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February 16, 2014


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Suzana Behmer

Very curious!!!!!!!! Can´t wait to see what you are coming up with now!!


Beautiful pictures both outdoors and indoors! Now I am craving some pouched egg and colourful crochet.

Mitsa Perry Xida

Yesterday and today the sun is very strong,and shows is nearing Spring.I hope to continue like this!Many kisses from Greece.

Elaine hocking

Lovely sunny day yesterday in Cornwall and the fields of daffodils are now showing signs of yellow. My favourite flower as it heralds spring. Today back to awful rain and wind. So your blog was nice and cheery. Going on to sew more bags as I have so many March birthdays. Have a good hooky/dewing day everyone.


I'm loving seeing those cold pictures - quite the exact opposite weather here 'down under'. And random seems just about right for extreme cold (or hot) exactly how I'm feeling - going from one thing to the next and trying out some new sewing projects, some which will get posted on my blog and some which won't! Enjoy the last bit of winter and before you know it all the spring flowers will be in bloom (I remember Yorkshire in spring with such fond memories....)...

Karen C

The weather has been horrendous hasn't it! At some points I thought my house was going to take off 0_o

I've crocheted with the Stylecraft Chunky (the cheap one) and it's really nice to work with. I would definitely recommend it.

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

Yep, it's certainly been horrible weather although I guess we're lucky because we haven't had snow yet. The only good thing about it, is getting back into the warm again I think! Congrats on the Facebook likes - that amazing!

S x


Dear Annie Epps, Wishing you lots of fun with crochet. I had a relative with vascular dementia & it was an exhausting experience. I send you a huge hug and wish you well. I too sat crocheting in between all the caring- it helps a little. Take care and enjoy the 'lift' that Lucy brings. Xx


Well done on 150,000 likes Lucy, although I am not at all surprised. I'm liking the idea of a bag, can't wait to see. Hope you have a good half term, despite the rain, which I am sure there is to be more of. No doubt we will all be a little soggy by the end of it.

Emily Olszowy

I was JUST today thinking about that bread you'd talked about a while back and what luck that you reposted the link!
Coming from sunny Southern California, I must say, I would enjoy a bit of the blustery weather from your part of the world. As nice as it was to people watch down by the beach today and smell suntan lotion in the middle of February, I really would enjoy a good blast of terrible weather. :)

Jenny B.

Hi Lucy, I love this post. So cozy! :)

Carolyn Jackson

Hi Lucy, enjoy your blog every time, cant wait to see the bag pattern and love the bunny. Weve heard all about the weather on TV hope it passes very quickly. We have warm days at present, enjoying it while we can. Cheers Caro NZ

Kay Guest

Lucy, that egg on toast makes my mouth water!
I love your teeny heart pattern!
I made your hearts and then, I found another pattern that connected hearts and I made a heart bunting! I am having a heart bunting giveaway on my blog just now, and I linked to your blog for your Teeny Tiny Heart pattern. It is such a good pattern, love the picot point. Thank you!

Elena Hunt

We have the same weather her in our mountain town in California USA... I love Chunky yarn and can't wait to see what you end up with for your bag!!

 Annie epps

I just love following you. You are turning me on to colour, I think I must need it.
My home is ALL white and many neutrals with much texture.
BUT your colours make my heart sing. I've got a lovely basket full of autumn colours tapestry woos and have crotcheted about a dozen small leaves, I love them. Your autumn wreath just inspired me, I just HAD to make some. Now MUST do a hedgehog .?
AND I've just seen the little rabbit on today's blog.
Just the inspiration I have needed this long wet cold dark miserable winter.
I am a full time unpaid carer for my long term partner who is in his 4 th year of Alzheimer's and only 57 now. it's a. Challenging boring existence and lonely so thank you for raising my spirits, interest in crotchetin again and for the COLOUR. Xxxx


Oh, I'm loving seeing those cold pictures - quite the exact opposite weather here 'down under'. And random seems just about right for extreme cold (or hot) exactly how I'm feeling - going from one thing to the next and trying out some new sewing projects, some which will get posted on my blog and some which won't! Enjoy the last bit of winter and before you know it all the spring flowers will be in bloom (I remember Yorkshire in spring with such fond memories....).


Spring feels like it's so far away! I love using chunky yarns in my knitting projects, but I haven't used any yarns bigger than a worsted for my crochet projects. I can't wait to see your new design!

Chel C

The weather has been truly awful and the hurricane force winds were what really made me miserable, so much destruction! Today was a beautiful respite of blue skies. So glad to see the colourful stripes on your post to brighten the day. Keep warm and safe x

Anne Holt

Big cleaning and tidy up day for me too tomorrow Lucy. Once it's done then no guilt feelings when I spend time crocheting and sewing.
Have a good week xx

Patchwork Fairy

I am going quite slow with my ripple blanket as I get pains in my hands if I do too much crochet :( It is keeping me lovely and warm now but if the weather gets warmer I will be too hot to make it! I like James C brett chunky variegated wool for some things too, as Jean above said.


I know just what you mean about cobwebs - maybe it's that time of year! I whizzed around yesterday and twirled them all away - so satisfying! Good luck with your cleaning and new bag project. I'm still quilting like a fiend - just can't stop - just can't wait till Spring!


I don't do facebook but here's a thousand virtual LIKES for you anyway. I'm squealing with you on all your excitement. \=D

Melissia Barron

I have been following your blog for a few months now. I can honestly say that you brighten my day!! Thank you for the glimpse into your lovely life and family.


Sad :-( that your snow only stayed on the hills and the little people could not sledge .. beautiful day here today and we spent the afternoon walking around the grounds of Osborne House and a guided tour inside ... there were daffodils out in the grounds and the starts of rhubarb peaking out of the ground in the amazing walled garden. Looking forward to the ta-dah on the new chunky bag :-) lots of love Joy xx

Angela-Southern USA

It seem to be the common feel for a lot of people, me included, this non settling feeling, wanting to deep clean, and make something, all at the same time it seems. lol We've had a colder than normal winter, with several snows(not the norm for southern US.)The kids were out of school most of the week due to snow, then today it reached 60F, one day it feels like winter, the next spring. I vote for spring to stay!:) With the chunky yarn, I thought maybe a rug was in the works. I've been hunting some chunky yarn in neutrals, for a basket idea that's been bouncing around in mine. Happy hooking!

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