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February 26, 2014


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Angy Braine

Hello lovely one! I've just had a mahoosive catch up read of all your adventures (been away for quite a while!) and I am so thrilled that you shared a "no knead bread" recipe (BIG THANKS FROM ME & MY BOYS!) and I'm even happier to see all the colour that beams from your house when the weather is so dull and grey outside. Now I will confess that here in Oz it's hot and sunny and so you'll probably be mortified to hear me say that I'm longing for cosy weather so that I too can partake in wooly warm crafts and such... but it's true... I am longing for Winter... (sorry!) So what I'll do is is I'll go outside and grab a great big hug of sunshine and then I'll send it with smiles your way! Would you kindly reciprocate with a crisp cool morning or two? Pretty please? How does that sound? Stay warm... see you again soon ;-) xx


I make sure to pause sometimes and really enjoy the play times that I have with my little babe. She gets so silly now! Even when she is suppose to be taking a nap, sometimes I have to close my eyes just so that I don't burst out laughing at what she is doing or a funny facial expression.

Andrina T

Gracious, already big enough for school! I have a feeling he will love it and do marvelously well. Love your sprong flowers- we saw our first daffodills today!


Thanks so much for sharing your crocuses and snow drops with us! We won't be seeing those here in Toronto for a few months yet. Right now it's minus 19C. with more snow in the forecast.For now I have to be content with the amaryllis and daffodil flowers that I'm growing from bulbs in our living room. Wonderful splash of colour to tide us over until spring comes.


Awe...yes treasure those little moments with your young ones as they grow so fast! Looking forward to your next Ta-dah, m'dear. Right now the crocus and snow drops are under snow due to a freakish snow fall here on Vancouver Island, Canada. I don't like snow one bit, except in pictures. :) Hugs, MO


Love the spring flowers, it is so terribly cold here in Rochester, New York and unfortunately we have a lot of snow and more is on the way.

susan hall

that clump of crocus is gorgeous ! and your youngest to start school, it doesn't seem possible !

Jayne Owens

Have you ever tried Dorset buttons to finish your work with? You can make them in matching yarn to your project. Just Google Dorset buttons to find put about them. I love them.

Anne Marie

Love the purple flowers and the rainbow over the houses.

Michele Boucher-Hines

All this talk of young pre-school children makes me wish to repeat those times again when my children were young. I live in N. California and we have had an entire winter of spring weather resulting in severe drought and in need of rain/snow. In the meantime, I am loving some of the items you have started and have been waiting weeks to receive my 1st copy of Simply Crochet!


I remember counting down the precious months before my littlest boy started school. My little people used to be so very chatty after pre-school as well. An endless stream of conversation, I can still remember it so vividly. I'm so glad you are enjoying this happy time with sweet Little B. My littlest chap is five now and he would probably like to spend every afternoon at home with me still. And he's still very snuggly and cuddly, I'm holding on to that!


Here in Michigan, U.S.A. we are still buried under 2 feet of snow and the temps are brutal!

Angela-Southern USA

I remember those times fondly, your baby is about to start school and mine is about to finish. My, where does the time go?! Sigh, but the next new stage is enjoyable as well, watching them grow and change, precious times. I believe your spring flowers are ahead of ours, they're just budding here. I look forward to your cushion ta-dah. I'm just finishing weaving in the ends on my poncho, it's a mix of inspiration, by yours of course and Annette's at My rose valley. Hope to have pictures up tomorrow. Happy week under the rainbow. :)


I remember my afternoons with our youngest - he remembers them too and now he's in his 20's. We had a magnificent rainbow yesterday as we left the Midlands, to travel back home down south. They seem to be in fashion! Now you just have to crochet one!


Wow, those crocuses jumped out of the page at me - they're lovely. I have seen lots of snowdrops and a few daffs around our way but not much in the way of the the bright orange and purple little flowers. Really looking forward to spring, and the days are getting lighter already :)
B x

Jeanette in Illinois

Oh my, what lovely harbingers of spring!!! I did spy robins this week, unfortunately the weather is not collaborating?!? We're having terribly frigid temps here in central Illinois. But, the sun is shining now - yippee! And. I have a delish latte to keep me company as I wait for my car to be serviced. Thanks. Lucy for the lovely photos and brightness. Hugs!!!

Nicola Revill

I'm always so sceptical when people say children grow so quick, but here I am, about to return to work after my maternity leave finishes, I don't know where the time has gone!!! So pleased the daylight is lengthening out so we can start going to the park again!
Looking forward to seeing the cushion


Aww they grow up so quickly, we've been having some wonderful Spring has Sprung days here too, sure puts a smile on your face.
Clare xx

Annie B

My grandson Harry starts school in York in September too, and it seems all too soon..... Look forward to meeting you again at Yarndale Lucy - we are bringing a coach of enthusiasts this time!


theose afternoons indeed are precious and it is so refreshing to hear how much they are savioured. I love having my children at home during the holidays and am sad when they have to return to school. Looking forward to the chunky cushion, sure you will find a way to finish it. I have now made a second and very differnet chunky yarn bag, inspired by you. Pop over and see! http://eclectichomelife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/brick-stitch-crochet-bag-just-cant-stop.html


Its definitely the little things that are the best and biggest things when you look back in years to come.
Have a good and busy week Lucy,
If you get a minute pop by and have a look at my finished blanket, think I'm getting there a bit with the colour !!
Kate x


Oh I so wish to see spring here in Burlington Ontario. I am so past the freezing cold and white blanket of winter. I am loving the pictures of your crocuses and snowdrops Lucy. Thank you for adding some lovely spring to my chilly day. xx Candace

Sharon xx

Precious days indeed. My Little-B [or in my case, slightly Bigger-E]is now 8 and those days are still so close to my heart. I miss them, I really do. Enjoy this special time and may it be replaced by something equally as lovely..when that time comes....

Sharon xx

Fiona Marchant

I cryed for weeks when my youngest started school ...she's nearly 22 now...where did that go xx


He starts school is September!!! Oh my Lordy!! Where does the time go xx

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