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February 01, 2014


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I love your different colour palettes and the greeny blue one is shouting at me. I would love to see more colour collections from you Luce as I am so rubbish at picking good colour combos. I agree about the Stylecraft. Great yarn. x


Love the blues and greens selection - which shades are they please?

Lisa Nelson

Love all of these combos.

A question for you. I am in the States and made a granny strip blanket with a combo of the different (some squeakier than others!) yarns available here. I like how it turned out, but it is getting PILLY! (One of the main reasons I have avoided 100% acrylic)

Can you tell me how the Stylecraft acrylic yarns wear over time? My blanket got softer (an un-squeaked!) after a wash, but just curious how the Stylecraft performs over time. I am disappointed with how much mine has pilled in about 6 months.

Thanks so much! Always so inspired by your posts and dream of visiting England one day!

Alison Griffiths

Lucy I hope you get to see this as your blog is so justifiably busy, but I have a question I thought I posed before ******** IS THE STUDIO WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE?******* I get a feeling it isn't from the pictures :( I'm desperately waiting for pay day, which is the 7th, so I can buy the Lucy's colours pack and get the 10% discount. You've really inspired me, crochet is perfect for my worst days when I am on bed rest. I love how positive you are about life and I try and be the same, I don't always manage though!

The Patchwork Heart

very interesting my friend to see you being brave and testing new colour palettes!!! It is hard I know ... I always come back to The Patchwork Heart colours of red pink blue turquoise and green and then feel so happy :))

Lots of love as always
Heather x x x


I just did it! I ordered the "Attic 24" pack at Deramores! (2 actually, my mum is taking up crochet again as well!)
I'm going to try to make the neat ripple pattern with it :D. Do you have suggestions for me on the amount of chains I should start off with to make the best use of the 17 skeins?
Thank you in advance and thank you for all the inspiration!

Lots of love from Holland!

Elena Hunt

Love your colors... You are an inspiration to all of us!


Lucy, your blog is a pure delight! For the colour addict that I am, it is genuine therapy, and if I ever feel low, a little browse through your pages is sure to pick me up. Thank you, thank you so much for what you do. I look forward to seeing your new use of colours in action. :)

Mary Pugh

I particularly like the collection of warm hues, the ones you called "girly colours". I might have to pinch that idea!


I like the pale apricot and brown selection most of all. It reminds me of Facile Cecile whose palette is an absolute favourite of mine. Are you sure you don't like brown though? You are wearing it in your studio selfie. Mind you I know colours to wear and colours to make 'things' with are entirely different. I wear neutrals like grey with some colour as I don't suit deep colours. However, I like to have colour around me so I use depth of colour for that instead.

Sara Jenkins

Have you seen "My Craft Life" on Facebook - she puts together some wonderful colour combinations - https://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Craft-Life/193699757503308
Using Stylecraft too :)


I love your colourful yarny choices and since finding you my home has brightened no end with blankets, cushions, coasters all manner of things you have inspired me to do. Pastel is ok if that is what is in your head for whatever project is rattling around in there. I will watch this space in anticipation to see what you surprise us with next. xx Lots of love Joy xx


I find the colours different people choose fascinating and love the way you're experimenting with smaller amounts in bowls. It always amazes me how the tiniest bit of something can change a colour palette completely. (love the greys and apricot btw)x

Mel Tucker

Look at all the lovely colours! I bought the "Attic 24" pack from Deramores 18 months ago, such happy colours.

Especially love the ocean colours you put together in this post, are they all stylecraft as well?


Interesting you post this today, I just received my order from deramores half hr ago YIPPEE! I'm usually a stronger colour person interspersed with muted tones but thought I'd push out of my comfort zone and give the "Lucy colours" a go! Keep it up Lucy! You also inspired me to start my own blog this year :D xx


Playing with colour is a very gentle addiction. Expensive,when it involves wool, but gentle....


Delightful, yummy yummy yum yum colors!! I am so in love with colorful color combos. The too muted, too pastel, too dark just don't do it for me. They don't inspire me. But your beautiful palettes are just captivating. I love buying a rainbow palette of yarny goodness and then playing with them- so much fun!

Oh, and I'm glad Deramores re-stocked on your color pack so quickly! It's amazing how fast people rush to claim their colors!


Lovely color palettes! Your textile work is AMAZING, I loved every piece! :)

Anne Marie

I love your different colour palettes. I think we can easily get trapped into our favourite, well loved ones.

I bought the Stylecraft Special on your recommendation, at Yarndale, after having seen it and touched it. Like you I was sceptical about ACRYLIC! I've yet to start it. I wanted brighter than the Sublime one I've already made. I might even do the French ripple with it.

If you want to make something totally different, I used some King Cole Shine for a crochet Baktus scarf for a friend. I needed to make it fast. It is fabulously soft to work with, with a silver thread running through and beautiful to touch finished article. The girl I made it for is very ill and I wanted her to have something lovely. She is delighted with it.


I like how you play with colors. good idea to put them all together and take a picture to see ho it all looks together. Will keep that one in mind. :-)


Ooh, I really love the bowl of ocean blues and grassy greens. Which shades are these? Lovely inspiration as always!

Lizy Tish

You definitely have talent when it comes to color coordination! Love the warm hued girly color bunch so much. I started a ripple afghan but I'm not thrilled with my color choices as a whole. I may go back to the drawing board ( or color board -haha).


I love playing with colour, I've set myself a target to crochet a granny square each day in February and I'm picking out all the colours I want to use today, I may even have 28 different odd balls lurking around which would make for an interesting palette!

Nancy Caughey

I feel happy when I hear certain songs, see certain landscapes, and see your colorful palette. thanks. Looking forward to the poncho pattern.


Morning Lucy
Lovely post, bit by bit I am coming round to colour and its all from the inspiration you bring !
Definitely loving your grey and beige choices, I am totally hooked on greys right now...even dedicating a whole post to it, is that a bit sad ?!
Have a lovely weekend,
Kate x

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