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February 19, 2014


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Amy T

I love your experiment! Yes, please write up what you did. I don't think I have seen anything quite like it. I love working with chunky yarn because it makes up so quickly, but it is usually a little too warm for where I live. I think it gives great stitch definition.


I don't know what it is called but I sure hope you share it sometime, I love it! I like KnitPicks Brava Bulky. It's a really good quality acrylic.


I like chunky yarn, I have a snood that I made in it and that is so comfy! But my preference is aran yarns at the moment - the special by stylecraft is so gorgeous, works up lovely into asoft squidgy blanket! I just wish there was more colours! But isn't that every crocheter's dream? ha ha

Have a lovely day! x


I like chunky yarn for scarves and cowls, I've used both acrylic and acrylic wool mix, both hook up great but I find the wool a little itchy around my neck...


What a wonderful pattern - I am certainly looking forward to read how you did it! :-) The yarn looks pretty good too! I might order it soonish (I hate the fact that I can't buy Stylecraft in any shop here in Germany).

I just finished a corner-to-corner blanket with your Stylecraft Special DK Set! Looks brilliant - I adore the colors! Thanks again for the color choices (pomegranate is my fav. color by far!)

Take care,

Sarah Mulligan

I really like King Cole Magnum Lightweight Chunky - great for making chunky beanie hats. I love the moogly pattern All grown up slouch hat in it. Love me some chunky yarn though experimenting with stylecraft special dk after looking at your beautiful blankets!


Love the pattern - think you should call it Raindrops as it reminds me of rain running down a window pane and you guys have had SO much rain lately!!!! xxx

Winwick Mum

That's a pretty stitch. It reminds me of the lines on a cockle shell, and it's a good solid stitch to make a bag from. There's nothing worse than having your stuff drop out of the holes because you were too lazy to line it (ask me how I know that :-)!) xx


Stylecraft Yarns are a favourite of mine, lovely and soft and bouncy! Can't wait to see your ideas!
Btw ... I made some muffins straight after reading your post! Just too yummy for words :) xxxx Pat


I LOVE your crochet, with all the color changes. I do always wonder how you can stand weaving in all those ends. Do you just crochet over or do you get out the yarn needle and sew? I like to crochet over, but find the ends come unraveled more easily. Please share if you know any tricks that keep us from having to get out that fiddly needle.


I know your stitch as a spike stitch from my reference book crochetopedia. I would call yours a double spike stitch because the row below spikes are in doubles. I like chunky too especially for knitting rather than crochet but those colours look fabulous. I have just finished a triangle scarf on my blog. Jo x

Mitsa Perry Xida

Very nice patterns and easy.Would do andI.

Irene McCarty

Crochet Geek or Crochet Zombie go look,neat stuff, looks kind of like Larkspur stitch, hooked on your tuts , pics and stories from, your a great sales person


Maybe you have invented it, in which case you should call it something like Lucy Waves. It's lovely, and I really like how the first row is straight, it makes it all look so neat. Glad to hear you're so busy, I always find I'm at my happiest when I'm busy.


I used a stylecraft chunky last year with some mohair in it but I can't find it any more, I am currently loving the sweet briar chunky, it is more autumnal colours though, but that is perfect for what I needed. It is a mix of wool and acrylic.


I really like thia stich and I tries to follow a similar pattern but I just could not gwt it right.are you please please doing a tutorial for this?

Lu Douglas

yes, it's already a pattern, as are most designs once we go looking. :-) I think the mags you get have very similar designs in there so maybe it was in your head 'subliminally'. However, lovely www.mooglyblog.com has it and does it well. Bad luck it wasn't a new or a 'Lucy' pattern but we all love it anyway. xx

Jen DB

I love chunky yarns, but rarely indulge. Of course, seeing your lovely work here, I'm awfully tempted!

Lisa G.

That design looks like needlepoint. Pretty!

Phyllis Modgling

It really is a pretty pattern and the colors are so bright and happy! The stitch pattern really reminds me of a needlepoint Bargello pattern more than crochet. I think that makes my eye even happier!

Rose Beardsley

Hi Lucy,It is a lovely stitch, I think it may be called " Leaping Stripes Pattern " take a look at mooglyblog.com Sending you Happy Wishes, Rose.

Janette Surtees

Have a look at Harmony Guide to Crochet, volume 1 and 2. They are quite brilliant,


Well....it's not posh but it's cheap, brilliant for warm hats and scarves - James C Brett marble chunky. It's lovely variegated colours and comes in a huge lump of a ball! 😃


Hi - I think it was this

Cygnet Grousemoor Chunky - 100g Ball

Material: 75% Acrylic / 25% Wool
Length: Approx 150m
Needle Size: 5mm - 5.5mm


Goodness me Miss Lucy - two postings to read in one day - you're spoiling us!!

Thanks for the link to the HOMEMAKERY the other day - what a lovely site!!

I used some nice chunky knit wool blend to knit a lovely red sleeved/cape type thing (the pattern was Bergere de France) - it was lovely yarn and called Signet - but I can't remember the manufacturer!

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