in these boats year round or are the boats used for something special? Thanks,:)


Lovely, makes me want to get away in our old van, unfortunately I have never got round to making any curtains or cushions for ours, and this may be its last year out (think it must be approaching its 30th birthday), so a little late now, but perhaps if I read the book and visit your old blog posts I may be inspired to create 😊

Shirley Flavell

A p.s. to my comment above Lucy. The blog is called " An angel in the Garden" . Shirley

Shirley Flavell

A lovely post Lucy.I knew of your "connievan" and enjoyed all the news you would give us of your holiday breaks and the lovely things you made for "her". I must tell you of a lovely blogger here in N.Z. called "An angel in my garden". If you have time go read about her beautiful caravan called "Lucy". I'm sure you will enjoy the décor of her and the stories that go with her :-) Shirley N.Z.


Hi Lucy, I'm really looking forward to seeing were you take sweet Connie this summer.
Time goes so quickly and I'm sure your little people will treasure these caravanning holidays in years to come.
I think our boys holiday memories will remain static caravan based, but I do love them too.
Jacquie x
p.s. thanks for your comment....yes I DO miss the hills :0(

Kay Andrews-Kuhn

Hi Lucy, I would like to subscribe to your blog but the link seems to be faulty-can you help,please? I have 'liked' your FB page so I can follow you via there. I love my caravan too!

Cockney Blonde

Looking forward to reading about this year's trips in Connievan. We sadly made the decision to sell our van last year although because of where we live now we feel as though we are constantly on holiday. Enjoy your travels, x


Oh my days! Wonderful post Lucy. I too have fabulous caravan memories, dreams and aspirations! My hubbie bought my caravan for us while I was expecting our third child five years ago. What a revelation, I am fully converted from tents to caravans! Then we lived in one with our new arrival of12 months, our older two little'uns and a cat in the worst winter in about 70 years I believe. Here I found craft, of the yarn variety and renewed my love of sewing. Caravancrafts.blogspot.co.uk is the very recent (January 2014) result. But oh boy do caravans mean so much to me and my crew?!!! Feeling the caravan spring air I my lungs too!


So nice to read your story, especially the part of the kids growing so fast, which makes you want to enjoy the moments together as much as you can. Our oldest one is also nearly twelve... and I want to cherish every little bit of childhood there still is, but also enjoy him growing up! We spent our holidays in a tent, I love to camp and your story makes me dream about the summer :-)
Enjoy your children and every moments you have together!
Love from Holland, Anita


I can't believe it's been two years since you started those curtains, it feels like yesterday! I guess I've been around here awhile then. :) The book looks lovely, I've seen it around blogs quite a bit and looks like a fun and interesting read.


I think you should paint Connievan red, to match your mug. Don't know if your husband would approve, though. Mine wouldn't.

Teresa Kasner

I loved this caravan post! I bought the book, but I actually didn't use the click thru because it took me to the UK Amazon. Sorry if you don't get credit for my purchase. I'm looking forward to the book! Have fun.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Gorgeous Lucy, just lovely. Karen xx


Bright, beautiful, cheery pictures! In our neighborhood, somebody has a small caravan called a Burro. It is so vintage and super cute looking (at least from the outside) and they just leave it parked there all year. It calls to me as I drive by, saying "Time for a road trip, let's travel!"


a lovely post and I love that someone can inspire you as you inspire so many of us ... good luck with your little sewing machine and I eagerly await it's return to see what you will creating with it. Love your new mug :-) lots of love Joy xx

One Earlybird

Lovely post. I love the idea of caravanning but unfortunately DH isn't so keen, anyway we have a boat that usually comes on holidays so it's a bit hard to tow both. I love the mugs, they're so cute, I might have to purchase one of them. My niece gave me the book which I have to admit I have only flicked through I'll have to find it and sit with a cuppa and have a read.


Went straight to Etsy and ordered mugs for a caravanning friend's birthday - thanks for the tip :0)


What a coincidence!My little caravan is coming this Friday, and I read your lovely blog post on caravans today! By the way I love all your colourful makes!x


I just LOVE when you post about Connievan. We don't have the space or money to have a camper and it kills me. I love looking through your van posts...I just like to sit here and daydream about what it would mine would look like, and where we'd go and all sorts of fun stuff. I can't wait to see your future posts. :)

Kate Dengra

I am truly jealous - I would love a campervan or caravan............and I really want one of Carolines mugs sitting in my kitchen.......I have dropped a few hints to people as I have just moved to the coast and was hoping I might get one as I 'house warming' gift!......oh well one can hope.

Until then I will live the dream in my head......reading your posts.....


Thank you for sharing your passion for caravans with us!I bought this book recently and I love it very much...it is a dream for me to have one!


Thanks for clarifying that this post was not sponsored.
You see, after I had read your post on November 27, 2013 "Simply Crochet and Me", I hurried to get a 6-month overseas subscription for Simply Crochet, following the link on your page. When I got the first issue, I realised that this is not a magazine I would normaly buy and I wondered if the "love" (enjoyment) I feel for your blog had influenced my decision. I went to check if that post was sponsored but it was not clear to me.

In any case,thanks for clarifying. I will keep on following the premise that if nothing is stated, the post is not sponsored.

Carol Harrison

Hi Lucy. I love your caravan and the way you've decorated it. I have always fancied having an old fashioned gypsy caravan to do up. I just discovered your blog recently and love all your crochet work. Have become quite addicted to crochet myself. Best wishes from Carol


Hi Lucy
Will you be posting your Bower Bird pattern soon. I would love to make a few for my twig tree this spring.
Continuing to love your positive blog. You continue to encourage me into trying lots of new things, with lovely bright colours :-) nx

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