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February 07, 2014


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Donna Engborg

I'm interested in knowing how you determined how much yarn to wind into each 'ball'? Did you just split your skein in half, fourths? I'd like to do something similiar with some friends, but don't want to supply them each with an entire skein, if we could share it. Thanks.

Jenny Smith

I wish I lived closer too. Your blog is a delight to a like minded (but a good bit older) person. Love your pictures and words that brighten my day no end.

Good luck in all your ventures Lucy,

Jenny x


It'll be a great workshop! Wish I lived closer to join in the fun. Love the rainbow of yarn on your table! Yum!!

Judith in Ontario

Any possibility of some news about Connievan? I suppose Connie is tucked away for winter. Do you visit? Any thoughts about plans for 2014?


Hi Lucy,

I would love to attend one of your work shops but I live in the states, bummer!! Your colorful blog makes my heart happy ; )


Hello Lucy,
Now I live live in you country and join them to your lab!
good luck

Jools Morgan-Jones

You'll all have a fabulous day together, Lucy! I'm very envious of the ladies who are coming to your workshop - I wish I was closer, and could crochet well enough! :)


Your eye for colour always cheers me up.

Jo Navin

Dear Lucy, I'm DELIGHTED to hear that you have a donation button, I'm off to send you a grande vanilla latte with chocolate sprinkles and a hug! Jo xx.


I thought of you yesterday- I'm sure the workshop was fabulous! As a facilitator myself, I know how much work goes into creating these special times for people- I'm sure that you gave them a wonderful time!

Michele Boucher-Hines

Hello Lucy - I have been enjoying your wonderful blog for quite some time, and have tried a couple of times to make a donation - without success. Unfortunately, it seems that since I live in the US, it is not possible to make a donation. Do you have any suggestions? I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog and the inspiration I get from it. Would love to send you a token of my appreciation.


HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!! So Happy for you - I know it will be just so much fun when it's all said and done. I wish wish wish I could attend.
Happy tomorrow to you =0)


To M Kaye
you should read this from Lucy's last post;

The people on here who are saying unkind things to another commenter because they didn't like what that commenter said to Lucy should realise that they themselves are guilty of being unkind to someone.

I'm sure that Lucy and anyone else who writes a blog knows and accepts that there may be people who write comments they aren't going to like, it's a fact of life that not everyone has the same outlook on life. A blogger needs to know that if they put anything of themselves on the internet they are doing so with the knowledge that someone may make a comment that offends them.

In my opinion I think that anyone who
takes the opportunity to say nasty things to the commenter should look to put their own house in order.

Kindness costs nothing.

Posted by: meg | February 08, 2014 at 11:26 PM

M Kaye

To Meg who is no longer a reader -

How could you possibly understand all the work that goes into keeping up a wonderful to read and oh so helpful blog as this! Lucy isn't charging anyone anything - she is simply saying that if you'd like to contribute, you can. Or not. But the choice is up to you. There is no book to buy as she lovingly shared her creations, her home and her life with us. I find it so disheartening that you would judge her for the work she does. Given that you certainly won't be reading this comment, I am glad to know that someone as grouchy as you has moved onto to other blogs.

Lucy, I just finished my first ripple blanket. Thank you so much for the very clear instructions. I cannot wait to send it this week to my mother.


I really really wish I lived near enough to attend! I love the birdie and the wreath and the flowers..and the colors.... I really would pay if you wrote the pattern up , I love it so!


"Buy me a coffee" "donate"

After reading a few posts and liking this blog I noticed the request for money - this totally sours this blog for me.

There are many bloggers out there who freely write posts and patterns, sharing a little love. Reading through past posts shows that you are not short of money, it's a disappointment that you find it necessary to sponge off your readers.

You have just lost a reader.


What a yummy yarn rainbow! Best thing to see in the Sunday morning.
Best wishes for your first workshop, Lucy!


Oh, I wish I could be at the workshop!!! All those scrump-cious colors...makes me drool!!! Hubby says I have to find some crochet pals in my area cos he really doesn't want to talk about yarn...too funny! Hugs, MO


I'm sure you're all gonna have a ball!!!!! Enjoy it, and then please please post some pictures to share the fun with the rest of us that are way to far away to visit.


How could anything go wrong surrounded by so much joy! This workshop will be a wonderful success! I can feel it from the tip of my crochet hook all the way down to my toes here in Australia. I only wish I could be there too. Can hardly wait for the pics to be posted. Happy days!


This is amazing, Lucy! Your colours and works are so inspireing. I looked at all the lovely yarns at the Warehouse, and will take a trip again in some days.
Happy sunday for you with your lovely family!


Looks like you have thought of everything! It's going to be a great time!

Angela-Southern USA

What a beautiful site!!! A wooly rainbow..
wouldn't that be lovely, a smaller version mounted on a canvas to hang on the wall?! I'm with you in spirit, a wonderful day for all the ladies for sure. Look forward to 'hearing' all about it.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Everyone will have a great day - a day spent together with loads of scrummy yarn, sounds like heaven. I love your pictures of your yarn cakes they make my heart sing.


Hope it all went really well!

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