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February 21, 2014


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Hunter W.

Hello, I am writing from across the pond to tell you that you are such an inspiration. Partly, or MOSTLY actually, because of your blog I am starting a crochet group in my senior living complex. We are not little old biddies, but senior ladies that run around, but want to make lovely things for our homes when home. Please tell me what is the stitch for the two blankets on this page. Thank you! Hunter


Hi Lucy I live near Bolton and Blackburn and when I look at you photos I don't think your toooo far away,,I have just made a lap rug
African flower design which I found after looking at your site,,do you do classes I
would love to spend some time with you ,,
love the site and the colours I also do
patchwork multicloured thanks again ,,


Texere is dangerous - LOL! I do wish the King Cole merino was a bit more widely available - it's such good value for money for what it is - and really rather nice to crochet and knit with too.

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

That stitch is really pretty. I think the closer spring gets, the more my mind spins with ideas and projects I want to do. I loved the beautiful moss covered roots of the tree in your pictures. When I was at Mt. Rainier with my daughter and grandkids, we walked through a beautiful forest with moss and fallen trees and a pond, and my granddaughter and I kept finding perfect fairy lands and houses!


I always love your colours! These look fabulous. Sometimes I think having some down time at home is as good as going away, so I'm glad you enjoyed your week. XX

Pamela Clare

No matter how many sites and groups I visit, I always come back to yours--my favorite. Thank you for your cozy and cheerful ways. And, have a latte on me, from Washington State - Pamela



I just want to thank you for all of your time and talent you have shared with us. I took a crochet class here in town just so I could crochet your granny stripe blanket. I am in the middle of it right now and also in the middle of the ripple blanket. We have winter from December to almost April here (still not use to the cold, below zero temperatures that we moved to). Thank you for your easy to understand instructions and this new creation you have shared with us. You are so talented and your color choices are wonderful. I also love the pink pillow (different colors in the middle of each squar of pink) that I have seen in some of your posts.


i'm always surprised what amazing sites i found in the www, so wonderful, especially yours :-)
happy sunday!

Pat V.

Hi, Lucy. Jan at Sew and Sow Farm introduced me to your blog. Love the colorful piece you have pictured today!

Seaweed & Raine

Delicious looking yarn. I can't wait to see the finished cushion. It's amazing how different the pattern looks between the first and third photos. I LOVE buttons!!! I bought a huge bag of buttons, some vintage ones, and some regular off the shelf buttons for my littlest man's first birthday party ( cute as a button too, he is). So much fun.
I'll be staying tuned to see what you get up to with all that yarn. :)

Valerie Johnson

Hi there, Lucy,
Thanks so much for all your inspiring ideas....got the fab lights, the plastic rings to make beautiful flower wreaths etc. Read your blog every day. Did you realise Aldi have great wool bargains Sunday 23rd......ie nearly today......am up late hooking!!! Waiting for the new stitch to make a bag. Cheers, Val from Cumbria x


Sounds like you've had a lovely week, although I'm sorry your littlest boy has been unwell. I hope all is better now. I do envy you your knit and natter group, I so wish there was one here I could join. Occasionally I take my knitting when I meet ordinary people for coffee, but it's just not the same. If I was a braver person I'd start my own group, but I'm not sure that I can put myself out there quite that much. The new yarn is looking good, and you're right, online shopping is a wondrous thing. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make.

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy I have spent most of the week indoors which encouraged me to dig
out my latest WIP and get stuck in. Hoping to do a bit more when I have
finished marking practice papers.
I love saving buttons. My friend has a really lovely wooden box to keep hers in. Lots were ones her mum saved.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend! x


I love buttons they can be used as all sorts of embellishments - The WoolWarehouse is a fab company isn't it?

Lizy Tish

Nice to have time to recharge the batteries now and then --
Those buttons are wonderful!


Really love the stitch pattern. I'm sure you've heard this already, but it reminds me of Ikat fabrics. When I saw you creating the swatch, I was thinking of a cushion or a bench/stool cover. Nice work, Lucy!

Diane Kelsey

Who makes the Merino chunky yarn?


do hope those 'bugs' have stayed contained.....love the new pattern!!

Tineke Bom

I love to read your story. I like the colours and bottons. My english is not so good to express the happyness of them.

Jo Blair

The new yarn looks lovely. I almost always order online, mainly because I'm in the Netherlands. How do you find choosing your colours? Sites vary a lot, but sometimes the pictures bear little resemblance to the actual colours. Do you tend to order one of everything?


Hope you are all feeling better now and the visiting germs have gone. Have ordered the wool and buttons so all I need now is your pattern for the cushion ... no point in hanging about is there! lol Just love your blog and your tutorials are so well explained, you give me such inspiration to try new things I would never normally do. So Thank You Lucy x


Hi Lucy, I've just been catching up with all your loveliness from over the last couple of weeks....always a pleasure to visit, and always soooo uplifting! Loving that poncho of yours. Hope it's as sunny there today for you as it is here, springlike! Yay :) x

Anne Holt

Like you Lucy I have spent alot of time indoors (maily due to the olympics!) But now with sun in south Yorkshire we are off out walking. Hope yours are on the way to recovery and you to can get out into that lovely countryside round you. Happy weekend xx


Have literally just made the lovely bread (for the umpteenth time!!) but instead of plopping out the dough and shaping on a flat surface, I shaped it in the bowl and left it covered with cling film. After half an hour I then plopped it in the warmed dish and hey presto, turned out brilliantly, with no sticky fingers!!!


Parcels are always exciting- button and yarn parcels are amongst the best. Hope all small persons feeling better!

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