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February 10, 2014


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Im looking forward to seeing the Poncho too!


Im seeing a cross stitch with yarn pattern on the seat of that chair and a beautiful crochet something to fill the upper space! I may need to find one for myself!


I love your blog. You have been such an inspiration to me. I've made your granny stripe afghan and your neat ripple afghan using the Lucy Pack from Stylecraft.

Will you be making the pattern for the bower bird available ???? I would love to make some of them for my family and friends.


Sorry but another 'don't cover that beautiful wooden chair with anything' comment. It's really far too gorgeous a piece of craftsmanship . ;-)


Lucy, that chair is too lovely to be smothered in yarn. Please keep it simple. Love what you do


Reading your blog on a very wet and windy morning your lovely photos really cheered me up. Love the poncho.


Wow! This blog has cheered me up no end...Looking forward to your "Ta-Da" moment tomorrow!


So glad the workshop went well. Can't wait. x


I know Lucy said she'd be posting the pattern for the bower birds on her site once she got it written up, and since she had her class and I see instructions on the tables, I'm assuming she finished them - but I guess I missed the post. Can anyone direct me to the instructions? Thanks!


Indeed a happy post to begin the week, for all of us!!!
Pat xx


I would very much like to be part of that group of ladies. Instead I used my Christmas gift from my mum and joined another group here in my city and learnt how to crochet!And yes I have made my first bow, fish, owl and elephant!!!!! Thank you for inspiring me all these years and making me want to learn how to crochet!AriadnefromGreece!


Good morning Lucy -
Please don't tell me you are planning on covering the chair in yarn. It is lovely as it is. Some things are not suitable for yarn bombing.
Mary Ann


Hello Lucy,

Do you have a waiting list for your workshops because I would love to come to one. Also, do you have to be a very experienced crochetter???!!!

Many thanks,
Rachel xxx

Rachael Iddon

Looks like you had a lovely day. I'm really glad Saturday was a success. The sunshine was wonderful yesterday, I even planted some seeds. It felt like spring was on the way. I expect you've got snow today? How things change in British weather. Oh, the comment above (from Astrid Jansen) has just made me go aaahhh. What a lovely thing to say.


I think I'm drooling ..... over all the beauty! :)


Thank you for this post Lucy! I enjoy all your posts,but maybe the ones like this,about magic of everyday, are my favourite. Can't wait to see the poncho.

Jane Thompson

Congratulations on the success of your first workshop Lucy, oh how I'd love to come and join in. Your latest hooky make looks beautiful, can't wait to see the ta-dah. Have a lovely week.
Jane x

carol partridge

I agree with Tasha.....don't cover that gorgeous chair. The wood is beautiful. Lovely view from your window yesterday. I never tire from looking , no matter how many times you post a photo of that view.


Gorgeous photos as always. You are an inspiration. I do love the yarny pictures, there is something about yarn isn't there that makes us smile.


Lovely photos, Lucy. I particularly like the chair - are you really going to cover up that gorgeous golden wood? A complementary cushion would do just fine.


Hi Lucy :)
After many years of being crafty, I ve finally decided to teach myself to crochet and found your awesome blog! Thank you so much for your wonderful colourful inspirations. I feel happy just perusing your creations! I'd love to come to one of your workshops - please could you let me know how I could do that?
Lots of smiles
Meg x


it looks very nice. you're great

Sonia Petitpoint

One more happy day in your happy world !

Jessie's Needle

Congratulations on the success of your first workshop, the birds look so cute.
S xx

Mitsa Perry

i wish you a beautiful week like monday Lucy!

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