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March 26, 2014


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Will Hawkins

I absolutely love your book about caravanning and all your creativity. It's so good to see how much being in your van with your family means.

I'll be keeping up to date with your blog and further adventures.

Bryan Flake

That second photo from the top is a really cool artistic rendering of a caravan. These caravans are reminiscent of times gone by. They just scream forties and fifties era of travel. They make me feel a sense of nostalgia for my childhood.

Joshua Wagstaff

Thanks for sharing of this Design Ideas, a very organized approach you have!


I saw this today (on a new-to-me blog) and thought of you Lucy!


I want a caravan too...:)!

Kim W

Hmm. Seems my last comment got deleted. I hope I did not offend you. Love your blog as always.


I think it's great if you can earn a bit of money from all the tireless blogging you do. You always give your patterns freely and just ask us to enjoy them. My little boy is also turning 12 this July. It is an exciting time but he is quickly turning into a man.

Anne Holt

Caravanned nearly all my 60 years, nothing better. Ours children still come away at Spring bank and they range from 22 to 30. They sleep in tents and did from being quite young - 8 or 9 maybe. You would enjoy The Happy Caravan blogspot or find on facebook. Lots of like minded people who buy old vans and reovate them, lots of pics too. Just as a postscript we have our van booked in at a familiar site to you, near Arncliffe for the Tour d'France and at Bolton Abbey for Yarndale.

Catherine Maudsley

Hi Lucy love the posts. We have just delivered our 'Connievan' to its little holiday home near Whitby Abbey for the season. Are you not leaving it on your lovely site this year, have you got the wanderlust for this year? I am officially redundant tomorrow so we will be using the caravan a lot this year. Here's to Whitby long summer days!.................


What a stunning book and mug, thanks for sharing both of them!

Dorothy Grifffiths

Lovely Lucy sorry I have not commented so much but life is hard at the moment. I loved this post as the colours are just divine on all your photographs. I adore caravans and always wanted one of my own so I envy you having your darling one. Have a fabulous week Lucy and I am hoping to return to another workshop soon. Sending you big hugs and loves


Lucy,my oldest son is 16-and wouldn't miss our caravan holidays for the world!He loves just chilling,forgetting about school (and exams at the moment),kicking back and just spending time with us.He even says that when he learns to drive,he'll still come with us,but will drive himself there!If the weather is ok,he uses a pup tent next to the caravan.My nan and grandad had a caravan and my best holiday memories are of our holidays in it.Enjoy!


When I first found your blog a few years ago the very first post that I read was of one of your Connievan trips and I just fell in love with the idea of connievaning. You made the inside so fresh and colorful and lets not even get started on the peter rabbit curtains! So very sweet. I adore your blog and your bold and fearless color choices. I think that if it wasnt for your blog then I would have never given caution to the wind and started making things that I like in the colors that truly make me happy. So thank you for that. You really are a crochet inspiration!

Hugs, Birgitta


Hi Lucy, you are really making me want a caravan now!
So many lovely pictures. I've been reading your blog on and off for about a year now, and you've inspired me to start my own. It's at http://emeraldcottage.blogspot.co.uk/ and I'd be thrilled if you or any of your followers popped over for a little look :)

Lizy tish

You totally make me want to go caravanning!! I love that picture and the mug. Just such a cute picture with pretty colors. One not need a caravan to want one of those mugs!


Your connievan post has brought back some fab memories of childhood caravan holidays to Cornwall in the '70s. I was in North Wales last year and stopped off at a craft fair in Hawarden, where a lovely young lady was selling vintage fabrics and makes from her caravan. She uses it as a mobile studio, machine and all. She'd towed it there on the back of her old mini!


Lovely colourful post and a super-looking book. I wanted to say that I appreciate you deciding to make your association with Amazon clear. Like you, I live in a small market town, but I would always prefer to support my local independent book shop rather than buying through Amazon. Naturally there are other people who don't have that option, so for them Amazon is perhaps the only or best option.

Silly Little Sheep

Lovely post. Your little man will be borrowing the caravan to go on trips with his friends in a few years time ;-)


Such a nice post and so pretty, too!

Ada Bea

It's a great book isn't it.....I look at it and dream! I love your little caravan. Please let me have an address so I can send you a little something that would look lovely in her! :) x


If its caravan literature you're talking about my favourite has to be 'My Hippopotamus is on Our Caravan Roof Getting Sunburnt' by Hazel Edwards - very cute! http://www.hazeledwards.com/page/my_hippopotamus_is_our_caravan_roof_getting_sunburnt.html I share your enthusiasm, there's nothing like living half-inside half-out, snuggling up with a woolly blanket if its chilly. *sigh*

Angi Houtz

As usual…totally inspired and cheered. Thanks so much for sharing. And I love. the. mug. Total cuteness. Thanks for making a rainy day beautiful and cheery. You continue to be a bright spot in my day.


Lovely post , thank you Lucy. I don't think anyone would think for a minute that you were less than authentic with your recommendations. Actually I would be quite happy if they paid you loads, after all you give so many tutorials etc for free.
Those mugs are so sweet but I can't buy them because they are hideously thick. Bone china is way less heavy, stronger and more chip resistant and soooo much nicer to drink from. Can you perhaps give your artist friend a nudge to consider a bone china range ? From bossy in Oz.


I grew up caravaning. We had two Caravans so far and four years ago welcomed an RV into the family. Until today my parents, my brother and SIL with their kids and me and BF are still caravan lovers and spend holidays in caravan and RV (although we don't fit in all at the same time ;)). Such a great way of travelling!
Thanks for sharing all these inspirations!


Love your honesty Lucy. I am glad that you are getting your old Bernina serviced. I inherited a 1960's Elna from my mother-in-law, despite never being able to sew. Eventually I had it serviced (which wasn't cheap) and then proceeded to teach myself to sew. It gives me such a wonderful feeling to sit down at that old machine that now runs so beautifully and think of all the magnificent things my very talented m-i-l created on it. I am very much a beginner still. I don't think a new machine would ever do it for me now.

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