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February 26, 2014


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Lee Belcher

Hello Lucy from NZ. I have just discovered your blog and have fallen in love. I will close off now as I have to go to work. It has been a pleasure drinking morning coffee and pouring over your wonderful creativity. Tonight I will do a thorough search. Thank you, Lee

Lizy Tish

Wonderful times with your littlest! The signs of spring are so pretty - I just can't wait for them here, which we won't get until the snow melts, which it won't for some time due to the chilly chilly temps predicted for the next couple of weeks. BUT, it's so nice to see the wonderfully cheerful and colorful photos you post on your blog. The perfect pick-me-up!


Another lovely post Lucy and many thanks again for sharing. I love to see pictures of your village. So very different to everything here in Australia. Please post more! A joyous time for you with little B. You are a great mum!!!! xxx


Enjoy every moment with little B before he trots off to school ... have a good weekend with all the family .. lots of love Joy xx

Dorothy Griffiths

Lovely pictures as always Lucy, I am hoping to come back and visit soon and have time to have a good look around your lovely town, it was too wet when we were up there last. Have a fabulous weekend Lucy and look forward to your tutorial. Big hugs and loves to you as always


Oh Lucy, thank you so much for this post. You have reminded me of just how very very important it is to savour this precious preschool time, the time goes so fast and if we don't remind ourselves to slow down and really appreciate all of those wonderful moments together then life just seems to whizz by. It's funny, I was pregnant with my little boy when I first started reading your blog, and my son is 4 now and also starts school in September. Where has the time gone?? Your blog has inspired me in so many ways and whilst despite my best efforts I'm still crap at crochet, I just adore the way you celebrate the simple but wonderful things in life through your blog. Your words sing with gratitude and enthusiasm for life and you always make me smile xxx

Valerie Rossington

A long time ago now, my youngest son used to go to play group in the afternoons. We would have lunch and watch 'Rainbow' on TV and then the music would come on for 'Home and Away'. We'd dance together until the music finished and then get ready for school. Thinking about this still makes me smile. He's 28 now but I still have a lovely memory. Grab these moments while you can. xx


Hello. It bought back so many wonderful memories your talking about the precious time you have with Little B. I remember those times vividly and before and after when time with your children no matter what age but the time before school is precious as they are still totally yours if you know what I mean. After that they have so many friends events that you become less prominent in their lives. Not that you or hopefully you want become an afterthought. Its been approx 30 years since my youngest was that age. Unfortunately it was always a sweet time but I savoured every moment as she had cancer. Don't worry she survived and though has a heart problem due to the chemo etc she is trying to live her life to the fullest as she can. I am very close with her. Unfortunately my other children aren't as they believe she took me away from them. They were several years older than her and were in school. I tried to give them extra special time when I could but it was hard. So savior every moment with your children as time goes away so quickly and next they are 40. Though they do give you other little one's and that is so special too. All the best.

Winwick Mum

Six months! They'll go faster than you'd like and probably not fast enough for Little B - they can't wait to grow up! I crocheted chain loops for my cushion buttonholes - not very exotic but they do the job very nicely! xx

Mary Ylisela

Lucy, I so enjoy your blog posts and really appreciated the flower photos. I'm visiting family in Illinois right now and the weather is frigid. There isn't one sign of spring in sight! I've been working on a scrapbuster afghan on my blog (GoCrochetCrazy.blogspot.com). It has a flower design and that's my link to spring for the meantime. :)


Blimey, I can't believe the littlest one starts school so soon, surely it can only be five minutes since you tentatively disclosed your 'bump'!


Lovely post - my yongest start school last september and I felt bereft. I started a blog to fill my days and or course lots of crafty stuff too. Your pictures are amazing, I so wish that I could take pictures like that.


Nice rainbow, Lucy! I had asked you before about weaving in ends, and came across this in the meantime. I've copied and pasted from a pattern. Have you ever tried this? SO excited to see how it works on my next project!

1. To save time when assembling blanket, weave in ends as each motif is completed.
2. A dab of fabric glue or fray check applied to cut ends will prevent ends from working free.


Your spring flowers are gorgeous! It so nice to finally see some color outside again.

Veggie Mummy

Hi Lucy,

I adore your blog. I've just finished my attic24-inspired Elmer blanket. Thank you for your fantastic colour sense - I have none, so shamelessly copied your colours! Thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching me to crochet. x

Maria Brown

Thanks for the pictures of the flowers and rainbow!It has been such a cold snowy winter and still no signs of it being over here in Indiana. We would normally see the tops of our daffodils peeking out of the ground by now. Your blog is such a ray of sunshine! Thank you for taking time to share your life with us!


Signs of Spring are everywhere here too and it's glorious, I love the lighter afternoons and new growth. Our cherry tree is suddenly covered with blossom.


My little M is the same age and my new years resolution was to enjoy being at home with her an not wish it away so that I could get hings done - and it feels good. Nice pics. xx


Cockney Blonde

I know what you mean about Spring being around the corner. Our bulbs too are apringing into colour in our garden. I love to see the pretty little buds coming to life. Enjoy your days with little B, these times pass so quick. I can now relive them as a Grandma, even more special, x

Mitsa   Xida

The beautiful pictures travel me away...!


What beautiful pictures! I really like the rainbow one... Rainbows are so special and close to my heart. I always stop when I see one and take a break.
Enjoy the time with your little one! School already - wow! Time flies by...
Take care,


How wonderful that the crocuses are in your garden. I wondered if it was possible...
So true what you say about these precious times with Little B.

Annette in Canada

Oh my gosh! I love the pictures - spring is definitely in view for you. Tomorrow, here in Burlington, Ontario, Canada the temperature forecasted is -27 degrees C with windchill.
You are smart to make the most of your time with your little ones. I still remember, like it was yesterday, crying after dropping off my youngest one for her first full day of school. Now she is in her last year of university! I already know that her graduating ceremony will bring me to tears again, for closing yet another chapter in our lives ...

Libby Parker

Ahh. That's me sighing with a smile upon seeing your snowdrops and crocuses. We are still knee-deep in snow with frigid temps and no real change in sight until maybe mid-March here in the U.S. Midwest. Looking forward to your next ta-da moment.

Susan Jonsson

Glorious spring photos...Beautifully captured light. I am longing for Spring here in NW USA.

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