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February 17, 2014


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I love www.fatquartershop.com to look at all the pretty new fabric lines and colors :)


I totally agree with you about Mollie Makes - it's too trendy for me too! I've recently stopped my subscription too... it seemed a waste to buy it just for the adverts!

Thank you for such a lovely blog - I love reading your take on the colourful world.

Penny Carr

You're spot on (as always!) For a while now I've been trying to work out why Mollie Makes was no longer doing it for me and I think it's as you say the fact that it's "over-styled" And sadly so many blogs seem to be going the same way. :-( Sad, but I guess it will at least save me some money on my subscription.


Oh dear, looks like the mollie makes readership will now go into decline. What you write bears such sway Lucy! I agree though.


Sounds like a lovely day - interesting too as I have been with Mollie Makes since the first issue but cancelled my subscription at the beginning of this half term week - like you I'm not finding it that inspiring anymore and I don't think I'm young enough for many of the products or projects!

Lizy Tish

Nice to have a little lazy-lay-around break! That website is gorgeous - love the ribbons.


I was looking at Mollie Makes in despair yesterday and couldn't quite put my finger on why I found it so annoying. It's the "cool, quirky designery"-ness of it! You put your finger right on it!


Yes, I go to your blog to brighten up my day, thank you. Val x

Green Coffee

Thanks a lot for the information. This post it's really interesting!

Peta-Ann Cowan

I couldn't agree more about Mollie makes and their sister magazine Gathered. Since I have found blogland (I am a bit of late starter) anyone can have such a wonderful inspired time to find craft inspiration. I am just trying to be good and finish a tapestry project and then I am going to make the heart wreath with all the bits of wool that are left over!!!
I just love your blog so much
Thanks from Bolivia


I agree with what you say about Mollie makes. However, I thought so right at the beginning when it first came out. Lots of style in the photo shoots but little of substance I want to make and the contributors seem to keep coming up again with more patterns, as if there is a designer shortage. Mostly those whose work does nothing for me. I dislike it when patterns from books I have already purchased, then appear in a mag I have also paid for.

I think this way about most of the crafting mags though. Including Simply Crochet, which I find very similar to Mollie Makes just all crochet. I purchased it last month and regretted it as there really was nothing in it that held my attention. This month you have a project which is really lovely but in truth I'm not paying the price for a mag with only one pattern I like in it. Last month the yarn for the heart cover kit was really not to my taste at all and this month they are giving away a giant button! Seriously, I have no need of such a thing. Not only that, there were errors in both the patterns. It tells you to turn on the one you don't and not on the one you do.

I try hard to find magazines to buy but find them less interesting than people's blogs which are usually good to read, with professional images and a good range of skill and talent. I also dislike how people's blogs are used to fill free space with, as well as filling the pages with adverts which are paid for. The projects and articles seem very samey and I am seldom interested. I would love to find a craft magazine that is attractive and value for money. Until then it's the internet for inspiration and my own skills put to good use.

Wilfing mum

And they even stock the Attic 24 stylecraft colour pack!


I imagined the moss and leaves very well thank-you - such glorious colours in close up shots. I mostly enjoy looking round other people's homes in Mollie Makes, but sometimes I don't like the style of those particular people which is disappointing. Just perused Mum's Simply Crochet this morning while fending off flying porridge, and I may have to switch allegiance. Hmmm...


I was thinking the same about Mollie Makes. hHaving bought quite a few in the past I decided last year to take out a subscription but I crossed my mindwhile browsing the latest one than perhaps I wouldn't renew it.


I'm a 42 year old mum of 3, definitely neither skinny nor trendy and I still love my Mollie Makes sooo much-I find it inspiring and uplifting. On the contrary have just ended my Simply Crochet subscription as I no longer enjoy it as much. It just goes to show that us creative crafty types are a quirky, multi-talented bunch with many different interests. Thank goodness there are so many excellent publications to choose from these days.x


Thanks for saying this about MM. I thought it was just me who found it overstyled and a bit artsy and not too crafty.


Hi Lucy, maybe you like to read the blog of the disigner of some of the farbenmix ribbons. Her name is Nic and her blog is called
Greetings from Kate


A new crochet magazine is out, and exclusively online. See mainlycrochet.com No advertising mixed in the patterns to view on your computer or to print out. Check it out. I'm just a recent subscriber and I live in Washington state, US. Mainly Crochet is in Maine, US.


Best online places for inspiration for me are...well, first and foremost this blog of course,then Bunny Mummy, sometimes Pintrest. I also find Posie Gets Cozy quite inspiring, especially in general go-do-something-creative kind of way.

sue (UK)

I used to buy Prima a lot years ago until they stopped the free patterns. My kids were all dressed in Prima Homemakes...or.... Womans Weekly.... I have started buying that again now.. I have been buying the WW knitting mag or the online sho or Simply crochet if they have patterns that I like.


Oh boy, thanks for that shop/blog tip! That stack of ribbons makes me feel all gooey :)

sue (UK)

YOU!!!!! I am always inspired by you lovely!!

mrs savory

yes lucy when i want to be inspired i log onto attic 24 very inspiring


Just had a look at the Homemakery and they already have an Attic24 yarn pack which you can order! Do you have to give your permission for them to use your brand Lucy?


I like www.mooglyblog.com She has a weekly round up, showing other crocheters Taddah's and links to their blogs. Most of the patterns are free too.

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